Toward Acceptance
Title Toward Acceptance PDF eBook
Author Vernon A. Wall
Publisher American College Personnel Association Series
Pages 476
Release 2000
Genre Education

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This book is an examination of the complex issues facing gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons on college campuses.

Student Services
Title Student Services PDF eBook
Author John H. Schuh
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 620
Release 2010-10-19
Genre Education
ISBN 0470872152

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Now in its fifth edition, Student Services: A Handbook for the Profession has been hailed as a classic reference in the field. In this important resource, a new cast of student affairs scholars and practitioners examine the changing context of the student experience in higher education, the evolution of the role of student affairs professionals, and the philosophies, ethics, and theories that guide the practice of student affairs work. The fifth edition covers a broad range of relevant topics including historical roots and development of the profession, philosophies and ethical standards, legal issues, theoretical bases of the profession, organizing and managing student affairs programs, and essential competencies: leadership, multiculturalism, supervision, teaching, counseling and helping skills, advising and consultation, conflict resolution, community development, professionalism, and developing institutional partnerships. It also addresses the future of student affairs practice and how it is informed by student learning outcomes and technology. "The painstakingly thorough coverage of topics important to the profession of student affairs makes this handbook a valuable resource to the scholarly and practice communities of the profession." —John M. Braxton, professor, Higher Education Leadership and Policy Program, Peabody College, Vanderbilt University; editor, Journal of College Student Development "Continues three decades of excellence in providing a comprehensive set of resources that provides firm grounding for the higher education student affairs community in all aspects of our profession." —Michael J. Cuyjet, professor, Department of Educational and Counseling Psychology, University of Louisville "Casts an impressively wide net, thoroughly capturing critical topics and offering a deeply nuanced and technical, yet readily accessible narrative trajectory and study of student affairs in higher education." —Theresa A. Powell, vice president for student affairs, Temple University

Addressing Homophobia and Heterosexism on College Campuses
Title Addressing Homophobia and Heterosexism on College Campuses PDF eBook
Author Elizabeth Cramer
Publisher Routledge
Pages 286
Release 2014-03-05
Genre Education
ISBN 1317823281

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This book presents an integrated approach toward changing attitudes about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) students, faculty, and staff on contemporary college campuses. From Addressing Homophobia and Heterosexism on College Campuses you can learn specific classroom techniques for handling homophobia and heterosexism in the classroom. This book tackles a wide variety of subjects including academic freedom, diversity training, nontraditional families, and religion, each of which plays an integral part in the sense of community found on any college campus. Addressing Homophobia and Heterosexism on College Campuses provides you with the basic tools to set up sensible programs that have worked for others in the past and can work for you in the future! In Addressing Homophobia and Heterosexism on College Campuses you'll also find: a list of helpful feature films and documentaries case studies from the US, Canada, and Australia methods to combat homophobia and heterosexism among social work students practical ways to set up Safe Zone or Allies programs techniques for reducing “trans-anxieties” lectures and role-playing games geared toward changing thoughts and live

Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Identities and Youth
Title Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Identities and Youth PDF eBook
Author Anthony R. D'Augelli
Publisher Oxford University Press
Pages 305
Release 2001-05-03
Genre Psychology
ISBN 0195353188

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Changes in biological processes, relationships, and community interactions influence the emergence of sexuality in all young people. The process is more complex and difficult for lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) teenagers. Fortunately, the cultural changes that have allowed LGB youths to become more open about themselves at earlier ages have also allowed social and behavioral scientists the opportunity to study them. The essays in this volume explore the psychological dimensions of LGB identities from puberty to adulthood. The essays focus on three general areas: theoretical frameworks that are important in understanding the development of sexual orientation in adolescence, challenges faced by LGB youth, and issues related to interventions and services for LGB youths in community settings. This volume presents authoritative, research-based reviews of this ever-increasing area of study and social concern.

Developing Social Justice Allies
Title Developing Social Justice Allies PDF eBook
Author Robert D. Reason
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 139
Release 2011-10-04
Genre Education
ISBN 1118208870

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The fiftieth anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education decision (1954) called us as student affairs professionals to reconsider and reaffirm our commitment to social justice. This issue is a call to action to student affairs professionals who are working as social justice allies, those with a commitment to make their college campuses a place where all community members are respected, validated, and fostered in developing their full potential. This issue encourages the development of ally attitudes and action in both students and student affairs colleagues. It first presents the conceptual foundation for social justice ally development and then covers in depth the strategies for the development of social justice behaviors in specific dominant group members. In each case, we have intentionally enlisted voices of authors who identify with the dominant and target groups on which the chapter focuses. This is the 110th volume of the Jossey-Bass higher education quarterly report series New Directions for Student Services. An indispensable resource for vice presidents of student affairs, deans of students, student counselors, and other student services professionals, New Directions for Student Services offers guidelines and programs for aiding students in their total development: emotional, social, physical, and intellectual.

Academic Advising
Title Academic Advising PDF eBook
Author Virginia N. Gordon
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 608
Release 2011-01-13
Genre Education
ISBN 9781118045510

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One of the challenges in higher education is helping students to achieve academic success while ensuring their personal and vocational needs are fulfilled. In this updated edition more than thirty experts offer their knowledge in what has become the most comprehensive, classic reference on academic advising. They explore the critical aspects of academic advising and provide insights for full-time advisors, counselors, and those who oversee student advising or have daily contact with advisors and students. New chapters on advising administration and collaboration with other campus services A new section on perspectives on advising including those of CEOs, CAOs (chief academic officers), and CSAOs (chief student affairs officers) More emphasis on two-year colleges and the importance of research to the future of academic advising New case studies demonstrate how advising practices have been put to use.

Multiculturalism on Campus
Title Multiculturalism on Campus PDF eBook
Author Michael J. Cuyjet
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Pages 403
Release 2023-07-03
Genre Education
ISBN 1000981290

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The first edition of this book constituted a comprehensive resource for students of higher education, faculty, higher education administrators and student affairs leaders engaging with multiculturalism and diverse populations on college campuses. It was one of the first texts to gather in a single volume the related theories, assessment methods, and environmental and application issues pertinent to the study and practice of multiculturalism, while also offering approaches to enhancing multicultural programming and culturally diverse campus environments. This second edition retains the structure and vision of the first, introducing readers to the key theories and models for understanding the complexity of the students they serve, and for reflecting on their own values and motivations. It provides an array of case studies, discussion questions, examples of best practice, and recommendations about resources for use in the classroom. This edition includes a new chapter on intersectionality, updates several chapters, presents a number of new cultural frameworks and updated best practices for creating an inclusive environment for marginalized groups, and expands the third section of the book on cultural competent practice.