The Great Bullocky Race

The Great Bullocky Race
Title The Great Bullocky Race PDF eBook
Author Michael F. Page
Pages 55
Release 1984-01-01
Genre Australia
ISBN 9780855721398

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The Great Bullocky Race was run between Swan Hill on the River Murray and the seaport of Robe in South Australia. Donald MacDonald and his daughter Alice the girl bullocky (of the red hair and freckles) reckoned they could beat Foxy Murphy and his son Young Wally on the race to the sea. This book tells the story of their adventures as they and their bullock teams contested the longest bullocky race ever run in Australia.

Great Bullocky Race

Great Bullocky Race
Title Great Bullocky Race PDF eBook
Author Michael Page
Release 2002

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The Ideal Bartender

The Ideal Bartender
Title The Ideal Bartender PDF eBook
Author Thomas Bullock
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages 66
Release 1917
Genre Cooking

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A complete reproduction of the Vintage Cocktail Book "The Ideal Bartender" originally published in 1917. Tom Bullock became to be a well-recognized bartender of the time at St. Louis Country Club, where he served for government officials and other elite members. G.H. Walker, grandfather of George W. Bush was one of the big fans of Bullock's cocktails and wrote the indroduction. After publishing this cocktail book, Prohibition made Bullock's profession illegal, yet bartending culture was stronger than ever, bartenders were well paid and tipped for supplying public a illegal substance of alcohol. Bullock moved frequently and changed professions during the dry period, but kept bartending at St. Louis Country Club where people could still drink. The country club did not keep the records on him working there. Feel free to take a look at our complete Reprint Catalog of Vintage Cocktail Books at

Bob Bullock

Bob Bullock
Title Bob Bullock PDF eBook
Author Dave McNeely
Publisher University of Texas Press
Pages 329
Release 2012-09-21
Genre History
ISBN 0292748493

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Renowned for his fierce devotion to the people of Texas—as well as his equally fierce rages and unpredictable temper—Bob Bullock was the most powerful political figure in Texas at the end of the twentieth century. First elected to the Texas House of Representatives in 1956, Bullock held several key statewide posts before capturing the lieutenant governor's office in 1990. Though nominally the state's number two official, Bullock in fact became Texas's top power broker, wielding tremendous influence over the legislative agenda and state budget through the 1990s while also mentoring and supporting a future president—George W. Bush. In this lively, yet thoroughly researched biography, award-winning journalists Dave McNeely and Jim Henderson craft a well-rounded portrait of Bob Bullock, underscoring both his political adroitness and his personal demons. They trace Bullock's rise through state government as Assistant Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Comptroller, and Lieutenant Governor, showing how he increased the power of every office he held. The authors spotlight Bullock's substantial achievements, which included hiring an unprecedented number of women and minorities, instituting a performance review to increase the efficiency of state agencies, restructuring the public school funding system, and creating the state's first water conservation and management plan.

Bullock's Journey

Bullock's Journey
Title Bullock's Journey PDF eBook
Author W. Bullock
Publisher Applewood Books
Pages 50
Release 2007
Genre History
ISBN 1429001151

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A world traveler (who begins his work by saying, 'ÄúOn my return from Mexico to England'Ķ'Äù) takes a trip up the Mississippi from New Orleans to NY.

The Bullock Cart Boy

The Bullock Cart Boy
Title The Bullock Cart Boy PDF eBook
Author Tan Sri Dr K. S. Nijhar (as narrated to Premeeta Nijhar)
Publisher MPH Group Publishing Sdn Bhd
Pages 196
Release 2016-06-04
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 9674154728

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This book chronicles Tan Sri Dr K.S. Nijhar’s incredible journey in life, from his birth in the back of a bullock cart somewhere between the sleepy hollows of Kroh and Kelian Intan in Perak, Malaysia, through grinding poverty, obscurity and life-threatening ordeals to academic distinction, career success, political astuteness and wide renown. Nijhar’s personal journeys are set against the backdrop of the birth of a nation, from pre-war Malaya to independence and beyond, through his struggles and triumphs in the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), and the relentless pursuit of his goal to serve the community and nation, blazing a trail for other micro-minorities in party leadership, and creating national history. Conveyed with candour and humour, Nijhar shares unforgettable experiences and hard-won, sometimes bitter lessons on how to be the best one can be. Today, at eighty, the “bullock cart boy” shares his life’s philosophy, “Dream and dare, and never give up!” and dedicates a message of hope to future generations, everywhere.

Garden Birds

Garden Birds
Title Garden Birds PDF eBook
Author Noble Proctor
Publisher Rodale
Pages 166
Release 1996-08-15
Genre Gardening
ISBN 9780875969503

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An informative handbook of American birds explains how to use landscaping and plantings to provide food and shelter and attract birds to the garden, offers practical tips on food for birds, and includes a directory of one hundred types of birds