The Weather by Heather
Title The Weather by Heather PDF eBook
Author Diana Perry
Publisher Biblio Publishing
Release 2015-09-22
ISBN 9781622492879

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eaching weather in a fun to read story for ages 5 to 10 In a library setting, The Weather by Heather is a fun to read fictional Early Reader Level 4 Chapter Book. Mr. Beedy, the local meteorologist, enlists fun ways to teach Heather the science of weather. Kids from 5 to 10 will relate to Heather's dilemma with her hard homework assignment and will laugh at the funny escapades of Mr. Beedy who constantly gets in trouble with the library staff. Among many others, it is recommended by Chief Meteorologist Lonnie Quinn of CBS' The Today Show and The Early Show, and Sandy Whelchel, executive director of the National Writers' Association. This book will definitely get kids to look up at the sky more often.

Weather Watching
Title Weather Watching PDF eBook
Author Heather Hammonds
Pages 24
Release 2002
Genre Meteorology
ISBN 9780170104302

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'Weather Watching' explains how the weather is measured.

Heather's Haven
Title Heather's Haven PDF eBook
Author T.S. McNeil
Publisher eXtasy Books
Pages 93
Release 2023-12-01
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1487440901

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Pop Star Heather Fideler has had enough. After a painful divorce, she decides to spend Christmas, once her best time of year, on a remote island with no Wi-Fi or tabloids where no one knows who she is. The plan is to keep her head down and let the holidays slide by, but not if the locals have anything to say about it.

Heather and the Stormy Birthday
Title Heather and the Stormy Birthday PDF eBook
Author Linda Oatman High
Publisher Astra Publishing House
Pages 65
Release 2023-11-14
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 166267032X

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Get whisked away with Heather Whirl, Weather Girl, and her magical umbrella as she explores extreme weather and climate science in this new STEM chapter book series perfect for young readers ages 6–9. Heather Whirl is fascinated by the weather! With eyes that change color in response to rain or wind or heat, Heather would like nothing more than to be a meteorologist or a climate scientist when she grows up. When Heather turns eight, her eccentric great-grandmother gives her a family heirloom—an umbrella with the power to teleport her to areas experiencing wild weather conditions. Heather’s umbrella has a built-in magical doppler that alerts her to wild weather happening somewhere. In the blink of an eye, Heather travels to the middle of a superstorm! Heather observes and learns about the weather, but also lends a helping hand and documents her adventures with her friend Edward and animal companions Fog the dog and a lizard named Blizzard. Her journal entries, notes from her helpers, definitions, and activities provide additional information for the curious reader.

Robin: The Lovable Morgan Horse
Title Robin: The Lovable Morgan Horse PDF eBook
Author Ellen F. Feld
Publisher Willow Bend Publishing
Pages 175
Release 2021-03-01
Genre Young Adult Fiction
ISBN 0970900252

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Robin, the fourth book in the Morgan Horse series, introduces the character of Karen Greene and her Morgan, the lovable, sweet, and somewhat lazy Robin. Karen is a bit shy, and desperate for friends. When Robin gets a stone bruise and can't be ridden, the inexperienced rider gives in to peer pressure and rides a horse she knows she can't handle. When the horse bolts and Karen is injured, the girl is afraid to ride any horse - including Robin. Her parents decide to move Robin to Gallant Morgans in the hopes that Heather and Blackjack can help Karen overcome her new fears. Meanwhile, when one of the horses from Gallant Morgans is hurt while on a trail ride, the gang is determined to find who is responsible. Karen hopes to help solve the mystery until an unexpected blizzard hits and she is lost in the woods with Robin. Karen will have to depend on the deep bond she has with her Morgan if they are to survive the cold and snow. This story also introduces Robin's sidekick, the adorable gray and white pinto Miniature horse Rerun, and Champ, the small Dachshund puppy with a big attitude.

Daily Weather Maps
Title Daily Weather Maps PDF eBook
Author United States. Environmental Data Service
Pages 430
Release 1995
Genre United States

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The New Sporting Magazine
Title The New Sporting Magazine PDF eBook
Pages 626
Release 1831
Genre Hunting

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