Sex, Drugs and DNA
Title Sex, Drugs and DNA PDF eBook
Author Michael Stebbins
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Pages 370
Release 2006-04-04
Genre Science
ISBN 0230552269

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In a frank, edgy and entertaining style that pulls no punches this book reveals the truth about modern biology and debunks the commonest myths surrounding some of the most controversial topics in science and health. It says what most scientists and politicians are afraid to say about what research can and, perhaps more importantly, cannot deliver on topics ranging from sexuality, race and genetic modification to stem cells, cloning, modern medicine, fertility treatment, creationism and bioterrorism. Having worked at the heart of government science, at the most prestigious science publishing company in the world, and in one of the world's leading biology institutions the author has a unique view of the politics, culture and reach of science. He illustrates how we are facing dangerous times where political agendas and public misunderstanding are hobbling truly novel work and hence calls for wide reaching changes in science education, funding, publishing and promulgation.

Light Years
Title Light Years PDF eBook
Author Brian Clegg
Publisher Springer
Pages 262
Release 2018-02-14
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1349995819

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The fully updated 2nd edition of this critically acclaimed book covers the exciting developments in light science of the past five years. Light Years is an engaging survey of everything we know of the universe's most enigmatic phenomenon and the remarkable people who have been captivated by it.

Title Seed PDF eBook
Pages 312
Release 2007
Genre Health

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Scientific American
Title Scientific American PDF eBook
Pages 732
Release 2006
Genre Science

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The British National Bibliography
Title The British National Bibliography PDF eBook
Author Arthur James Wells
Pages 1884
Release 2006
Genre Bibliography, National

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Title Mesmerization PDF eBook
Author Gee Thomson
Pages 254
Release 2008
Genre Design

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Gee Thomson deconstructs contemporary culture in a new and exciting way. From faith to fashion, psycho-babble to cyber-sex, the book examines the viral nature of memes, those ubiquitous spells and social prescriptions that drive and shape global behaviour.

The Skeptical Inquirer
Title The Skeptical Inquirer PDF eBook
Pages 860
Release 2005
Genre Interplanetary voyages

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