Where Oliver Fits

Where Oliver Fits
Title Where Oliver Fits PDF eBook
Author Cale Atkinson
Publisher Tundra Books
Pages 43
Release 2017-09-05
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 1101919086

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Oliver has always dreamed about where he will fit. Will he be in the mane of a unicorn? The tentacle of a pirate squid? The helmet of an astronaut? When he finally goes in search of his perfect place, he finds that trying to fit in is a lot harder than he thought. But like any puzzle, a little trial and error leads to a solution, and Oliver figures out exactly where he belongs. Where Oliver Fits is a sweet and funny story that explores all the highs and lows of learning to be yourself and shows that fitting in isn't always the best fit.


Title Oliver PDF eBook
Author Birgitta Sif
Publisher Candlewick Press
Pages 33
Release 2012-10-09
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 076366247X

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When Oliver's tennis ball rolls across his lawn into the yard of the girl next door, he realizes that his stuffed animals might not be companionship enough.

Oliver All Alone

Oliver All Alone
Title Oliver All Alone PDF eBook
Author Christine Harris
Publisher Dutton Juvenile
Pages 32
Release 1994
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction

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Oliver the puppy is left home all alone on Christmas Eve and hears all kinds of suspicious and scary noises.


Title Adam-2 PDF eBook
Author Alastair Chisholm
Publisher Nosy Crow
Pages 229
Release 2021-08-05
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 1788006119

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With incredible twists and turns and an action-packed story, this is a thrilling, unputdownable adventure. The robot Adam-2 has been locked in the basement of a lost building for over two hundred years - until one day he is discovered by two children, and emerges into a world ruined by a civil war between humans and advanced intelligence. Hunted by both sides, Adam discovers that he holds the key to the war, and the power to end it - to destroy one side and save the other. But which side is right? Surrounded by enemies who want to use him, and allies who mistrust him, Adam must decide who - and what - he really is. From the author of the highly-acclaimed Orion Lost, Adam-2 is an exciting and hugely gripping science fiction thriller - perfect for fans of Eoin Colfer, Anthony Horowitz, and Philip Reeve. "Brilliant - one of the best middle grade books I've read this year ... Action, tension, a marvellous mix of characters, and incredibly thought-provoking while being huge fun to read. What more could you want?" - Jennifer Killick, author of Crater Lake

Sir Simon: Super Scarer

Sir Simon: Super Scarer
Title Sir Simon: Super Scarer PDF eBook
Author Cale Atkinson
Publisher Tundra Books
Pages 60
Release 2018-09-04
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 1101919108

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A delightful, funny story of friendship, ghost chores, a spooky house and a professional haunter. Meet Sir Simon, Super Scarer. He's a professional ghost who has been transferred to his first house. And just in time! He was getting tired of haunting bus stops and forests and potatoes. And to top it off, this house is occupied by an old lady -- they're the easiest to haunt! But things don't go as planned when it turns out a KID comes with this old lady. Chester spots Simon immediately and peppers him with questions. Simon is exasperated. . . until he realizes he can trick Chester into doing his ghost chores. Spooky sounds, footsteps in the attic, creaks on the stairs -- these things don't happen on their own, you know! After a long night of haunting, it seems that maybe Chester isn't cut out to be a ghost, so Simon decides to help with Chester's human chores. Turns out Simon isn't cut out for human chores either. But maybe they're both cut out to be friends . . .

Oliver and his Egg

Oliver and his Egg
Title Oliver and his Egg PDF eBook
Author Paul Schmid
Publisher Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Pages 40
Release 2015-08-04
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 1484745434

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Read along with Hyperion! In this follow-up to Oliver and his Alligator, Oliver spots a rock on the playground. But it's not just any rock???he's sure it's a dinosaur egg. And once it hatches, he has the best new friend he could ask for. They sail to a deserted island and even launch into outer space. But as great as it is to travel with his dinosaur alone, something is missing....Follow along with word-for-word narration as Oliver realizes that it is even more fun when all of his friends bring their imaginations along for the ride!

A Is for Aspen

A Is for Aspen
Title A Is for Aspen PDF eBook
Author Maria Kernahan
Publisher Alphabet Cities
Pages 56
Release 2011-08
Genre Family & Relationships
ISBN 9780985642907

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A perfect keepsake for any local or visitor, A Is for Aspen is a charming picture book that explores the town of Aspen, Colorado, through short, sweet rhymes. Clean, graphic illustrations explore this iconic town with interesting tidbits, locals' customs, and a few tucked-away animals.