Animal Tricksters

Animal Tricksters
Title Animal Tricksters PDF eBook
Author Joanne Mattern
Publisher Red Chair Press
Pages 40
Release 2019-08-01
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 163440713X

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You may know that some animals play like they're dead to avoid predators. Did you know that one animal mimics the sound of the baby of its prey? Some animals are really tricky!

From Trickster to Badman

From Trickster to Badman
Title From Trickster to Badman PDF eBook
Author John W. Roberts
Publisher University of Pennsylvania Press
Pages 240
Release 2010-11-24
Genre Social Science
ISBN 0812203119

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To protect their identity and values, Africans enslaved in America transformed various familiar character types to create folk heroes who offered models of behavior both recognizable to them as African people and adaptable to their situation in America. Roberts specifically examines the Afro-American trickster and the trickster tale tradition, the conjurer as folk hero, the biblical heroic tradition, and the badman as outlaw hero.

The Trickster Figure in American Literature

The Trickster Figure in American Literature
Title The Trickster Figure in American Literature PDF eBook
Author Winifred Morgan
Publisher Springer
Pages 256
Release 2013-10-23
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 1137344725

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This book analyzes and offers fresh insights into the trickster tradition including African American, American Indian, Euro-American, Asian American, and Latino/a stories, Morgan examines the oral roots of each racial/ethnic group to reveal how each group's history, frustrations, and aspirations have molded the tradition in contemporary literature.

Sister Tricksters

Sister Tricksters
Title Sister Tricksters PDF eBook
Publisher august house
Pages 84
Release 2006
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 9780874837919

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Two brothers team up to present a collection of trickster tales from the American South that features such female animal characters as Molly Cottontail and Miz Goose.

Stolen Childhood

Stolen Childhood
Title Stolen Childhood PDF eBook
Author Wilma King
Publisher Indiana University Press
Pages 284
Release 1997
Genre History
ISBN 9780253211866

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"King provides a jarring snapshot of children living in bondage. This compellingly written work is a testament to the strength and resilience of the children and their parents".--"Booklist". "King's deeply researched, well-written, passionate study places children and young adults at center stage in the North American slave experience".--"Choice". 16 photos.

Living Sideways

Living Sideways
Title Living Sideways PDF eBook
Author Franchot Ballinger
Publisher University of Oklahoma Press
Pages 228
Release 2006-08-31
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 9780806137964

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Native American tricksters can be buffoons, transformers, social critics, teachers, and mediators between human beings, nature, and the gods. A vibrant part of American Indian tradition, the trickster has shown a remarkable ability to adapt into the twenty-first century. In Living Sideways, Franchot Ballinger provides the first full-length study of the diverse roles and dimensions of North American Indian tricksters. While honoring their diversity and complexity, he challenges stereotypical Euro-American treatments of tricksters. Drawing from the most influential scholarship on Native American tricksters, Ballinger shows how many critics have failed to consider both the specifics of trickster stories and their cultural contexts. Each chapter concentrates on a particular aspect of the trickster theme, such as the trickster’s ambiguous personality, the variety of trickster roles, and the trickster’s role as social critic. Ballinger further considers issues of sex, gender, and humor, the use of trickster tales as instructions on social values and community control, and the trickster as an emblem of modern Indian survival. Living Sideways also includes illustrative trickster stories at the end of each chapter, a comprehensive bibliography, and discussion of the literary aspects of tricksters. Examining both the sacred power of tricksters and the stories as literature, Living Sideways is the most thorough book to date on Native American tricksters.

Trickster Lives

Trickster Lives
Title Trickster Lives PDF eBook
Author Jeanne Campbell Reesman
Publisher University of Georgia Press
Pages 260
Release 2001-01-01
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 9780820322773

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At once criminal and savior, clown and creator, antagonist and mediator, the character of trickster has made frequent appearances in works by writers the world over. Usually a figure both culturally specific and transcendent, trickster leads the way to the unconscious, the concealed, and the seemingly unattainable. This book offers thirteen interpretations of trickster in American writing, including essays on works by African America, Native America, Pacific Rim, and Latino writers, as well as an examination of trickster politics. This collection conveys the trickster's imprint on the modern world.