What the Best College Teachers Do
Title What the Best College Teachers Do PDF eBook
Author Ken Bain
Publisher Harvard University Press
Pages 224
Release 2011-09-01
Genre Education
ISBN 0674065549

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Winner of the Virginia and Warren Stone Prize awarded annually by Harvard University Press for an outstanding book on education and society What makes a great teacher great? Who are the professors students remember long after graduation? This book, the conclusion of a fifteen-year study of nearly one hundred college teachers in a wide variety of fields and universities, offers valuable answers for all educators. The short answer is—it's not what teachers do, it's what they understand. Lesson plans and lecture notes matter less than the special way teachers comprehend the subject and value human learning. Whether historians or physicists, in El Paso or St. Paul, the best teachers know their subjects inside and out—but they also know how to engage and challenge students and to provoke impassioned responses. Most of all, they believe two things fervently: that teaching matters and that students can learn.

What the Best Law Teachers Do
Title What the Best Law Teachers Do PDF eBook
Author Michael Hunter Schwartz
Publisher Harvard University Press
Pages 368
Release 2013-08-20
Genre Law
ISBN 0674728149

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This pioneering book is the first to identify the methods, strategies, and personal traits of law professors whose students achieve exceptional learning. Modeling good behavior through clear, exacting standards and meticulous preparation, these instructors know that little things also count--starting on time, learning names, responding to emails.

College Teaching at Its Best
Title College Teaching at Its Best PDF eBook
Author Chris Palmer
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Pages 248
Release 2019-05-10
Genre Education
ISBN 1475832818

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This book is a practical guide for professors who are interested in being more effective teachers.

Transforming History
Title Transforming History PDF eBook
Author Mary Jo Festle
Publisher University of Wisconsin Press
Pages 305
Release 2020-04-14
Genre History
ISBN 0299326802

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Teaching history well is not just a matter of knowing history—it is a set of skills that can be developed and honed through practice. In this theoretically informed but eminently practical volume, Mary Jo Festle examines the recent explosion of research on the teaching and learning of history. Illuminated by her own work, Festle applies the concept of "backward design" as an organizing framework to the history classroom. She provides concrete strategies for setting up an environment that is inclusive and welcoming but still challenging and engaging. Instructors will improve their own conceptual understandings of teaching and learning issues, as well as receive guidance on designing courses and implementing pedagogies consistent with what research tells us about how students learn. The book offers practical illustrations of assignments, goals, questions, grading rubrics, unit plans, and formats for peer observation that are adaptable for courses on any subject and of any size. Transforming History is a critical guide for higher and secondary education faculty—neophytes and longtime professionals alike—working to improve student learning.

Title Unforgettable PDF eBook
Author W. Michael Gray
Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers
Pages 302
Release 2016-10-12
Genre Religion
ISBN 1532600135

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We have an uneasy relationship with the relentless deluge of information gushing out of academia and our media outlets. To turn it off is escapist, but to attempt to cognitively grapple with it is overwhelming. In Unforgettable: Enabling Deep and Durable Learning, a nationally recognized master teacher gives professors and their students the means to chart a clear path through this information explosion. Humans crave explanatory patterns, and this book enables teachers to think deeply about their academic disciplines to find and articulate their core explanatory principles and to engage their students in a compelling way of thinking. An alternative title for this book could be Why the Best College Teachers Do What They Do because the author articulates a compelling rationale that will equip faculty to create and deliver transformative courses. Students in transformative courses grapple with essential questions and gain mental muscle that equips them for real world challenges.

The Art and Craft of College Teaching
Title The Art and Craft of College Teaching PDF eBook
Author Robert Rotenberg
Publisher Routledge
Pages 400
Release 2016-06-16
Genre Education
ISBN 1315419009

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The second edition of Rotenberg’s popular guide to college teaching includes additional material on teaching in a digital environment, universal design, and teaching diverse students. As in the first edition, the book provides a hands-on, quick-start guide to the complexities of the college classroom for instructors in their first five years of teaching independently. The chapters survey the existing literature on how to effectively teach young adults, offering specific solutions to the most commonly faced classroom dilemmas. The author, a former department chair and award-winning instructor, encourages the new teacher to support their students as individual learners who are engaged in a program of study beyond their individual class. A focus on the choices made during the design of the course helps the instructor coordinate their class with a department or college curriculum. An extensive discussion of the relationship between classroom design and class size, as well as tips of assessment and grading, enable the new instructor to better handle the challenges of contemporary college classrooms.

Craft of University Teaching
Title Craft of University Teaching PDF eBook
Author Peter Lindsay
Publisher University of Toronto Press
Pages 195
Release 2018-01-01
Genre Education
ISBN 1487503237

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What does university teaching - as a craft - look like? What changes does a craft perspective suggest for higher education? The Craft of University Teaching addresses these questions in both a general sense - What does the act of teaching become when treated as a craft? What changes to a professor's educational philosophy does it require? - and with respect to the practical, everyday tasks of university professors, such as the use and misuse of technology, the handling of academic dishonesty, the assignment of course reading, and the instilling of enthusiasm for learning. Intended for professors of all academic disciplines who either enjoy teaching or wish to enjoy it more, The Craft of University Teaching is a provocative and accessible book containing practical advice gleaned from the academic literature on pedagogy. In an era of increased bureaucratic oversight, rapidly diminishing budgets, and waves of technological distraction, The Craft of University Teaching provokes reflection on matters of pedagogy that are too often taken as settled. In so doing, it seeks to reclaim teaching as the intellectually vibrant and intrinsically rewarding endeavor that it is.