The Posters
Title The Posters PDF eBook
Author Cees de Jong
Publisher Harry N. Abrams
Pages 0
Release 2010-10-01
Genre Design
ISBN 9780810995888

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It covers all of the significant developments in poster design, and every important type of poster, from wine and war to rock and rebellion. It also includes every important artist and graphic designer who ever created a memorable poster, making it a source book on design from Art Nouveau to today.

Posters for Peace
Title Posters for Peace PDF eBook
Author Thomas W. Benson
Publisher Penn State Press
Pages 226
Release 2015-06-18
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 0271067357

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By the spring of 1970, Americans were frustrated by continuing war in Vietnam and turmoil in the inner cities. Students on American college campuses opposed the war in growing numbers and joined with other citizens in ever-larger public demonstrations against the war. Some politicians—including Ronald Reagan, Spiro Agnew, and Richard Nixon—exploited the situation to cultivate anger against students. At the University of California at Berkeley, student leaders devoted themselves, along with many sympathetic faculty, to studying the war and working for peace. A group of art students designed, produced, and freely distributed thousands of antiwar posters. Posters for Peace tells the story of those posters, bringing to life their rhetorical iconography and restoring them to their place in the history of poster art and political street art. The posters are vivid, simple, direct, ironic, and often graphically beautiful. Thomas Benson shows that the student posters from Berkeley appealed to core patriotic values and to the legitimacy of democratic deliberation in a democracy—even in a time of war.

World War I Media, Entertainments & Popular Culture
Title World War I Media, Entertainments & Popular Culture PDF eBook
Author Chris Hart
Pages 436
Release 2018-06-20
Genre History
ISBN 1905984219

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Entertainments and popular cultures played a major part in the lives of those experiencing the First World War. This collection of studies spans the role of newspapers, films, posters and music and much more, looking at the different ways, different media entertainments were produced and consumed during the war.

Herbert Bayer, Graphic Designer
Title Herbert Bayer, Graphic Designer PDF eBook
Author Patrick Rössler
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Pages 369
Release 2023-05-18
Genre Art
ISBN 1350229687

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Herbert Bayer was one of the most extraordinary artists associated with the Bauhaus school. A true multimedia artist, he united graphic design, art, and architecture in a unique style that came to represent the bold aesthetic approach of the movement. A teacher with the school until 1928, Bayer went on to become a highly successful graphic designer in Germany, and later one of the most prominent figures in the 20th-century art scene of the United States. This broad biographical account, which presents previously unseen archival photographs and episodes from the life of Bayer and other influential Bauhaus artists such as Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer and László Moholy-Nagy, follows Bayer through the Weimar Republic, Nazi Germany and finally to his exile in the United States. Specifically, Patrick Rössler reveals for the first time Bayer's unique experience of 1930s Germany, where, with his commercial and artistic life shattered by terror and censorship, he distracted himself with leading a hedonistic life. Shining a light on Bayer's time in Berlin during the Weimar Republic, and his route out of the Nazi state, Rössler provides rich new insights into how Bauhaus artists navigated a protracted period of social upheaval and dictatorship, where commercial success was fraught with a deep hostility towards the regime and the temptations of emigration. Revealing the tensions of an avant-garde artist struggling to practice during a period of repression, Herbert Bayer, Graphic Designer speaks to both the memory of those who left Nazi Germany, but also the perseverance of artists and intellectuals throughout history who have worked under authoritarian regimes. Drawing on never before interpreted documents, letters and archival material, Rössler tells Bayer's compelling story – documenting the life of a unique artist and offering a valuable contribution to research in émigré experiences.

The Writers Directory
Title The Writers Directory PDF eBook
Pages 608
Release 2013
Genre Authors, American

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Title Toulouse-Lautrec PDF eBook
Author Russell Ash
Publisher Pavilion Books, Limited
Pages 80
Release 1992-10-01
Genre Posters, French
ISBN 9781851458974

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