Aesthetic Theory
Title Aesthetic Theory PDF eBook
Author Theodor W. Adorno Adorno
Publisher U of Minnesota Press
Pages 710
Release 2020-06-09
Genre Philosophy
ISBN 1452965676

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Perhaps the most important aesthetics of the twentieth century appears here newly translated, in English that is for the first time faithful to the intricately demanding language of the original German. The culmination of a lifetime of aesthetic investigation, Aesthetic Theory is Adorno’s major work, a defense of modernism that is paradoxical in its defense of illusion. In it, Adorno takes up the problem of art in a day when “it goes without saying that nothing concerning art goes without saying.” In the course of his discussion, Adorno revisits such concepts as the sublime, the ugly, and the beautiful, demonstrating that concepts such as these are reservoirs of human experience. These experiences ultimately underlie aesthetics, for in Adorno’s formulation “art is the sedimented history of human misery.” Robert Hullot-Kentor’s translation painstakingly, yet fluently, reproduces the nuances and particularities of the original. Long awaited and significant, Aesthetic Theory is the clarifying lens through which the whole of Adorno’s work is best viewed, providing a framework within which his other major writings cohere.

James Joyce's Aesthetic Theory
Title James Joyce's Aesthetic Theory PDF eBook
Author Dolf Sörensen
Publisher Rodopi
Pages 104
Release 1977
Genre Aesthetics, Modern
ISBN 9789062032006

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Explaining Beauty in Mathematics: An Aesthetic Theory of Mathematics
Title Explaining Beauty in Mathematics: An Aesthetic Theory of Mathematics PDF eBook
Author Ulianov Montano
Publisher Springer Science & Business Media
Pages 224
Release 2013-12-20
Genre Philosophy
ISBN 3319034529

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This book develops a naturalistic aesthetic theory that accounts for aesthetic phenomena in mathematics in the same terms as it accounts for more traditional aesthetic phenomena. Building upon a view advanced by James McAllister, the assertion is that beauty in science does not confine itself to anecdotes or personal idiosyncrasies, but rather that it had played a role in shaping the development of science. Mathematicians often evaluate certain pieces of mathematics using words like beautiful, elegant, or even ugly. Such evaluations are prevalent, however, rigorous investigation of them, of mathematical beauty, is much less common. The volume integrates the basic elements of aesthetics, as it has been developed over the last 200 years, with recent findings in neuropsychology as well as a good knowledge of mathematics. The volume begins with a discussion of the reasons to interpret mathematical beauty in a literal or non-literal fashion, which also serves to survey historical and contemporary approaches to mathematical beauty. The author concludes that literal approaches are much more coherent and fruitful, however, much is yet to be done. In this respect two chapters are devoted to the revision and improvement of McAllister’s theory of the role of beauty in science. These antecedents are used as a foundation to formulate a naturalistic aesthetic theory. The central idea of the theory is that aesthetic phenomena should be seen as constituting a complex dynamical system which the author calls the aesthetic as process theory. The theory comprises explications of three central topics: aesthetic experience (in mathematics), aesthetic value and aesthetic judgment. The theory is applied in the final part of the volume and is used to account for the three most salient and often used aesthetic terms often used in mathematics: beautiful, elegant and ugly. This application of the theory serves to illustrate the theory in action, but also to further discuss and develop some details and to showcase the theory’s explanatory capabilities.

Hume's Aesthetic Theory
Title Hume's Aesthetic Theory PDF eBook
Author Dabney Townsend
Publisher Routledge
Pages 272
Release 2013-04-15
Genre Philosophy
ISBN 1134568029

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Hume's Aesthetic Theory examines the neglected area of the development of aesthetics in empiricist thinking, exploring the link between the empiricist background of aesthetics in the eighteenth century and the work of David Hume. This is a major contribution to our understanding of Hume's general philosophy and provides fresh insights into the history of aesthetics.

Kant's Aesthetic Theory
Title Kant's Aesthetic Theory PDF eBook
Author David Berger
Publisher A&C Black
Pages 176
Release 2011-10-27
Genre Philosophy
ISBN 1441145834

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Taste is ordinarily thought of in terms of two very different idioms - a normative idiom of taste as a standard of appraisal and a non-normative idiom of taste as a purely personal matter. Kant attempts to capture this twofold conception of taste within the terms of his mature critical philosophy by distinguishing between the beautiful and the agreeable. Scholars have largely taken Kant's distinction for granted, but David Berger argues that it is both far richer and far more problematic than it may appear. Berger examines in detail Kant's various attempts to distinguish beauty from agreeableness. This approach reveals the complex interplay between Kant's substantive aesthetic theory and his broader views on metaphysics and epistemology. Indeed, Berger argues that the real interest of Kant's distinction between beauty and agreeableness is ultimately epistemological. His interpretation brings Kant's aesthetic theory into dialogue with questions at the heart of contemporary analytic philosophy and shows how philosophical aesthetics can offer fresh insights into contemporary philosophical debates.

The Emergence of Modern Aesthetic Theory
Title The Emergence of Modern Aesthetic Theory PDF eBook
Author Simon Grote
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Release 2017-10-26
Genre Political Science
ISBN 1108509118

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Broad in its geographic scope and yet grounded in original archival research, this book situates the inception of modern aesthetic theory – the philosophical analysis of art and beauty - in theological contexts that are crucial to explaining why it arose. Simon Grote presents seminal aesthetic theories of the German and Scottish Enlightenments as outgrowths of a quintessentially Enlightenment project: the search for a natural 'foundation of morality' and a means of helping naturally self-interested human beings transcend their own self-interest. This conclusion represents an important alternative to the standard history of aesthetics as a series of preludes to the achievements of Immanuel Kant, as well as a reinterpretation of several canonical figures in the German and Scottish Enlightenments. It also offers a foundation for a transnational history of the Enlightenment without the French philosophes at its centre, while solidly endorsing historians' growing reluctance to call the Enlightenment a secularising movement.

Creativity and Aesthetic Theory
Title Creativity and Aesthetic Theory PDF eBook
Author Michael H. Mitias
Publisher Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Pages 175
Release 2022-08-02
Genre Art
ISBN 1527586790

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This book provides a critical, systematic-analytical, and detailed analysis of creativity in art with special emphasis on the activity of artistic creation and the process of aesthetic perception. Consciously dismissed from the realm of aesthetic discourse during the past century, the book argues that the study of creativity is a primary task of aesthetic theory; understanding its dynamics, source, and the conditions under which it happens is a necessary condition for an adequate analysis of the essential nature of the artistic and the aesthetic.