Voice of the Voiceless

Voice of the Voiceless
Title Voice of the Voiceless PDF eBook
Author Oscar Romero
Pages 240
Release 2020
Genre Religion
ISBN 9781626983625

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"Official pastoral letters and other speeches by Oscar Romero, the martyred archbishop of San Salvador"--

Voices of the Voiceless

Voices of the Voiceless
Title Voices of the Voiceless PDF eBook
Author Michelle Tooley
Publisher Herald Press (VA)
Pages 240
Release 1997
Genre Political Science

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The book tells the stories of such women as Myrna Mack Chang, murdered by Guatemalan security forces, and Rigoberta Menchu, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Animal Hero Kids

Animal Hero Kids
Title Animal Hero Kids PDF eBook
Author Susan Hargreaves
Pages 298
Release 2014-11-07
Genre Animal rescue
ISBN 9780615995229

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Animal Hero Kids are effective voices for the voiceless, a fact discovered by 34 year veteran animal activist, wildlife rehabilitator, humane educator, author, Animal Hero Kids inc. founder, Susan Hargreaves. Her heartwarming stories of children and teens going above and beyond to help animals in need are astounding. This practical guidebook inspires and empowers animal protectors of all ages with the practical tools to be heroes to all species of animals. Animal Hero Tips are contributed by famous animal advocates including Sir Paul McCartney, Russell Simmons, Joaquin Phoenix, Jessica Chastain, Ricky Williams, Jorja Fox, Jane Goodall, Ingrid Newkirk, Simone Reyes, and Captain Paul Watson. Activity ideas, lesson plans and practical steps to help animals are included. A short story of Super Hero "Saoirse" concludes the book. Profits from the book go to Animal Hero Kids Inc. Kindness programs. to prevent animal cruelty. Buy a Book, Fund Kind. AnimalHeroKids.org

Giving Voice

Giving Voice
Title Giving Voice PDF eBook
Author Meryl Alper
Publisher MIT Press
Pages 288
Release 2017-01-20
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 0262035588

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How communication technologies meant to empower people with speech disorders—to give voice to the voiceless—are still subject to disempowering structural inequalities. Mobile technologies are often hailed as a way to “give voice to the voiceless.” Behind the praise, though, are beliefs about technology as a gateway to opportunity and voice as a metaphor for agency and self-representation. In Giving Voice, Meryl Alper explores these assumptions by looking closely at one such case—the use of the Apple iPad and mobile app Proloquo2Go, which converts icons and text into synthetic speech, by children with disabilities (including autism and cerebral palsy) and their families. She finds that despite claims to empowerment, the hardware and software are still subject to disempowering structural inequalities. Views of technology as a great equalizer, she illustrates, rarely account for all the ways that culture, law, policy, and even technology itself can reinforce disparity, particularly for those with disabilities. Alper explores, among other things, alternative understandings of voice, the surprising sociotechnical importance of the iPad case, and convergences and divergences in the lives of parents across class. She shows that working-class and low-income parents understand the app and other communication technologies differently from upper- and middle-class parents, and that the institutional ecosystem reflects a bias toward those more privileged. Handing someone a talking tablet computer does not in itself give that person a voice. Alper finds that the ability to mobilize social, economic, and cultural capital shapes the extent to which individuals can not only speak but be heard.

Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

Giving a Voice to the Voiceless
Title Giving a Voice to the Voiceless PDF eBook
Author Christopher Yuan
Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers
Pages 198
Release 2016-04-11
Genre Religion
ISBN 1498289266

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The problem this project addresses is the sense of marginalization experienced by lesbian, gay, bisexual (LGB) and same-sex attracted (SSA) Christian college and university students. Data was collected via an online questionnaire and the study design mixed methods with an emphasis on the qualitative data. The study sample included eighty students/alumni from thirty-two Christian colleges/universities. Generally, respondents felt lonely, hid their sexuality, and reported a negative campus climate. Recommendations from respondents include: institutional policies must be clearer and applied consistently, improve campus climate, and form support groups for LGB and SSA students.

The Voices We Carry

The Voices We Carry
Title The Voices We Carry PDF eBook
Author J. S. Park
Publisher Moody Publishers
Pages 282
Release 2020-05-05
Genre Religion
ISBN 0802498817

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Reclaim Your Headspace and Find Your One True Voice As a hospital chaplain, J.S. Park encountered hundreds of patients at the edge of life and death, listening as they urgently shared their stories, confessions, and final words. J.S. began to identify patterns in his patients’ lives—patterns he also saw in his own life. He began to see that the events and traumas we experience throughout life become deafening voices that remain within us, even when the events are far in the past. He was surprised to find that in hearing the voices of his patients, he began to identify his own voices and all the ways they could both harm and heal. In The Voices We Carry, J.S. draws from his experiences as a hospital chaplain to present the Voices Model. This model explores the four internal voices of self-doubt, pride, people-pleasing, and judgment, and the four external voices of trauma, guilt, grief, and family dynamics. He also draws from his Asian-American upbringing to examine the challenges of identity and feeling “other.” J.S. outlines how to wrestle with our voices, and even befriend them, how to find our authentic voice in a world of mixed messages, and how to empower those who are voiceless. Filled with evidence-based research, spiritual and psychological insights, and stories of patient encounters, The Voices We Carry is an inspiring memoir of unexpected growth, humor, and what matters most. For those wading through a world of clamor and noise, this is a guide to find your clear, steady voice.

Voice Quality

Voice Quality
Title Voice Quality PDF eBook
Author John H. Esling
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Pages 327
Release 2019-06-20
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 1108498426

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Offers a new model of vocal tract articulation that explains laryngeal and oral voice quality, both auditorily and visually, through language examples and familiar voices.