The Psychology Of The Child

The Psychology Of The Child
Title The Psychology Of The Child PDF eBook
Author Jean Piaget
Publisher Basic Books
Pages 192
Release 2019-04-23
Genre Psychology
ISBN 1541618254

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The definite account of psychologist Jean Piaget's work Jean Piaget's influence on psychology has been profound. His pathbreaking investigations and theories of cognitive development have set child psychology moving in entirely new directions. His bold speculations have provided the inspiration for the work of others. His studies have been the subject of many books and countless articles. And, significantly, his influence has spread to other disciplines and is having an ever-growing impact on the general culture at large. Here Jean Piaget, with the assistance of his long-time collaborator Bÿel Inhelder, offers a definitive presentation of the developmental psychology he has elaborated over the last forty years. This comprehensive synthesis traces each stage of the child's cognitive development, over the entire period of childhood, from infancy to adolescence.

The Everything Child Psychology and Development Book

The Everything Child Psychology and Development Book
Title The Everything Child Psychology and Development Book PDF eBook
Author James Windell
Publisher Everything
Pages 304
Release 2012-07-16
Genre Family & Relationships
ISBN 9781440529337

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What is my baby thinking? Why does my two-year-old suddenly throw a tantrum when it's time to go out? Is my surly teenager just acting her age, or is she suffering from a mood disorder? Questions like these have long plagued parents, teachers, and care providers. But now, with The Everything Child Psychology and Development Book, you can unlock the psyche of children and more fully understand the reasons why they do the things they do. Inside you'll find information on: Brain development in children--starting in the womb Cognitive and behavioral stages, from babies to teenagers Helping your children deal with today's unprecedented stress and anxiety The impact your family history has on emotional development Warning signs and symptoms that should raise red flags From what your baby can understand in utero to deciphering "typical" adolescent behavior from a genuine disorder--this guide is the ideal tool for parents wanting to know more about what goes on in the mind of a child.

Child Psychology

Child Psychology
Title Child Psychology PDF eBook
Author Lawrence Balter
Publisher Psychology Press
Pages 752
Release 2016-02-26
Genre Psychology
ISBN 131765577X

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This third edition of Child Psychology continues the tradition of showcasing cutting-edge research in the field of developmental science, including individual differences, dynamic systems and processes, and contexts of development. While retaining a similar structure to the last edition, this revision consists of completely new content with updated programmatic research and contemporary research trends and interests. The first three sections highlight research that is organized chronologically by age: Infancy, Childhood, and Adolescence. Within each section, individual chapters address contemporary research on a specific area of development, such as learning, cognition, social, and emotional development at that period in childhood. The fourth section, Ecological Influences, emphasizes contextual influences relevant to children of all ages, including risk and protective processes, family and neighborhood context, race and ethnicity, peer relations, the effects of poverty, and the impact of the digital world. Child Psychology also features a unique focus on four progressive themes. First, emphasis is placed on theory and explanation—the "why and how" of the developmental process. Second, explanations of a transactional and multidimensional nature of development are at the forefront of all chapters. Third, the multi-faceted approach to development highlights contextual influences and cultural diversity among children from different communities and backgrounds. Finally, methodological innovation is a key concern, and research tools presented across chapters span the full array available to developmental scientists who focus on different systems and levels of analysis. The thoroughness and depth of this book, in addition to its methodological rigor, make it an ideal handbook for researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and advanced students across a range of disciplines, including psychology, education, economics and public policy.

Understanding Child Psychology

Understanding Child Psychology
Title Understanding Child Psychology PDF eBook
Author Christine Brain
Publisher Nelson Thornes
Pages 228
Release 2005
Genre Family & Relationships
ISBN 9780748790845

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'Understanding child psychology' is for students of child development and particularly those following courses leading to vocational qualifications in childcare and education.

Child Psychology and Psychiatry

Child Psychology and Psychiatry
Title Child Psychology and Psychiatry PDF eBook
Author David Skuse
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 392
Release 2011-06-01
Genre Medical
ISBN 1119995744

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Written by leading clinicians and research experts in the fields of child development and psychopathology, this book is an authoritative and up to date guide for psychologists, psychiatrists, paediatricians and other professionals working with vulnerable children. The opening chapters outline neurobiological, genetic, familial and cultural influences upon child development, especially those fostering children's resilience and emotional wellbeing. Discussion of the acquisition of social and emotional developmental competencies leads on to reviews of child psychopathology, clinical diagnoses, assessment and intervention. Developed with busy professionals and trainees in mind, it is comprehensively yet concisely written, using visual aids to help the reader absorb information rapidly and easily. This book is an essential purchase for those working or training in all clinical and community child settings.

Introducing Child Psychology

Introducing Child Psychology
Title Introducing Child Psychology PDF eBook
Author H. Rudolph Schaffer
Publisher Wiley-Blackwell
Pages 408
Release 2003-10-17
Genre Psychology
ISBN 9780631216285

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Introducing Child Psychology is for all those who want to find out what psychology can tell us about the nature and development of children. A non-technical introduction for all those who want to find out what psychology can tell us about the nature and development of children. Presents the major topics of child development investigated by psychologists. Pays particular attention to the most recent research findings. Consistently relates psychological knowledge to practical situations, showing what psychology has to offer in real life situations involving children. Learning is supported by study boxes, summaries, definitions and suggestions for further reading.

Child Psychology and Development For Dummies

Child Psychology and Development For Dummies
Title Child Psychology and Development For Dummies PDF eBook
Author Laura L. Smith
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 384
Release 2011-02-09
Genre Psychology
ISBN 1118032217

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A complete and comprehensive guide to why kids behave and think the way they do-and how to bring out the best in them. In the U.S., more than 10% of children are diagnosed with psychiatric disorders, while countless others remain undiagnosed. Defining what is "normal" and what is not is of great concern to anyone who works with, guides, nurtures, teaches, or parents children. With new discoveries in mental disorders that affect children, Child Psychology & Development For Dummies provides an informational guide to cognitive development at every stage of a child's life, as well as how to diagnose, treat, and overcome the cognitive barriers that impede learning and development. How to identify and treat mental disorders Covers behavior disorders, autism, attention deficit disorder, reading disabilities, bipolar disorder, and more Guidance on helping a child control impulses, develop self esteem, and have good relationships An essential guide for parents, teachers, and caregivers, Child Psychology & Development For Dummies provides a detailed overview of an average child's cognitive development, how to detect abnormalities, and what to do next.