Syndrome X

Syndrome X
Title Syndrome X PDF eBook
Author Terry Kirsten Strom
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Pages 292
Release 2002-02-28
Genre Medical
ISBN 074321899X

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Millions of Americans follow the "best" medical advice every day to prevent heart attacks -- eating the standard low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet so widely recommended by doctors -- but in fact they are placing themselves at greater risk for heart disease. In Syndrome X: Overcoming the Silent Killer That Can Give You a Heart Attack, Dr. Gerald Reaven, the world-renowned physician who identified and named this silent killer, explains why the standard heart-healthy diet can be dangerous and lays out a simple six-step program to reduce the risk of heart disease for everyone. The problem stems from a little-known cluster of metabolic abnormalities known as Syndrome X. The insulin resistance that lies at the heart of the syndrome can turn normal rules of good health upside down and dramatically increase the risk of heart disease. Fortunately, Syndrome X can be cured. This important book explains how to identify the disorder and provides a program of diet and exercise (plus medication when necessary) that can render Syndrome X harmless. Tested in carefully controlled research settings and in practice, this remarkable new approach has the ability to reduce the risk of heart attacks and heart disease for all of us. Dr. Reaven shows how eating a diet relatively high in "good" fats (40 percent of calories) can dramatically lower the risk of heart disease if you have Syndrome X. The approach seems paradoxical: Everyone "knows" that fat is bad, so how can more fat possibly lead to better health? The answer lies in the type of fat and the body chemistry of the people who consume it. If you have the abnormal metabolism called Syndrome X, eating a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet to lower your LDL and blood fats won't protect you. In fact, doing so will increase the odds of heart disease. Millions of Americans have the potentially deadly, yet easily identifiable signs of Syndrome X -- but few cases are detected in time, because most physicians don't know what to look for. This trailblazing book will change that, making doctors and patients aware of the problem -- and its easy solution, an integrated program of diet and exercise that simultaneously reduces all the risk factors for heart disease, including Syndrome X. Dr. Reaven's discovery of Syndrome X has shown us that the standard approach to preventing heart disease is dangerous for many of us. Now, his safe, proven new approach explains how millions can drastically reduce their risk of heart disease. His program works not only for those who have Syndrome X, but also for anyone who simply wants to reduce the risk of heart disease.

The Magnesium Factor

The Magnesium Factor
Title The Magnesium Factor PDF eBook
Author Mildred Seelig
Publisher Penguin
Pages 388
Release 2003-08-25
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 9781583331569

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This important book brings to light an often overlooked but central factor in some of the most prevalent and serious disorders that affect Americans today: magnesium deficiency. Written by a medical doctor and researcher who is considered to be the world's leading expert on the actions and uses of this vital mineral, The Magnesium Factor explains how magnesium deficiencies develop, why they are so widespread, and how they translate into metabolic disruptions that ultimately threaten the health of virtually every bodily system. The author then details how to determine whether you have, or are at risk for, this problem-and what you can do about it. Backed by the latest scientific research, yet written in a clear, accessible style, here is the authoritative source for information on a topic of critical interest for all health-conscious individuals.

The Potbelly Syndrome

The Potbelly Syndrome
Title The Potbelly Syndrome PDF eBook
Author Russell Farris
Publisher Basic Health Publications, Inc.
Pages 262
Release 2005-11
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 9781591200581

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Potbelly syndrome (PBS) is a metabolic disorder that affects about one-third of the adults in industrialized countries. Its most important symptoms are abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. Contrary to popular belief, these conditions are caused by chronic infections, not by bad habits. PBS is initiated by a small, long-term excess of the stress hormone cortisol. The extra cortisol stimulates our appetite and slows down our metabolism. It makes fat accumulate in places where it isn't wanted or needed. Most of the fat settles around our waists, but some of it settles in our liver and muscles. Liver and muscle cells aren't supposed to store fat, and the fat prevents them from working correctly. As a result, we feel tired and hungry much of the time. As our potbellies grow and our PBS gets worse, our blood pressure, cholesterol, insulin, and blood sugar levels rise. Most of the excess cortisol is produced in response to mild, chronic infections. Some of the germs that cause PBS also produce sores in our arteries. When these sores are large enough, they can block arteries and cause heart attacks. The Potbelly Syndrome explains how to diagnose and treat some of the germs that cause PBS and heart disease. If you've done everything you were supposed to do and still gained weight, became diabetic, or had a heart attack, or if you are a medical professional who suspects that there are serious gaps in the current understanding of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, The Potbelly Syndrome will provide you with the answers you need to bring about better health. Book jacket.

