Underground Railroad
Title Underground Railroad PDF eBook
Author Colson Whitehead
Publisher Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG
Pages 352
Release 2017-08-21
Genre Fiction
ISBN 3446257748

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Colson Whiteheads Bestseller über eines der dunkelsten Kapitel der Geschichte Amerikas – ausgezeichnet mit dem Pulitzer Preis 2017 und ab 14. Mai bei Amazon Prime unter der Regie von Academy-Award-Gewinner Barry Jenkins Cora ist nur eine von unzähligen Schwarzen, die auf den Baumwollplantagen Georgias schlimmer als Tiere behandelt werden. Alle träumen von der Flucht – doch wie und wohin? Da hört Cora von der Underground Railroad, einem geheimen Fluchtnetzwerk für Sklaven. Über eine Falltür gelangt sie in den Untergrund und es beginnt eine atemberaubende Reise, auf der sie Leichendieben, Kopfgeldjägern, obskuren Ärzten, aber auch heldenhaften Bahnhofswärtern begegnet. Jeder Staat, den sie durchquert, hat andere Gesetze, andere Gefahren. Wartet am Ende wirklich die Freiheit? Colson Whiteheads Roman ist eine virtuose Abrechnung damit, was es bedeutete und immer noch bedeutet, schwarz zu sein in Amerika.

The Underground Railroad
Title The Underground Railroad PDF eBook
Author Judy Dodge Cummings
Publisher Nomad Press
Pages 130
Release 2017-03-20
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 1619304872

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Imagine leaving everything you’ve ever known—your friends, family, and home—to travel along roads you’ve never seen before, getting help from people you’ve never met before, with the constant threat of capture hovering over your every move. Would you risk your life on the Underground Railroad to gain freedom from slavery? Tens of thousands of African American men, women, and children did just that, and thousands more risked their lives to help them. In The Underground Railroad: Navigate the Journey from Slavery to Freedom, readers ages 9 to 12 examine how slavery developed in the United States and what motivated abolitionists to work for its destruction. The Underground Railroad was a network of secret routes and safe houses operated by conductors and station masters, both black and white. Readers travel the Underground Railroad as they follow true stories of enslaved people who braved patrols, the wilderness, hunger, and their own fear in a quest for freedom. The legacy of the Underground Railroad is also explored—how it provoked the Civil War, how it laid the seeds of activism for African Americans and women, and how it remains a model of resistance that still inspires people today. Throughout the book, readers do the work of historians as they dissect primary sources, including slave narratives, runaway ads, and the music that inspired enslaved people. Projects include printing African cloth, constructing a model swamp refuge, cooking a typical slave meal, composing a song with a hidden message, and navigating to freedom by reading the nighttime sky. There are many myths about the Underground Railroad. However, the real history of this crusade is more dramatic than any legend. The lives of the men and women involved in the Underground Railroad reveal a story of inspiration, moral and physical courage, and personal sacrifice. The Underground Railroad informs students’ understanding of modern race relations and provides a historical context for current events. Amidst the countless tragedies that centuries of slavery brought to African-Americans lie tales of hope, resistance, courage, sacrifice, and victory—truly an American story.

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad
Title Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad PDF eBook
Author Dan Stearns
Publisher Gareth Stevens Publishing LLLP
Pages 68
Release 2005-12-15
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 9780836864281

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Traces the life and accomplishments of the heroic abolitionist who escaped from slavery in Maryland in 1849, and became the most famous conductor of the Underground Railroad.

