Trained to Please
Title Trained to Please PDF eBook
Author Stevie Weber
Release 2021-01-04
ISBN 9781644562017

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This is the story of my chipped and broken childhood which would lay the foundation for the woman I would one day become. Thirty-five years have passed since my earliest memories, some distorted by fear others engraved in stark relief with no sense of distance between now and then, but all buried somewhere in memory that even now, as an adult, I cannot escape from. This is my beginning, but it was not my end.

American Childhood
Title American Childhood PDF eBook
Pages 692
Release 1957
Genre Child development

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Includes music (mostly songs with piano accompaniment).

Sound Advice
Title Sound Advice PDF eBook
Author Jean Ashworth Bartle
Publisher Oxford University Press
Pages 288
Release 2003-03-06
Genre Music
ISBN 019803248X

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Sound Advice is a valuable resource for college students, beginning teachers, and experienced conductors of children's choirs. It covers the vast array of skills needed by today's conductor and will benefit all choir directors who want their choirs to reach a higher level of artistry. This book will be useful on many levels: for the college student studying the child voice and elementary teaching methods; for the teacher beginning to direct choirs in schools, synagogues, churches and communities; for experienced children's choir directors who wish to know more about orchestral repertoire for treble voices, conducting an orchestra, and preparing a children's choir to sing a major work with a professional orchestra. The underlying educational philosophy is sound; the author sees development of musicianship through singing as the primary goal of a children's choir program. This philosophy differs dramatically from the traditional concept of the conductor as all-knowing and the singers as receptacles. An outstanding aspect of the book is how the author leads the reader to an understanding of how to teach musicianship. Developing literacy in the choral setting is a mysterious, amorphous process to many conductors, but the author clearly outlines this important process with practical suggestions, well-documented examples, and a clear reading style which will reach readers on many levels. The comprehensive repertoire, skill-building sheets, and programs for all types of children's choirs will provide teachers with immediate and highly valuable resources.

Leaving Sarah
Title Leaving Sarah PDF eBook
Author June Mendez
Publisher Notion Press
Pages 312
Release 2017-06-20
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1947283871

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The fading lights of the departing train force Josephine Trent out of the shadows… She could barely stifle the scream that rose to her throat as waves of self-loathing, relief and pain threatened to smother her. Her actions leave her in a state of shock and disbelief, as the image of her baby being snatched out of her hands manifested itself before her eyes. This desperate step sets off a chain of events that would plunge their lives into an abyss so dark that the annihilation of two beautiful souls was inevitable.

All Around the Neighborhood, Grades PK - K
Title All Around the Neighborhood, Grades PK - K PDF eBook
Author Debra Olson Pressnall
Publisher Key Education Publishing
Pages 177
Release 2008-12-19
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 1602680361

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ThereÕs a huge world for students in pre-kindergartenÐkindergarten to explore, and All Around the Neighborhood provides the perfect place for them to start. Teachers use the reproducible building fronts and vehicles to create a familiar neighborhood setting, then let students' imaginations do the rest. Students add buildings from their own homes to fire stations to construction sites. This 176-page book teaches social awareness in conjunction with a variety of concepts and vocabulary words that draw upon students' interests. It includes 10 mini-books, 7 file-folder games, more than 60 reproducible patterns, more than 80 literature links, and a wealth of cross-curricular activities that reinforce each new concept. The book supports NCSS and NAEYC standards. Key Education products are intended to engage and educate young and special learners, as well as assist teachers in building a strong and developmentally appropriate curriculum for these children. The product lineÑcomprised of teacher/parent resource books, photographic learning cards, and other activity- and game-oriented materialsÑis designed to assist in ÒUnlocking the Potential in Every Child.Ó

Training and Conditioning Young Athletes
Title Training and Conditioning Young Athletes PDF eBook
Author Tudor O. Bompa
Publisher Human Kinetics
Pages 305
Release 2022-12-12
Genre Physical fitness for children
ISBN 1718216149

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Training and Conditioning Young Athletes, Second Edition, is the authoritative guide for maximizing athletic development through proven programming and more than 200 of the most effective exercises to increase strength, power, speed, agility, flexibility, and endurance

Run For The Money
Title Run For The Money PDF eBook
Author Eric Beetner
Publisher Blasted Heath Ltd
Pages 132
Release 2016-04-04
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1908688823

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Standing between Bo and Slick and $642,000 from the bank job: Prison. A hurricane. A horny cop. A naked priest. An angry cab driver. Two wanna-be criminals. A speeding train. A hot soldering iron. A peeping tom. A fed-up girl. A gun dealer. A homeless lady. An empty shotgun. A girlfriend with other plans. One pissed-off mom. Two pissed-off drug dealers. A bitchy landlord. And 48 crazy hours. When this is all over, they’ll either be rich, in prison or dead. Eric Beetner is the author of Rumrunners, Nine Toes In The Grave, The Year I Died Seven Times and many more.