Attaining Personal Freedom

Attaining Personal Freedom
Title Attaining Personal Freedom PDF eBook
Author Tanja Diamond
Pages 0
Release 2018-03-30
ISBN 9780692077627

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Take a deep, raw and intimate look into the experience of four brave women devoted to their personal growth and healing as they embark on the most intimate journey of their lives, coming home to themselves.

Opting In

Opting In
Title Opting In PDF eBook
Author Molly Fiore
Pages 216
Release 2012
Genre Self-Help
ISBN 9780578095868

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The author's personal experience of breaking through the darkness of complete despair to find herself and a new version of life that was awaiting her.

Taking Courage

Taking Courage
Title Taking Courage PDF eBook
Author Enda Jones
Pages 120
Release 2021-07-08

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Life can deliver many one-two punches, and before you know it, you're ready to throw in the towel. Many people have faced some type of trauma in life that has caused them to want to give up until they allowed God to help us process the pain. Such traumas can cause you to be fearful and prevent you from having the courage to go forth. Enda Jones uses her life experiences to share the healing power of self-acceptance and trusting in God. This book is a true testament to God's grace manifested in Enda's strength and courage. The concepts that she applied to her life can be used to move toward healing. Enda shows that the journey to freedom does not come without heartache and sacrifice and it does not happen overnight. Although your journey may look different, the principles and concepts shared can help you along your journey.

Freedom from Within

Freedom from Within
Title Freedom from Within PDF eBook
Author Teresa Alexander
Publisher BalboaPress
Pages 385
Release 2011-04-05
Genre Self-Help
ISBN 1452501815

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When we are born, we are free. Somewhere, however, the joy is lost; somewhere along the way we allow our souls to slip into bondage. At times our bondage can be so full of hurt and pain that it seems we never knew the feelings of love, joy and inner peace. The key to returning to happiness and both physical and emotional balance and health lies in greater self-awareness and a better understanding of the energy of the soul and the divine. In Freedom from Within: A Gift of Love, author, counsellor and teacher Teresa Alexander invites us to witness and join her inspirational journey to inner freedom, escape from the bonds of the ego and embrace faith and total love. Teresa seeks to help us discover and open our hearts to the divine presence within ourselves. Her comforting, energetic poems and prose, which she began writing in 1990 after witnessing and aiding miracles of healing in herself and three other people, challenge us to embrace newness in our lives, embrace freedom and follow our hearts paths of joy, confidence, courage and faith. Once we are free from ego and the fears it brings, the love, beauty and glory of each day can be ours. Put aside all these things, For God has promised more. The joy, the laughter and the learning Must be behind another door. Money cannot buy it, Not any amount of wealth. The joy we seek is in our heart, Deep within our self.

Courage to Connect

Courage to Connect
Title Courage to Connect PDF eBook
Author Rich Hurst
Publisher Chariot Victor Publishing
Pages 148
Release 2002
Genre Family & Relationships
ISBN 9780781454728

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This book is not for the faint hearted! If you choose to embark upon this journey toward intimacy you will find yourself moving from a passive victim to an active participant in life. You will discover intimacy is a journey, not a destination. Everyone wants intimacy, but time and disappointing relationships have dulled its meaning. This book is about: and Discovering intimacy is a journey, not a destination and Understanding expectations and creating the life you want and Principles that matter in building an intimate lifestyle and Overcoming myths that destroy relationships Courage to Connect will help you to open the doors of your heart and receive God's promise of an abundant life. It will bring you a deeper understanding of who you are and how to freely receive God's gifts.

Journeys of Transformation

Journeys of Transformation
Title Journeys of Transformation PDF eBook
Author John D. Barbour
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Pages 343
Release 2022-03-31
Genre Religion
ISBN 1009116231

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Western Buddhist travel narratives are autobiographical accounts of a journey to a Buddhist culture. Dozens of such narratives have since the 1970s describe treks in Tibet, periods of residence in a Zen monastery, pilgrimages to Buddhist sites and teachers, and other Asian odysseys. The best known of these works is Peter Matthiessen's The Snow Leopard; further reflections emerge from thirty writers including John Blofeld, Jan Van de Wetering, Thomas Merton, Oliver Statler, Robert Thurman, Gretel Ehrlich, and Bill Porter. The Buddhist concept of 'no-self' helps these authors interpret certain pivotal experiences of 'unselfing' and is also a catalyst that provokes and enables such events. The writers' spiritual memoirs describe how their journeys brought about a new understanding of Buddhist enlightenment and so transformed their lives. Showing how travel can elicit self-transformation, this book is a compelling exploration of the journeys and religious changes of both individuals and Buddhism itself.

The Ethics of Courage

The Ethics of Courage
Title The Ethics of Courage PDF eBook
Author Jacques M. Chevalier
Publisher Springer Nature
Pages 502
Release 2023-12-19
Genre Philosophy
ISBN 3031327438

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This two-volume work examines far-reaching debates on the concept of courage from Greek antiquity to the Christian and mediaeval periods, as well as the modern era. Volume 1 explains how competing accounts of epistêmê, rational wisdom, and truth dominated classical antiquity. Early Christian and mediaeval thinkers, in contrast, favoured fortitude founded on faith and fear of God over philosophical reasoning left to its own devices. Volume 2 turns to theories of courage from the early modern period to the present. It shows how the twin laws of polis and physis are at the heart of post-medieval thought. Courage is found at the crossroads of love and dread, freedom and fate, happiness and suffering, as well as power and submission to the ruling order. The later influence of evolutionism, existentialism, and the social and natural sciences on moral philosophy is also addressed at some length. The protection of people's best interests, the passions and powers of the human will, and the rule of active energy in all aspects of life supplant courage formerly viewed through the lens of reason or faith, or a combination of the two. These new ideas, paradoxically, herald the end of the ethics of courage. They also undermine the courage of ethical thinking. Courage is no longer an end in itself, nor is it a means to happiness "at the end." Regardless of what Gandhi, Tillich, and Foucault have to say about the topic, late modernity and the global age witness a marked loss of interest in courage as an idea worthy of conceptual investigation. Debates about the moral implications of courage give way to the value-free science of resilience, which studies how people can recover from past trauma and find wellness, primarily in the realm of physis.