The Homeschool Liberation League
Title The Homeschool Liberation League PDF eBook
Author Lucy Frank
Publisher Dial
Pages 279
Release 2009
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 9780803732308

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Thirteen-year-old Katya convinces her parents to try homeschooling her for a month, but while she is finally excited about learning--and about Milo, the violin prodigy who lives nearby--not everything works out as she had hoped.

The Publishers Weekly
Title The Publishers Weekly PDF eBook
Pages 692
Release 2009
Genre American literature

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The Teenage Liberation Handbook
Title The Teenage Liberation Handbook PDF eBook
Author Grace Llewellyn
Pages 452
Release 1998
Genre Education
ISBN 9780962959172

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An estimated 700,000 American children are now taught at home. This book tells teens how to take control of their lives and get a "real life". Young people can reclaim their natural ability to teach themselves and design a personalized education program. Grace Llewellyn explains the entire process, from making the decision to quit school, to discovering the learning opportunities available.

The Standard Reference Work, for the Home, School and Library ...
Title The Standard Reference Work, for the Home, School and Library ... PDF eBook
Pages 534
Release 1927
Genre Encyclopedias and dictionaries

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Home is where the School is
Title Home is where the School is PDF eBook
Author Jennifer Lois
Publisher NYU Press
Pages 240
Release 2013
Genre Education
ISBN 0814752519

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Explores the experiences of homeschooling mothers Mothers who homeschool their children constantly face judgmental questions about their choices, and yet the homeschooling movement continues to grow with an estimated 1.5 million American children now schooled at home. These children are largely taught by stay-at-home mothers who find that they must tightly manage their daily schedules to avoid burnout and maximize their relationships with their children, and that they must sustain a desire to sacrifice their independent selves for many years in order to savor the experience of motherhood. Home Is Where the School Is is the first comprehensive look into the lives of homeschooling mothers. Drawing on rich data collected through eight years of fieldwork and dozens of in-depth interviews, Jennifer Lois examines the intense effects of the emotional and temporal demands that homeschooling places on mothers’ lives, raising profound questions about the expectations of modern motherhood and the limits of parenting.

The California Homeschool Guide
Title The California Homeschool Guide PDF eBook
Author California Home School Network
Publisher Trafford Publishing
Pages 380
Release 2002
Genre Education
ISBN 1552127125

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The California Homeschool Guide is the answer to what prospective and experienced California homeschoolers have been needing for years -- a comprehensive handbook that includes how to homeschool, legal options for California parents, inspiring advice from veteran homeschoolers, and extensive resources. The wisdom of many experienced homeschoolers was brought together into this guide to provide a resource that parents will be able to use for years as they go from new homeschooler to veteran.

Value-Creating Education
Title Value-Creating Education PDF eBook
Author Emiliano Bosio
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Pages 222
Release 2024-01-31
Genre Education
ISBN 100383857X

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Offering a pivotal reference point and a wide range of global perspectives of teaching experiences on value-creating education (VCE), this book is a timely spotlight on contemporary issues of globalisation that many educational institutions around the world may encounter. It contributes to the originality of constructing new knowledge in the field of VCE, a forward-looking framework, and an ethical and educational imperative that can be understood in different ways, from diverse theoretical orientations. The chapters written by experienced international educators explore the following questions: How do educators understand the role of VCE? What pedagogical approaches to VCE do educators employ in their classes? How do educators support the values and knowledge of VCE in all curricular areas? What do educators see as the key essential values and knowledge that students should develop through VCE? It offers valuable insights and applied pedagogical practices for postgraduate students, researchers, educational policy makers, curriculum developers, and decision-makers in higher education institutions and non-governmental organizations (e.g., UNESCO, OXFAM).