You Can't Win
Title You Can't Win PDF eBook
Author Jack Black
Publisher Courier Dover Publications
Pages 320
Release 2018-10-17
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 0486835413

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"A superb piece of autobiography." — Carl Sandburg. A major influence on William S. Burroughs and other Beat writers, this memoir by a drifter and small-time criminal recaptures a hobo world of hopping trains, burglaries, prison, and drug addiction.

You Can't Win
Title You Can't Win PDF eBook
Author Barbara Zajak with Howard Burman
Publisher iUniverse
Pages 160
Release 2010-01-29
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1450204503

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You Can’t Win is the true story of one woman’s courageous battle with a debilitating addiction and the forces that wanted to keep her dependent on gambling. Born of a desperate need to please her mother and to escape an abusive father and brother, she becomes addicted first to Bingo and then to slot machines. She slowly slips into a life of lies, self-deception, and despair and finds herself on the verge of losing everything, including her family and ultimately her life. When she attempts to pull herself out of the spiral of depression and defeat, she is beaten back through a blatant disregard of the law by the powerful Detroit casinos. She comes to learn that the influence of casino profits on the political system is overwhelming and that the economic interests of the state far outweigh the social costs. In the end, she can’t win on the slots, but with the love and support of her husband, she can put a broken life back together

You Can't Win a Race With Your Mouth
Title You Can't Win a Race With Your Mouth PDF eBook
Author Howard A. Tullman
Pages 496
Release 2019-04-01
Genre Business & Economics

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300 straightforward, plain-spoken principles which are crucial to the successful launching and development of a new start-up today in almost any technology-driven marketplace. Tullman's 50 years of valuable and profitable experience relating to new business development, technology, people, products and services, customer satisfaction and just about everything else there is to the art of being a serial entrepreneur are the powerful foundation for a different kind of how-to book based on actual client and customer projects, programs and solutions written frankly by someone who has done it over and over again.

You Can’t Win Anything With Kids
Title You Can’t Win Anything With Kids PDF eBook
Author Gavin Newsham
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Pages 241
Release 2017-07-27
Genre Reference
ISBN 1472946928

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For this unique gift title, the history of the Premier League is told through the words and quotations of its players, managers, their contemporaries and the media. This is the English Premier League in the words of the people who helped shape it into the world's most exciting league competition. From Alan Hansen's infamous “You can't win anything with kids” and Roy Keane's “prawn sandwich” rant to Kevin Keegan's “I will love it if we beat them...” meltdown and Sir Alex Ferguson's famous “[It's] squeaky bum time”, this beautifully packaged book captures the highs and lows as well the fun and theatre of 24 seasons of the Premier League. Branded by the National Football Museum, the world's leading football museum, the oral history approach makes for a fun and accessible book, telling the story of all of the important Premier League moments – as well as the outcome of each of the seasons – in a unique and absorbing way.

Can't Win This War
Title Can't Win This War PDF eBook
Author Moshood Adebayo
Pages 314
ISBN 0359116760

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You Can’t Beat the Issues
Title You Can’t Beat the Issues PDF eBook
Author William Lenderking
Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Pages 230
Release 2014-01-31
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1493101528

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In this conversation with oral historian Charles Stuart Kennedy, Bill Lenderking discusses his long and sometimes contentious diplomatic career, from Castro’s Cuba to post-9/11. A Foreign Service officer with the United States Information Agency, Lenderking also served with the Department of State in United Nations, Political-Military, and East Asian/Pacific affairs.

An Inconvenient DEADline
Title An Inconvenient DEADline PDF eBook
Author Gerald Rogo
Pages 478
ISBN 0557531039

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