The Child in Focus

The Child in Focus
Title The Child in Focus PDF eBook
Author Estelle Irving
Publisher Oxford University Press, USA
Pages 0
Release 2018
Genre Early childhood education
ISBN 9780190304539

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The Child in Focus provides a comprehensive introduction for students beginning an early childhood education program. The text incorporates the full range of the early years, from birth to age 3, and ages 4-8, while linking to specific subject areas. Divided into three sections, Part 1 offers an introduction to childhood and the concepts which form early childhood education. Part 2 covers discrete subject areas along with curriculum and pedagogy. Part 3 focuses on professional practice and teaching skills, providing students with the grounding knowledge to continue in their degree. The Child in Focus recognises the important role early childhood educators and teachers play in society and focuses on providing the foundational skills and knowledge for students to succeed in these roles. Filled with contemporary content, The Child in Focus has a strong emphasis on the development of critical reflection for pre-service teachers and adaptability to respond to increasingly complex social and family issues.

Starting from the Child: Teaching and Learning in the Foundation Stage

Starting from the Child: Teaching and Learning in the Foundation Stage
Title Starting from the Child: Teaching and Learning in the Foundation Stage PDF eBook
Author Julie Fisher
Publisher McGraw-Hill Education (UK)
Pages 266
Release 2013-03-16
Genre Education
ISBN 0335246524

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Starting from the Child supports early years practitioners to be advocates for young children and their learning needs. In the fourth edition of this highly influential and inspirational book, Julie Fisher outlines the important theories and research which should underpin best early years practice. She takes a robust and principled stand against downward pressure to formalise young children’s learning too soon, and offers practical and meaningful ways to develop high quality learning and teaching in the early years. Starting from the Child challenges all early years practitioners to consider: How to build on children’s innate desire to learn and their competence and autonomy as effective early learners How to plan environments indoors and out that make learning irresistible How to plan for high quality child-initiated learning to take place seamlessly alongside learning that is adult-initiated The role of the adult in supporting and extending young children’s learning How daily observation of children informs and underpins planning for their individual and unique learning needs Revised and updated throughout, this fourth edition includes the latest research on early brain development and reference to recent government initiatives including the revised Early Years Foundation Stage. Starting from the Child is essential reading, not only for early years practitioners, but for all those who manage and make decisions about early learning. “Julie draws on her extensive work with practitioners to present the everyday realities and complexities of their practice, and to sound welcome notes of caution about the ways in which policy frameworks are used... The book also reflects deeply held convictions about the moral and ethical responsibilities we have to teach young children in ways that respect their extraordinary enthusiasm for learning.” Professor Elizabeth Wood, University of Sheffield, UK “The title says it all. Julie takes the reader by the hand and says ‘Look and listen, give these children your full and respectful attention and they will teach you how to be with them.’ All the practical ideas in the book support practitioners in using their skills and knowledge to recognise early childhood as valuable in its own right - to be relished and enjoyed, not to be rushed through or seen merely as preparation for the next stage.” Helen Moylett, Early Years Consultant and writer “Julie Fisher’s work has been a staple of Early Childhood Education since the first edition of Starting from the Child in 1996. Her fourth edition does not disappoint, and is a welcome development of her thinking... This is a book for students, teachers and other early years workers seeking to find their way through the conflicting needs of a rapidly changing area of work.” Nick Swarbrick, Programme Lead for the Undergraduate Modular Programme in the School of Education, Oxford Brookes University, UK

Teaching to the Child

Teaching to the Child
Title Teaching to the Child PDF eBook
Author Ms. Frank
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages 0
Release 2012-08
ISBN 9781478380009

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To say that teachers have a lot going on in their classrooms is an understatement. As a career changer, Ms. Frank is thrown into this world of teaching, and is taken in by the amazing kids she meets. Just how do you teach a child when they don't speak your language, and you not a word of theirs? How do you reach a teenager who has never been in a classroom before or even held a pencil? Follow Ms. Frank's first three years of teaching ESL as she struggles to focus on the children despite the many obstacles that come up along the way. If you are a teacher, this book may give you someone to relate to, and some ideas to incorporate into your own classrooms. For teachers and non teachers alike, let this book shed light on a troubled system. Something has to change to stop the constant bullying and harassment of teachers, and to get us all refocused not on testing, but on teaching to the child. This book has been compared to Bel Kaufman's hugely popular Up the Down Staircase in its humorous way of discussing serious issues within the Department of Education. The biggest difference in these two works is that Teaching to the Child is unfalteringly real and at times painfully honest in its depiction of the state of education today. Featured on Huffington Post's Back-to-School Book List for the Educated Teacher and Parent, September 9, 2014

