The Secret of the Great Pyramid

The Secret of the Great Pyramid
Title The Secret of the Great Pyramid PDF eBook
Author Bob Brier
Publisher Harper Collins
Pages 356
Release 2008-10-01
Genre Social Science
ISBN 0061981788

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A decade ago, French architect Jean-Pierre Houdin became obsessed by the centuriesold question: How was the Great Pyramid built? How, in a nation of farmers only recently emerged from the Stone Age, could such a massive, complex, and enduring structure have been envisioned and constructed? Laboring at his computer ten hours a day for five years—creating exquisitely detailed 3-D models of the Pyramid's interior—Houdin finally had his answer. It was a startling revelation that cast a fresh light on the minds that conceived one of the wonders of the ancient world. Written by world-renowned Egyptologist Bob Brier in collaboration with Houdin, The Secret of the Great Pyramid moves deftly between the ancient and the modern, chronicling two equally fascinating interrelated histories. It is a remarkable account of the step-by-step planning and assembling of the magnificent edifice—the brainchild of an innovative genius, the Egyptian architect Hemienu, who imagined, organized, and oversaw a monumental construction project that took more than two decades to complete and that employed the services of hundreds of architects, mathematicians, boatbuilders, stonemasons, and metallurgists. Here also is the riveting story of Jean-Pierre Houdin's single-minded search for solutions to the mysteries that have bedeviled Egyptologists for centuries, such as the purpose of the enigmatic Grand Gallery and the Pyramid's crack.

The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid
Title The Great Pyramid PDF eBook
Author Piazzi Smyth
Publisher BoD – Books on Demand
Pages 574
Release 2023-12-31
Genre Fiction
ISBN 3368849174

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Reprint of the original, first published in 1874.

Secrets of the Great Pyramid

Secrets of the Great Pyramid
Title Secrets of the Great Pyramid PDF eBook
Author Peter Tompkins
Publisher Lane, Allen
Pages 416
Release 1973-01-01
Genre Archaeology
ISBN 9780713905953

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The Mystery of the Great Pyramid

The Mystery of the Great Pyramid
Title The Mystery of the Great Pyramid PDF eBook
Author Edgar-Pierre Jacobs
Publisher 9th Cinebook
Pages 0
Release 2008
Genre Comic books, strips, etc
ISBN 9781905460380

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Captain Blake seems to have lost the first round in Part 1, having been assassinated at Athens airport. But a furious Mortimer swears that he'll never stop trying to avenge his friend. He goes on the hunt, but information is scarce. Strange happening occur when he comes under the protection of Sheik Abdel Razek and Mortimer soon feels like he's losing his way in his investigation which will lead him to the darkest depths of the Great Pyramid...

Fire in Middle

Fire in Middle
Title Fire in Middle PDF eBook
Author James E. Brown
Publisher Bookbaby
Pages 0
Release 2017-07-14
Genre Architecture, Ancient
ISBN 9781543904697

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After four decades of research and multiple trips to Egypt, Brown believes he has solved the mystery of the Great Pyramid of Giza. He has concluded that the pyramid fits the profile of a type of chemical laser and that the Giza Plateau functioned as a massive industrial complex. Following the architectural principle that form follows function, Brown recognized it was impossible to enter the so-called burial chamber in the Great Pyramid because of the small size of the passage (less than four-feet square) and the extreme angle of the interior passages. This huge stone structure did not align with the supposed purpose, or with ancient Egyptian burial practices. Recently, a man-made tunnel was discovered under the Giza Plateau that connects the Great Pyramid to the Nile. In ancient times the annual flood waters from the Nile coursed through the Great Pyramid, and through a powerful chemical process created what Brown calls Earthmilk, electrified water. This enhanced elixir served many purposes, including enlivening the human body and flowing into the river to enrich animal life and soil on the banks, resulting in rich and abundant crops. Fire in Middle outlines Brown's compelling research and his journey of discovery. The book includes more than 350 stunning full-color images and diagrams. This is the second in a series of three volumes of research and evidence gathered from grassroots expeditions to Giza, Luxor, Saqqara, Abydos and Abu Simbel. This ground-breaking and ongoing research presents compelling evidence that the traditional interpretations of ancient Egyptian pyramids need to be reconsidered and re-evaluated.

The Pyramids

The Pyramids
Title The Pyramids PDF eBook
Author Miroslav Verner
Publisher Open Road + Grove/Atlantic
Pages 510
Release 2007-12-01
Genre History
ISBN 0802198635

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A “richly illustrated . . . engaging, lucid account” of Ancient Egyptian Pyramids, what we know about them now, what we don’t, and what is still debated today (Kirkus Reviews). Hailed by Science News as “the new seminal text,” The Pyramids is a comprehensive record of Egypt’s most awe-inspiring monuments and what Egyptologists now know about them today—from their construction and purpose to the culture that surrounded them. Distinguished Egyptologist Miroslav Verner draws from the research of the earliest Egyptologists as well as the startling discoveries made with late twentieth century technology. Here you will find a clear, authoritative guide to the ancient culture that created the pyramids five thousand years ago without iron or bronze, and with only the most elementary systems of calculation. As Verner explains the magnitude of this accomplishment, he also traces the stories and ideas of the intrepid scientists who uncovered the mysteries of the pyramids. “Editor’s Choice . . . this comprehensive volume details everything you ever wanted to know about pyramids.” —Rosemary Herbert, Boston Herald “Displays both a deep respect for the research of Egyptologists and a comprehensive knowledge of it . . . An important, comprehensive resource for the study of those most mysteriously, enduringly impressive structures.” —Kirkus Reviews “An accessible introduction to the culture of the ancient Egyptians.” —Die Welt

Pyramid Quest

Pyramid Quest
Title Pyramid Quest PDF eBook
Author Robert M. Schoch
Publisher Penguin
Pages 394
Release 2005-06-02
Genre History
ISBN 1101143665

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The Egyptologist acclaimed for re-dating the Great Sphinx at Giza sets his sights on one of the true mysteries of antiquity: the Great Pyramid of Giza. What is the Great Pyramid of Giza? Ask that basic question of a traditional Egyptologist, and you get the basic, traditional answer: a fancy tombstone for a self-important pharaoh of the Old Kingdom. This, Egyptologists argue, is the sole finding based on the data, and the only deduction supported by science. By implication, anyone who dissents from this point of view is unscientific and woolly-minded-a believer in magic and ghosts. Indeed, some of the unconventional ideas about the Great Pyramid do have a spectacularly fabulous ring to them. Yet from beneath the obvious terms of this controversy, a deeper, more significant question arises: how is it that the Great Pyramid exercises such a gripping hold on the human psyche- adding cryptic grace to the back of the one-dollar bill and framing myriad claims of New Age "pyramid power"? In Pyramid Quest, Robert M. Schoch and Robert Aquinas McNally use the rigorous intellectual analysis of scientific inquiry to investigate what we know about the Great Pyramid, and develop a stunning hypothesis: This ancient monument is the strongest proof yet that civilization began thousands of years earlier than is generally thought, extending far back into a little-known time. In tracing that story, we come to understand not only the Great Pyramid but also our own origins as civilized beings.