A Distant Prayer
Title A Distant Prayer PDF eBook
Author Joseph Banks
Pages 0
Release 2001
Genre B-17 bomber
ISBN 9781577349051

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Books Out Loud
Title Books Out Loud PDF eBook
Pages 3214
Release 2007
Genre Audiobooks

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Battle of Altars
Title Battle of Altars PDF eBook
Author Francis Myles
Pages 240
Release 2020-10-28
ISBN 9781732785953

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Battles of Altars: Spiritual Technology for Divine Encounters...is another Blockbuster book from Dr. Francis Myles in the order of his bestselling book, Issuing Divine Restraining Orders from the Courts of Heaven! It contains power-packed revelation and prayers of activation that will unravel the ancient mystery behind the biblical subject of altars and how they affect us on a daily basis. This book will show you that all spiritual warfare comes down to the battle between righteous and evil altars in your soul or bloodline. In his usual, prolific apostolic writing style, Francis Myles will usher you into the world of altars. You will come to appreciate why God or Satan can never use a man or woman without first raising an altar.Inside the pages of Battles of Altars: ...you will learn: -Why all spiritual warfare in the Bible, your life or country comes down to the battle between righteous and evil altars!-How to identify evil altars that are operating in your soul or generational bloodline and destroy them.-How to overthrow the evil altars of your father's house (bloodline)!-How to take evil altars into the Courts of Heaven and successfully prosecute them in Jesus name-About the spiritual connection between the Law of Dominion and the platform of Altars!-About the 12 spiritual laws that govern both righteous and evil altars -Why the Altar of the Cross of Christ is the Highest Altar on Earth!-How to recognize when the platform of a political party has become an evil altar for launching Satan's influence over a generation-How to appropriate in your prayer time, the spiritual significance of righteous altars erected by men of God in the Bible, such as Noah, Abraham and so forth!-How to PROTECT your children from satanic influence generated by Music from evil altars.-Plus much more!

The Three Waves of Volunteers & the New Earth
Title The Three Waves of Volunteers & the New Earth PDF eBook
Author Dolores Cannon
Publisher Ozark Mountain Publishing
Pages 618
Genre Body, Mind & Spirit

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In 1945 when the atomic bombs were dropped in WWII, our "protectors" and "watchers" in outer space saw that Earth was on a collision course with disaster. The prime directive of non-interference prevented them from taking any action, but then they came up with a brilliant plan to save Earth and assist her in her ascension. They couldn't interfere from the "outside", but maybe they could influence from the "inside". So the call went out for volunteers to come and help. "Earth is in trouble - who wants to volunteer?" The native souls living on Earth were too caught up on the wheel of karma. The only hope was to ask for pure souls to come who had never been trapped on the karmic cycle. Dolores in her hypnosis work has discovered three waves of these volunteers. Some have come direct from the "Source" and have never lived in any type of physical body before. Others have lived as space beings on other planets or other dimensions. Because all memory is erased upon entry to the Earth dimension, they do not remember their assignment. Thus these beautiful souls have a difficult time adjusting to our chaotic world. These souls have a vital role to play as they help all of the rest of us ascend to the New Earth. * Characteristics of the Three Waves of Volunteers * The Difficulties being Experienced by First-Timers * How the Shift is affecting the Physical Body * The Roles of ETs and Light Beings in the Shift * Keepers of the Grid * The Separation of the Old and New Earth * What is the New Earth? * What is the Significance of 2012?