Shadows of Exile
Title Shadows of Exile PDF eBook
Author Momar Njai
Pages 0
Release 2019
Genre Mali
ISBN 9780578540764

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"On the eve of the Malian king's announcement of a plan to help all in the nation prosper, his cunning brother commits an unspeakable act. With the Royal House Of Mansa in turmoil, Musa, the young heir to Africa's richest and most powerful dynasty, is forced to flee his home in fear for his life. What he finds beyond Mali's borders is a world that doesn't know and doesn't care that he was once part of a great country's wealthy and well-traveled elite. Stripped of all he holds dear including his identity, Musa seeks safe harbor amid a throng of equally imperiled migrants, vulnerable to smugglers, cons, and indifferent government organizations. To survive, he must reinvent himself, but at what cost to his sense of self?" --Publisher's description.

The Shadow Government
Title The Shadow Government PDF eBook
Author Len Bracken
Publisher Adventures Unlimited Press
Pages 302
Release 2002
Genre History
ISBN 9781931882057

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This book presents the alarming evidence that nation-states actively engage in terror, and also passively allow terror to be visited upon their citizens. It is not just liberation movements and radical groups that deploy terrorist tactics for offensive ends. States use terror defensively to directly intimidate their citizens, and to indirectly attack themselves or harm their citizens under a false flag. Their motivation? To provide pretexts for otherwise unwanted wars, or to gain increased police powers. Statesmen have executed indirect terrorism in various ways, but most plots tend to involve the pretence of blind eyes, misdirection, and cover-ups that give the statesmen plausible deniability. The shrinking of the 'Lusitania', the bombing of Pearl Harbour, the October Surprise, the first World Trade Center bombing, the Oklahoma City bombing and other well-known incidents suggest that terrorism is often successfully used by states to take the offensive against enemies at home and abroad. Was 9--11 such an indirect defensive attack?Len Bracken traces the clues circumstantially connecting a multi-armed hydra of oil interests, the CIA, FBI diplomats and statesmen to the September 11 attacks and examines whether they were engineered or allowed as a pretext for the war in Afghanistan. The subsequent anthrax attack targeting Democratic senators is considered in light of the controversial USA Patriot Acts rights-encroaching measures and the act's easy passage under conditions of terror. A shadow government appears to have covered the land like black ice.

The British National Bibliography
Title The British National Bibliography PDF eBook
Author Arthur James Wells
Pages 1664
Release 2005
Genre Bibliography, National

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Writing the City
Title Writing the City PDF eBook
Author Peter Preston
Publisher Routledge
Pages 366
Release 2002-09-11
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 1134843682

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`The expression of human experience it embodies ... includes all personal history'. Saul Bellow's view of the city is far from that of classic geographical descriptions which look at growth or decline, demographic patterns, traffic flows and economic potential: these empirically conceived models of urban geography fail to accommodate the crucial human aspect of city life. Located at the interface of geography and literature, Writing the City visualizes the city through the hopes, aspirations, disappointments and pains of international novelists and creative writers. From Manchester, Montreal and Sydney to Osaka, Varanasi amd Odessa, cities become more than their built environment, more than a set of class or economic relationships: they are also an experience to be lived, suffered and undergone. Thus cities are seen in terms of the innocence of an Eden now lost, a threat of sinful Babylon and the promise of a New Jerusalem.

In the Shadow of South Africa
Title In the Shadow of South Africa PDF eBook
Author Mats Lundahl
Publisher Ashgate Publishing
Pages 234
Release 2003
Genre Business & Economics

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Lesotho is a resource-poor mountainous country that has relied heavily upon South Africa for many years. As the 21st century gets under way the country has fewer economic possibilities and its larger neighbour has less to offer. This text analyzes the changes taking place.

Kwazulu Legislative Assembly, 1972-1982
Title Kwazulu Legislative Assembly, 1972-1982 PDF eBook
Pages 96
Release 1982
Genre KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa)

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Mussolini's Shadow
Title Mussolini's Shadow PDF eBook
Author Ray Moseley
Publisher Yale University Press
Pages 342
Release 1999-01-01
Genre History
ISBN 9780300079173

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