Teaching Children to Learn

Teaching Children to Learn
Title Teaching Children to Learn PDF eBook
Author Robert Fisher
Publisher Nelson Thornes
Pages 188
Release 2005
Genre Education
ISBN 9780748794423

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This exciting book fosters the skills involved in learning, providing a framework for developing active learning in every community, classroom, and school. This new edition suggests more ways to create powerful learning environments. Teaching Children to Learn has been revised and enlarged, giving more practical ideas to develop creative learning skills. It includes new sections on learning styles, accelerated learning, and ways to motivate learning.

Education in the Best Interests of the Child

Education in the Best Interests of the Child
Title Education in the Best Interests of the Child PDF eBook
Author R. Brian Howe
Publisher University of Toronto Press
Pages 272
Release 2013-02-07
Genre Education
ISBN 1442666110

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A large body of research in disciplines from sociology and policy studies to neuroscience and educational psychology has confirmed that socioeconomic status remains the most powerful influence on children’s educational outcomes. Socially disadvantaged children around the world disproportionately suffer from lower levels of educational achievement, which in turn leads to unfavourable long-term outcomes in employment and health. Education in the Best Interests of the Child addresses this persistent problem, which violates not only the principle of equal educational opportunity, but also the broader principle of the best interests of the child as called for in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Building on the children’s rights work accomplished in their previous book, Empowering Children, Brian Howe and Katherine Covell identify three types of reform that can significantly close the educational achievement gap. Their findings make an important argument for stronger and more comprehensive action to equalize educational opportunities for disadvantaged children.

The Teacher and the Child

The Teacher and the Child
Title The Teacher and the Child PDF eBook
Author Clark E. Moustakas
Pages 288
Release 1956
Genre Psychology

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TOP NAVIGATION BARThe Teacher and the Child: Personal Interaction in the ClassroomClark E. MoustakasBOOK COVER SPACER LIST PRICE: $44.95MEMBER/AFFILIATE PRICE: $44.95284 pagesITEM #: 4320225ISBN: 1-59147-710-7ISBN 13: 978-1-59147-710-5PUBLICATION DATE: 1956EDITION: SoftcoverView the Table of ContentsSPACER YOUR SHOPPING CARTTOP OF SHOPPING CART BOXADD TO CARTVIEW CARTCHECK OUTSPACERCopyright and PermissionsRequest permission to reuse material from this book.This book is not meant as a prescription for the ideal relationship between teacher and child, but rather as an opportunity for the individual teacher to experience something creative in his own right through the personal interactions of other teachers and of children. It presents a point of view regarding the individual experience of reality and principles of individual psychology with special reference to education and learning. It attempts to show in detail how the perceptions of teachers are expanded and enriched as they explore in the classroom the essence of their relationships with individual children.The attempt throughout the book has been to create a meaningful experience in which the value of unqualified personal being in human interaction is stressed. Thus the reader is encouraged to approach this book perceptually in the light of his own special personal experiences, and to perceive ideas and meanings imaginatively from the perspective of his unique self. The book may stimulate and open up possibilities for a more genuine understanding of the interpersonal process in the classroom and a more spontaneous, true relationship between the teacher and the child. Thus, in general, this book is addressed to anyone interested in human interaction and the creative potentiality existing within the essential being of individuals, and, more specifically, to teachers who want to bring their own specialized and unique beings to a more personally meaningful and satisfying experience with children.

If Children Can't Learn the Way We Teach, We Should Teach...

If Children Can't Learn the Way We Teach, We Should Teach...
Title If Children Can't Learn the Way We Teach, We Should Teach... PDF eBook
Author Aye Cair
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages 110
Release 2017-08-11
ISBN 9781974433636

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An meaningful message for teachers, professors, other educators, teacher's aides, counselors, administrators, child care providers, social workers, coaches, parents, foster parents, therapists, mentors, and many more. *** This journal alternates between 4 LINED pages for writing and 2 BLANK pages for sketching/drawing throughout - Size 5.2" x 0.2" x 8" with 110 pages total. *** Not only does it make a great coffee table book, but its pages can be used as a diary of milestones, a record of special memories, a place for random sketches and diagrams, a very long bucket list, a notebook for tips and tricks, and much more. Make the gift even more special by stuffing a gift certificate or a little cash into the folds. No text on the BACK COVER.