Reckoning with Ourselves An Illustrated Guide to Understanding and Resolving Chronic Pain
Title Reckoning with Ourselves An Illustrated Guide to Understanding and Resolving Chronic Pain PDF eBook
Author Sherri Obermark
Publisher Zone Four Media, LLC
Pages 208
Release 2019-12-15
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 057822674X

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Reckoning with Ourselves is an illustrated meditation on the causes of chronic pain and it illuminates the many positive things we can do to change our condition and resolve our pain using a mind-body approach. If you suffer from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, chronic sciatica, chronic knee pain, tendonitis, TMJ or other forms of chronic pain, you may be looking for new ideas on this difficult issue. This book explains the basic function of chronic pain from its physiological foundations, describes the effects on the body, offers solutions to the immediate pain problem, and gives concrete solutions to reverse the cause of this universal, human condition. The book is printed in a format that is easy to read and written in a style that is both unique, and entertaining. When we have the full comprehension that our physical pain is often a simple conflict within ourselves, which we are able to manage, we receive a gift that can set us free. Having the knowledge to change the course of our health is a most empowering benefit of this book. Knowing the simple mechanics of Tension-Based Pain will help us to stop pain as soon as it starts and address the origin of the problem - today and into the future. Tired of treating chronic pain – start Healing it!

Crisis Survival Through Better Stress Management
Title Crisis Survival Through Better Stress Management PDF eBook
Author U. B. Tahir
Pages 166
Release 2020-06-13

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Most of us know Stress Management in bits and pieces. This effort is an illustrated endeavor to concisely place relevant details in sequence and make Stress Management easier to understand and implement for a better life. This book includes various important illustrations and a flow chart which helps to apply stress management step by step.

Kitty Language
Title Kitty Language PDF eBook
Author Lili Chin
Publisher Ten Speed Press
Pages 161
Release 2023-06-13
Genre Pets
ISBN 1984861999

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Learn to identify every meow, tail swish, and slow blink in this fun, informative, illustrated guide to feline body language, from the author of Doggie Language. Have you ever wanted to know what your cat really thinks? Professional artist Lili Chin explores felines in this whimsical visual guide to reading and understanding the feelings and behaviors of your kitty. Packed with playful, vibrant, and informative illustrations, Chin demystifies common behaviors—including sniffing, rubbing, kneading, staring, stalking, and more—so you can help your kitty feel safe, secure, stimulated, and happy. Did you know that the further apart your cat's ears are, the less relaxed he is feeling? Or that when kitty bumps you with the top of her head, it can be a sign of affection, a request for interaction, or her way of saying, "You are my friend"? A well-known artist in the animal training and welfare world, Chin creates informational artwork backed by scientific research and vetted by animal behaviorists and veterinarians. From head rubs and tail twitches to eye blinks and ear flicks, Kitty Language is a fun and quick read to help pet parents connect with and appreciate their feline friends.

Yoga the Path to Holistic Health
Title Yoga the Path to Holistic Health PDF eBook
Author B.K.S. Iyengar
Publisher Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Pages 436
Release 2008-12-17
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 1405345551

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An anniversary edition of BKS Iyengar Yoga: The Path to Holistic Health, to celebrate BKS Iyengar's 90th birthday in January 2008. Contains 30 pages of all-new material and features an introductory celebration of BKS Iyengar's life and teachings.

The Power of Face Reading
Title The Power of Face Reading PDF eBook
Author Mac Fulfer, JD
Publisher Global Insight Communications, LLC
Pages 154
Release 2019-06-15
Genre Self-Help
ISBN 1942718039

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Make stronger connections with anyone in the world by learning how to read facesThe Power of Face Reading is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use book on face reading available today. Author Mac Fulfer makes face reading fun and easy for you to understand more about the people you encounter-no matter who you meet or where you are in the world.Face reading is our foundational international language, and none of our seeming "differences" matter-whether nationality, gender, race, or culture-because every person's face can be read in the exact same way. For instance, the lines on our faces don't reflect aging. They're actually a roadmap showing where we have been and what we've done. So this book is not about interpreting facial "expressions"-it's about learning to read the stories that a person's face can tell. Using a unique approach that combines both "genetics" (the face you are born with) and "epigenetics" (the way life events alter facial features over time), this book helps you understand others better. Discover how learning to interpret simple and easily recognized features, such as ear size and eyebrow shape, can allow you to make a better connection with anyone, anywhere.Superbly illustrated and organized like an encyclopedia, The Power of Face Reading guides you through all you need to know about reading faces, from top-to-bottom, detail-to-gestalt, gesture-to-metaphoric meaning. The approach shared in this book is so easy to learn that you can put this how-to guide to use and begin reading faces within minutes of opening it up.Everyday applications for face reading include: ¿ Improving both work and personal relationships¿ Interviewing and hiring the right people¿ Team-building¿ Negotiating better ¿ Coaching, counseling¿ Finding the right job¿ Increasing sales by identifying "buy" signals¿ Identifying better business partners ¿ Reading your audience when presenting The Power of Face Reading includes:¿ 275 illustrations ¿ Clear explanations of what each facial feature means¿ Personality profiles to provide insight into every person you meet ¿ Sample readings to learn Mac's step-by-step face-reading approach¿ A useful checklist to help you read faces immediately¿ A fun face reading quiz to test yourself

Doing what matters in times of stress
Title Doing what matters in times of stress PDF eBook
Publisher World Health Organization
Pages 132
Release 2020-05-02
Genre Medical
ISBN 9240003916

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Stress Management
Title Stress Management PDF eBook
Author Edward A. Charlesworth
Publisher Ballantine Books
Pages 450
Release 2004-12-28
Genre Self-Help
ISBN 0345468910

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Are you among the 95 million Americans who suffer from stress during these trying times? Revised and comprehensive, this invaluable guide helps you identify the specific areas of stress in your life–familial, work-related, social, emotional–and offers proven techniques for dealing with every one of them. New material includes information on how men and women differ in response to stress, updated statistics on disorders and drugs, the ways terrorism and the information age impact stress, the key benefits of spirituality, alternative medicine, exercise, and nutrition. Stress Management will help you • test your personal responses to daily stress– and chart your progress in controlling it • learn specific techniques for relaxation– from “scanning” to “imagery training” • discover how to deal with life’s critical moments without stress • embark on a program to improve your physical health as a major step toward stress management • discern which types of stress must be reduced and which kinds you can turn into positive motivation