Best Year Ever!
Title Best Year Ever! PDF eBook
Author Bill Cecil
Pages 0
Release 2007
Genre Classroom management
ISBN 9780977941186

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Title on cover has the word "survive" crossed out and replaced with "thrive"

Positive Classroom Management
Title Positive Classroom Management PDF eBook
Author Robert C. DiGiulio
Publisher Corwin Press
Pages 161
Release 2006-11-22
Genre Education
ISBN 1412937272

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"A must for all teachers who are searching for strategies to shape positive classroom atmosphere through nurturing the student-teacher relationship." a?Alan Canestrari, Adjunct Professor, Roger Williams University "The Spiritual Dimension section is especially thought-provoking, particularly the four suggestions to build student efficacy." a?Jill Lindberg, Educational Consultant Use these practical methods to create a classroom environment that honors both teacher and student! Students flourish in classrooms where they feel valued, cared for, and safe, and where they are challenged to think and explore. Written by expert educator, administrator, and psychologist Robert DiGiulio, this third edition of the bestseller helps teachers create a positive environment not only for their own survival as professionals but for the benefit of their students and the community. Student teachers, beginning teachers, and veteran teachers will find this a perfect resource for strengthening their classroom management skills. Providing creative ideas, materials, checklists, models, tools, and sample dialogues illustrating applications across all Ka?12 grade levels, this concise edition features: The four dimensions of successful classrooms: spiritual, physical, instructional, and managerial A differentiated approach to instruction and management in the classroom Added coverage of child and adolescent development and emotional intelligence Presenting clear strategies for mastering classroom success, this text is an ideal companion to the author's book Great Teaching: What Matters Most in Helping Students Succeed.

Title Thrive PDF eBook
Author Martha Boyne
Publisher Crown House Publishing Ltd
Pages 165
Release 2018-05-18
Genre Education
ISBN 1785833472

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Martha Boyne, Emily Clements and Ben Wright’s Thrive: In your first three years in teaching equips trainee secondary school teachers with the know-how to lay the foundations for a successful career in teaching, long after the challenging first few years are over. Martha, Emily and Ben are thriving teachers. In Thrive they share their personal experiences and demonstrate how you too can thrive during the tricky training year, the daunting NQT year and the crucial RQT year. Using their collective insights, and plenty of evidence-informed strategies and advice, they detail how you can get to grips with the classroom basics – from behaviour management and lesson planning to differentiation and providing for SEND – and effectively continue your professional development. This book is not just a survival manual to help teachers get through their first three years in teaching. Nor is it an academic text that has been written by authors who have only a distant memory of what it takes to stand in front of a class of teenagers for the first time. Thrive is something very different. It gives both the aspiring and the newly qualified the support and guidance to become a thriving teacher, and has been co-authored by three recently qualified teachers who in this book invest their passion and practical knowledge to inspire and inform others who want to pursue enjoyable and rewarding careers in teaching. Thrive is divided into three parts – specifically detailing what can be expected in the training year, NQT year and RQT year respectively – with the authors’ commentary threaded throughout to demonstrate how the ideas discussed can be successfully put into practice. Their accounts are also complemented by expert advice from two people who are at the very top of their profession, Lianne Allison and Dr Simon Thompson, who provide wider perspectives drawn from a wealth of teaching experience. Forty of the book’s forty-six chapters begin with a checklist outlining what a developing teacher is expected to do, and each chapter ends with a to-do list that can be used as a quick reference point to structure the strategies implemented. These to-do lists are also followed by lists of suggested further reading so that readers can delve deeper into topics and fields of research that they find particularly interesting or relevant. Furthermore, the book offers helpful counsel on choosing the best training route as well as an in-depth analysis of the change in priorities for busy teachers as they progress: encouraging constant reflection, outlining potential pathways and emphasising the importance of evidence-based practice and how new teachers can, and should, incorporate this into their teaching. Rooted in practical strategies and innovative ideas, Thrive is the essential guide for trainee secondary school teachers and teacher trainers.

Effective Study Strategies for Every Classroom, Grades 7-12
Title Effective Study Strategies for Every Classroom, Grades 7-12 PDF eBook
Author Rebecca Lash-Rabick
Publisher Boys Town Press
Pages 287
Release 2008
Genre Education
ISBN 1889322946

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This practical guide to study skills instruction offers 29 complete lesson plans that can help you teach your students how to learn and improve their academic performance. Lessons cover the key strategies of note taking, summarizing, using research tools (including the Internet), and test taking. They incorporate full participation by students and continuous checking for understanding by the teacher which help students also improve their listening skills.

Strategies for Successful Classroom Management
Title Strategies for Successful Classroom Management PDF eBook
Author Brian D. Mendler
Publisher Corwin Press
Pages 177
Release 2007-12-14
Genre Education
ISBN 1452297037

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Help difficult students change negative behaviors with these strategies for teaching conflict resolution and anger management, handling power struggles successfully, helping students prevent bullying, and more.

The Strategic Teacher
Title The Strategic Teacher PDF eBook
Author Harvey F. Silver
Publisher ASCD
Pages 290
Release 2007
Genre Education
ISBN 1416606092

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This book is packed with reliable, high-impact, flexible strategies for teaching and learning that are grounded in research and suitable for teachers at any level

Multi Asset Class Investment Strategy
Title Multi Asset Class Investment Strategy PDF eBook
Author Guy Fraser-Sampson
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 320
Release 2006-07-11
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 0470033894

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The book explains that instead of asset allocation being set in an isolated and arbitrary fashion, it is in fact the way in which specific hurdle investment returns can be targeted, and that this approach is already in use in the US (and has been for many years). It involves extended and detailed financial analysis of various asset class returns and proposes a five-asset class approach for future use. Opening with a study of the historic asset allocation practice of UK pension funds, the book shows how the current approach has led to the present funding crisis. It goes on to compare and contrast the UK approach with that of the US and to propose a new approach to UK asset allocation: the five asset class approach ("MAC Investing"). The book reviews and analyses different asset classes based on historic returns, examines risk, and concludes with a suggestion of the five asset classes to use; Quoted equities (both Domestic and foreign), hedge funds, private equity and property. This book also includes benchmark performance figures never previously published.