A Stone in My Hand
Title A Stone in My Hand PDF eBook
Author Cathryn Clinton
Publisher Candlewick Press
Pages 208
Release 2011-08-09
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 0763656399

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The year is 1988 in Gaza City, and it has been a month since eleven-year-old Malaak’s father left to seek work in Israel, only to disappear. Every day Malaak climbs to the roof and waits, speaking little to anyone, preferring the company of the little bird she has tamed. But her twelve-year-old brother, Hamid, has a different way of coping. He feels only anger, stoked by extremists who say violence is the only way to change their fate. Malaak’s mother begs him to stay away from harm, but Malaak lives in fear of losing her brother as well. What will it take for her to find her voice—and the strength to move past the violence that surrounds her?

The Materiality of Stone
Title The Materiality of Stone PDF eBook
Author Christopher Tilley
Publisher Routledge
Pages 242
Release 2020-06-03
Genre Social Science
ISBN 100018191X

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With Wayne Bennett From the silky wax qualities of the surfaces of some quartz menhirs to the wood-grain textures of others, to the golden honeycombed limestones of Malta, to the icy frozen waves of the Cambrian sandstone of south-east Sweden, this book investigates the sensuous material qualities of stone. Tactile sensations, sonorous qualities, colour, and visual impressions are all shown to play a vital part in our understanding of the power and significance of prehistoric monuments in relation to their landscapes. In The Materiality of Stone, Christopher Tilley presents a radically new way of analyzing the significance of both 'cultural' and 'natural' stone in prehistoric European landscapes. Tilley's groundbreaking approach is to interpret human experience in a multidimensional and sensuous human way, rather than through an abstract analytical gaze. The studies range widely from the menhirs of prehistoric Brittany to Maltese Neolithic temples to Bronze Age rock carvings and cairns in southern Sweden. Tilley leaves no stone unturned as he also considers how the internal spaces and landscape settings are interpreted in relation to artifacts, substances, and related places that were deeply meaningful to the people who inhabited them and remain no less evocative today. In its innovative approach to understanding human experience through the tangible rocks and stone of our past, The Materiality of Stone is both a major theoretical and substantive contribution to the field of material culture studies and the study of European prehistory.

The Nature of Human Action
Title The Nature of Human Action PDF eBook
Author Myles Brand
Pages 360
Release 1970
Genre Act (Philosophy).

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Lehota and the Green Spell_Soft Cover
Title Lehota and the Green Spell_Soft Cover PDF eBook
Author Kalman Lehoczky
Publisher Lulu.com
Pages 634
Release 2012-07
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1300004223

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I regard this book as a duty to honor my grandfather, Andras Lehoczky's memory. My intention is to present the Legend telling how my ancestor witnessed one of the most fundamental turn of the Human history: Genghis Khan's vast Mongol empire's rise and decline, the Muslim world's crisis and beginning of the still ongoing expansion as well as crumbling of the Roman Church's crusade and political superiority. The stage is Central & Eastern European Region and the Near East at the time of the crusades.

Gothic Tales
Title Gothic Tales PDF eBook
Author Arthur Conan Doyle
Publisher Oxford University Press
Pages 590
Release 2016
Genre Gothic fiction (Literary genre), English
ISBN 0198734298

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'There was a rumour, too, that he was a devil-worshipper, or something of that sort, and also that he had the evil eye...' Arthur Conan Doyle was the greatest genre writer Britain has ever produced. Throughout a long writing career, he drew on his own medical background, his travels, and his increasing interest in spiritualism and the occult to produce a spectacular array of Gothic stories. Many of Doyle's writings are recognized as the very greatest tales of terror. They range from hauntings in the polar wasteland to evil surgeons and malevolent jungle landscapes. This collection brings together over thirty of Conan Doyle's best "Gothic Tales," in a scholarly edition for the first time. Darryl Jones's introduction discusses the contradictions in Conan Doyle's very public life - as a medical doctor who became obsessed with the spirit world, or a British imperialist drawn to support Irish Home Rule - and shows the ways in which these found articulation in that most anxious of all literary forms, the Gothic.

Forged in Fire
Title Forged in Fire PDF eBook
Author Edgar French, Jr.
Publisher Dorrance Publishing
Pages 566
Release 2021-12-09
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1646105818

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Forged in Fire: A Testimony in Fact or Fiction? The Search for the Narrow Road, Vol. I By: Edgar French, Jr. Take an adventurous and exciting ride with an auspicious and audacious inner-city youth while unlocking the secrets of the universe, and traversing the hazardous pitfalls of society's nomenclature and political correctness. This story gives the reader an intense and highly emotional glimpse behind the hidden veil of different realities dividing the dimension between this reality and the realm of Angels, Demons, and Giants. The protagonist unwittingly uncovers secret evil plans hatched by a breakaway civilization to conceal Secret Life Extension Technology from mankind, and to kill 99.9% of the population, alongside the planet as a whole. Through hardships and pitfalls, our young hero learns how to prevent the inevitable destruction of mankind.

Na Shawa
Title Na Shawa PDF eBook
Author J P Ronan
Publisher J P Ronan
Pages 290
Release 2018-11-27
Genre Fiction

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Time in early America when the Indian Nations lived undisturbed by European intervention comes alive. A great lake fixes an assortment of native traditions and cultures. Forested hills, open grassy meadows, green river valleys and rocky mountain retreats bound this great body of water. These natural boundaries form the secluded homelands of neighboring tribes that circumvent the perimeter of a large lake. The rite of passage into manhood of a young Indian is followed. The saga of a boy becoming a warrior unfolds in a series of adventurous episodes. The ensuing encounters reveal the variety of spiritual beliefs, living standards and tribal practices among the first nations. The young hero is led upon a journey directed by the foretelling from the spirit world. An assortment of native characters appears to reveal the details of life passing long ago in the wilderness. The fullness of living free in the woods and forests of America is shared. The reader fully participates through transportation into primitive rustic American existence.