Places of the Underground Railroad
Title Places of the Underground Railroad PDF eBook
Author Tom Calarco
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages 437
Release 2010-12-03
Genre Social Science

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This up-to-date compilation details the most significant stops along the Underground Railroad. Places of the Underground Railroad: A Geographical Guide presents an overview of the various sites that comprised this unique road to freedom, with entries chosen to represent all regions of the United States and Canada. Where most works on the Underground Railroad focus on the people involved, this unique guide explores the intricacies of travel that allowed the "conductors" to carry out the tasks entrusted to them. It presents an accurate picture of just where the Underground Railroad was and how it operated, including routes and itineraries and connections between the various Railroad locations. Through information about these locations, the book takes readers from the beginnings of organized aid to fugitive slaves during the period following the American Revolution up to the Civil War. It delineates the possible routes fugitive slaves may have taken by identifying the rivers, canals, and railroads that were sometimes used. And it shows that a network, though decentralized and variable over time and place, truly was established among Underground Railroad participants.

People of the Underground Railroad
Title People of the Underground Railroad PDF eBook
Author Tom Calarco
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages 409
Release 2008-09-30
Genre Social Science
ISBN 031308596X

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The Underground Railroad was perhaps the best example in U.S. history of blacks and whites working together for the common good. People of the Underground Railroad is the largest in-depth collection of profiles of those individuals involved in the spiriting of black slaves to freedom in the northern states and Canada beginning around 1800 and lasting to the early Civil War years. One hundred entries introduce people who had a significant role in the rescuing, harboring, or conducting of the fugitives—from abolitionists, evangelical ministers, Quakers, philanthropists, lawyers, judges, physicians, journalists, educators, to novelists, feminists, and barbers—as well as notable runaways. The selections are geographically representational of the broad railroad network. There is renewed interest in the Underground Railroad, exemplified by the new National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati and energized scholarly inquiry. People of the Underground Railroad presents authoritative information gathered from the latest research and established sources, many of them from period publications. Designed for student research and general browsing, in-depth essay entries include further reading. Numerous sidebars complement the entries. A timeline, illustrations, and map help put the profiles into context.

Encyclopedia of the Underground Railroad
Title Encyclopedia of the Underground Railroad PDF eBook
Author J. Blaine Hudson
Publisher McFarland
Pages 318
Release 2006-03-03
Genre History
ISBN 0786424591

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Fugitive slaves were reported in the American colonies as early as the 1640s, and escapes escalated with the growth of slavery over the next two hundred years. As the number of fugitives rose, the Southern states pressed for harsher legislation that they thought would prevent escapes. The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 criminalized any assistance, active or passive, to a runaway slave--yet it only encouraged the behavior it sought to prevent. Friends of the fugitive, whose previous assistance to runaways had been somewhat haphazard, increased their efforts at organization. By the onset of the Civil War in 1861, the Underground Railroad included members, defined stops, set escape routes and a code language. From the abolitionist movement to the Zionville Baptist Missionary Church, this encyclopedia focuses on the people, ideas, events and places associated with the interrelated histories of fugitive slaves, the African American struggle for equality and the American antislavery movement. Information is drawn from primary sources such as public records, document collections, slave autobiographies and antebellum newspapers. Entries contain pointers to related entries and suggestions for further research. Appendices include information such as a geographical listing of selected friends of the fugitive, noted Underground Railroad sites administered by the National Parks Service, a bibliography of slave autobiographies and selected Underground Railroad songs. A chronology of slavery and the Underground Railroad is also included.

The Underground Railroad in Ohio
Title The Underground Railroad in Ohio PDF eBook
Author Kathy Schulz
Publisher Arcadia Publishing
Pages 160
Release 2023-01-09
Genre History
ISBN 1439676879

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Ohio was at the heart of it all. During a dark time in United States history, thousands of freedom seekers traveled the Underground Railroad through Ohio. The Buckeye State hosted about half of all fugitive slave traffic of the antebellum era. A mix of Northern and Southern settlers in the state added drama to a struggle that led to major benefits for the state and the country. Unfortunately, this epic past was obscured by silence and secrecy and then distorted with misinformation and folklore--until now. Author and native Ohioan Kathy Schulz accurately details the development and workings of Ohio's Underground Railroad with true stories of Addison White, John Parker and others.