Healing Syndrome O

Healing Syndrome O
Title Healing Syndrome O PDF eBook
Author Ronald F. Feinberg
Publisher Penguin
Pages 308
Release 2004
Genre Family & Relationships
ISBN 9781583331675

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Understanding and overcoming the leading undiagnosed cause of infertility, miscarriage, menstrual problems, obesity, and hormonal disruption. Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of women diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which causes infertility and repeated miscarriage as well as more cosmetic problems, such as obesity that is resistant to normal weight-loss measures. Not surprisingly, women with this syndrome also suffer from depression and damaged self-esteem as a result. Thus far, medical science has had little to offer women with PCOS. In this book, however, leading reproductive specialist Dr. Ronald Feinberg provides a new way of looking at the disorder, linking it to bodywide metabolic irregularities, insulin resistance, nutrition, activity, and stress-a combination of health issues that collectively make up what he has termed "Syndrome O." And this understanding brings new hope for overcoming it. Written in a compassionate, inspirational, and motivational style, Healing Syndrome O discusses the causes and complications of this condition and provides a targeted plan to help women balance and repair their overall health, overcome symptoms, and, especially, restore their fertility.

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome
Title Metabolic Syndrome PDF eBook
Author Satinath Mukhopadhyay
Publisher Academic Press
Pages 702
Release 2023-11-10
Genre Medical
ISBN 0323856586

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Metabolic Syndrome: From Mechanisms to Interventions covers all aspects of this complex and multifactorial disease, providing a cutting-edge understanding of the problem of MetS, with a particular focus on its prevention and clinical management. The book discusses practical implementable approaches to its reversal in clinical practice, encompassing the entire spectrum of MetS, from molecular understanding to clinical therapeutics and prevention. This book is a valuable resource for clinicians in multiple specialties, including endocrinologists, diabetologists, hepatologists, gynecologists and researchers in related fields who need a deep understanding of the full range of scientific and clinical aspects of metabolic syndrome. Presents a holistic, preventative strategy involving each and every aspect of metabolic syndrome, from pathophysiologic to clinical management Discusses recent research on the role of inflammation, adipokines and myokines in metabolic syndrome Includes cutting-edge information on the impact of bariatric surgery and role of gut microbiota in MetS Provides flowcharts and diagrams to simplify pathophysiologic aspects and their association between risk factors

Nutritional Factors for Syndrome X

Nutritional Factors for Syndrome X
Title Nutritional Factors for Syndrome X PDF eBook
Author Stephen Holt, M.D.
Publisher Wellness Pub.
Pages 150
Release 2003-12-12
Genre Insulin resistance
ISBN 9780971422483

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Angina Pectoris with Normal Coronary Arteries: Syndrome X

Angina Pectoris with Normal Coronary Arteries: Syndrome X
Title Angina Pectoris with Normal Coronary Arteries: Syndrome X PDF eBook
Author Juan Carlos Kaski
Publisher Springer
Pages 310
Release 1994-03-31
Genre Medical

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Angina pectoris with normal coronary arteriograms is a common entity which has puzzled cardiologists almost since the advent of coronary arteriography. Despite major advances in the understanding of the pathophysiology of angina in recent years and a multitude of studies on the subject, the cause and mechanisms underlying the syndrome of angina with normal coronary arteries remain unknown. Indeed, results of investigations are controversial and speculation still prevails regarding the nature of the so called `Syndrome X'. Almost every important aspect of Syndrome X has been tackled in the book and the reader is exposed not only to the cardiologists' opinion, but also to the authoritative views of the gastroenterologists, gynaecologists and psychiatrists, extremely well represented in this monograph. The book deals with `cardiologists' Syndrome X' and not the metabolic entity termed `Syndrome X'. The possible connection between the two, however, is discussed. Angina with Normal Coronary Arteries: Syndrome X contributes to the understanding of Syndrome X and helps clinicians manage their Syndrome X-patients better and investigators to open new avenues for research.