The Boy & the Bindi
Title The Boy & the Bindi PDF eBook
Author Vivek Shraya
Publisher arsenal pulp press
Pages 42
Release 2016-09-19
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 1551526697

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In this beautiful children’s picture book by Vivek Shraya, author of the acclaimed God Loves Hair, a five-year-old South Asian boy becomes fascinated with his mother’s bindi, the red dot commonly worn by Hindu women to indicate the point at which creation begins, and wishes to have one of his own. Rather than chastise her son, she agrees to it, and teaches him about its cultural significance, allowing the boy to discover the magic of the bindi, which in turn gives him permission to be more fully himself. Beautifully illustrated by Rajni Perera, The Boy & the Bindi is a joyful celebration of gender and cultural difference. Ages 3 to 6. Vivek Shraya is a performer, musician, and filmmaker, and the authors of God Loves Hair and She of the Mountains. This publication meets the EPUB Accessibility requirements and it also meets the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG-AA). It is screen-reader friendly and is accessible to persons with disabilities. A book with many images, which is defined with accessible structural markup. This book contains various accessibility features such as alternative text for images, table of contents, page-list, landmark, reading order and semantic structure.

A Multimodal Approach to Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Children’s Picture Books
Title A Multimodal Approach to Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Children’s Picture Books PDF eBook
Author A. Jesús Moya-Guijarro
Publisher Routledge
Pages 301
Release 2021-11-09
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 1000456064

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This collection offers a thorough treatment of the ways in which the verbal and visual semiotic modes interrelate toward promoting gender equality and social inclusion in children’s picture books. Drawing on cutting-edge theoretical work in multimodality, including multimodal cognitive linguistics, multimodal discourse analysis, and visual social semiotics, the book expands on descriptive-oriented studies to offer a more linguistically driven perspective on children’s picture books. The volume explores the choice afforded to and the lexico-semantic and discursive strategies employed by writers and illustrators in conveying representational, interpersonal, and textual meanings in the verbal and non-verbal components in these narratives in order to challenge gender stereotypes and promote the social inclusion of same-sex parent families. This book will be of particular interest to students and scholars in multimodality, discourse analysis, social semiotics, and children’s literature. Chapters 1 & 8 of this book are freely available as downloadable Open Access PDFs under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license available at

Coloring into Existence
Title Coloring into Existence PDF eBook
Author Isabel Millán
Publisher NYU Press
Pages 350
Release 2023-12-05
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 1479817007

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Argues that queer picture books with main characters of color can disrupt structures of power in both literature and real life Coloring into Existence investigates the role of authors, illustrators, and independent publishers in producing alternative narratives that disrupt colonial, heteropatriarchal notions of childhood. These texts or characters unsettle the category of the child, and thus pave the way for broader understandings of childhood. Often unapologetically politically motivated, queer and trans of color picture books can serve as the basis for fantasizing about disruptions to structures of power, both within and outside literary worlds. Fusing literary criticism and close readings with historical analysis and interviews, Isabel Millán documents the emergence of a North American queer of color children’s literary archive. In doing so, she considers the sociopolitical circumstances out of which queer of color children’s literature emerged; how a queer and trans of color aesthetic translates to picture books; and how the acts of imagination and worldmaking inspired by picture books produce a realm of freedom, healing, and transformation for queer and trans of color children and adults. Coloring into Existence explores the curious ways that queer and trans of color publications “color outside the lines”—refusing to conform to industry standards, intermixing fiction with nonfiction, and mobilizing alternative modes of production and distribution to create new worlds.

The Boy with the Topknot
Title The Boy with the Topknot PDF eBook
Author Sathnam Sanghera
Publisher Penguin UK
Pages 336
Release 2012-11-29
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 0670923095

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NOW A BBC DRAMA The Boy With the Topknot: A Memoir of Love, Secrets and Lies in Wolverhampton is a hilarious and heart-rending tale of what it is like to grow up different in modern Britain. "It's 1979, I'm three years old, and like all breakfast times during my youth it begins with Mum combing my hair, a ritual for which I have to sit down on the second-hand, floral-patterned settee, and lean forward, like I'm presenting myself for execution." For Sathnam Sanghera, growing up in Wolverhampton in the eighties was a confusing business. On the one hand, these were the heady days of George Michael mix-tapes, Dallas on TV and, if he was lucky, the occasional Bounty Bar. On the other, there was his wardrobe of tartan smocks, his 30p-an-hour job at the local sewing factory and the ongoing challenge of how to tie the perfect top-knot. And then there was his family, whose strange and often difficult behaviour he took for granted until, at the age of twenty-four, Sathnam made a discovery that changed everything he ever thought he knew about them. Equipped with breathtaking courage and a glorious sense of humour, he embarks on a journey into their extraordinary past - from his father's harsh life in rural Punjab to the steps of the Wolverhampton Tourist Office - trying to make sense of a life lived among secrets. Praise for The Boy with the Topknot: 'I absolutely loved it. Heartbreaking and wonderful. He writes beautifully' Maggie O'Farrell 'Could not be more enjoyable, engaging or moving' Observer 'Tragic, funny and disturbing. It will challenge you, and may even change you' Carole Angier, Independent Sathnam Sanghera was born in 1976. He is an award-winning journalist who was previously chief feature writer at The Financial Times and now works for The Times. He lives in London. Published in hardback as If You Don't Know Me by Now

Title Unbranded PDF eBook
Author Herb Wharton
Publisher Univ. of Queensland Press
Pages 179
Release 2023-05-30
Genre Fiction
ISBN 0702267848

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A unique, authentic novel of friendship and brotherhood, based on the author' s long years droving on stock routes of inland Australia. Herb Wharton, former drover, now celebrated author, unleashes a strikingly original vision of outback Australia. From the riotous picnic races to the famous Mt Isa rodeo, from childhood in the yumba to gutsy outback pubs, Unbranded presents a rollicking cast of stockmen, shearers, barmaids and tourists. At its heart this novel is the story of three men: Sandy is a white man; Bindi, a Murri; Mulga is related on his mother's side to Bindi, and on his Irish father's side to Sandy. Their lives and enduring friendship cover forty years in the mulga country of the far west. Unbranded recounts how Sandy achieves his dream of owning a cattle empire, how Bindi regains part of his tribal lands for his people, and how Mulga finally sits down to write about their shared experiences.

Steve and Bindi Irwin
Title Steve and Bindi Irwin PDF eBook
Author Amy Breguet
Publisher Infobase Learning
Pages 123
Release 2013
Genre Biography
ISBN 1438148232

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Steve Irwin, an Australian wildlife conservationist, brought adventure and the wilderness to television with his wildly popular TV show,;The Crocodile Hunter.

Title Isibindi PDF eBook
Author Hernes
Publisher AuthorHouse
Pages 32
Release 2013-09-09
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 1491877014

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Isibindi is a little Rhino who lives in Africa. But when poachers attack, Isibindi is forced to flee into suburbia and befriends a little boy named Nkosi. Together they embark on an adventure to get Isibindi to the Sanctuary over the mountain and ultimately to safety. Join Isibindi and Nkosi as they learn how to help rhinos everywhere. Portion of all sales goes to Rhino conservation.