Better Than Running at Night
Title Better Than Running at Night PDF eBook
Author Hillary Frank
Release 2002
ISBN 9780605472051

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Better Than Running at Night
Title Better Than Running at Night PDF eBook
Author Hillary Frank
Publisher Turtleback Books
Pages 0
Release 2002-08
ISBN 9780613907217

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A freshman art student from Manhattan spends her first year away from home in New England

Toms Run
Title Toms Run PDF eBook
Author Steve Bill Hanshew
Publisher WestBow Press
Pages 550
Release 2016-09-21
Genre Religion
ISBN 1512741132

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History is a sequence of events from the past leading us to the present. Family History is where we came from and how we got here. More often than not those two paths converge and become a composite history we live each and every day, interacting with the world around us. This history forms and molds us into what we become and when were gone, how we will be remembered, however fleeting that may be. For a Christian how we interact with the world is defined by Christ and should be a defining feature of our personality. Pointedly, we are to be both salt and light. Salt preserves and light displaces darkness. This task has never been more difficult as we are slowly enveloped by a culture that preserves nothing good, extols the bad while seeking to snuff out the light. As believers we more and more find ourselves as Christ warned; hated and reviled, just as He was. At some nearly subliminal level I think many Americans feel this void as more and more of our culture seeks to eradicate God and replace it with secular Humanism. They feel the unnatural movement towards anarchy. It can be stopped or at least abated, only if we are willing to look at where we were and how we got here. This book attempts to retrace those steps leading to this amoral abyss.

Mercy Blade
Title Mercy Blade PDF eBook
Author Faith Hunter
Publisher Penguin
Pages 320
Release 2011-01-04
Genre Fiction
ISBN 110147677X

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Jane, a shapeshifting vampire-hunter-for-hire, crosses paths with a stranger who has arrived in New Orleans, enlisted to hunt vampires who have gone insane-or so he says...

Title Skullsworn PDF eBook
Author Brian Staveley
Publisher Tor Books
Pages 496
Release 2017-04-25
Genre Fiction
ISBN 0765389894

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Brian Staveley’s new standalone, Skullsworn, returns to the critically acclaimed Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne universe, following a priestess-assassin for the God of Death. “Brilliant.” —V. E. Schwab, New York Times bestselling author From the award-winning epic fantasy world of The Emperor’s Blades... Pyrre Lakatur is not, to her mind, an assassin, not a murderer—she is a priestess. At least, she will be once she passes her final trial. The problem isn’t the killing. The problem, rather, is love. For to complete her trial, Pyrre has ten days to kill the seven people enumerated in an ancient song, including “the one who made your mind and body sing with love / who will not come again.” Pyrre isn’t sure she’s ever been in love. And if she fails to find someone who can draw such passion from her, or fails to kill that someone, her order will give her to their god, the God of Death. Pyrre’s not afraid to die, but she hates to fail, and so, as her trial is set to begin, she returns to the city of her birth in the hope of finding love . . . and ending it on the edge of her sword. "A complex and richly detailed world filled with elite soldier-assassins, mystic warrior monks, serpentine politics, and ancient secrets." —Library Journal, starred review, on The Emperor's Blades Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne The Emperor's Blades The Providence of Fire The Last Mortal Bond Other books in the world of the Unhewn Throne Skullsworn At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Wolf Legacy Quartet
Title Wolf Legacy Quartet PDF eBook
Author Aimee Easterling
Publisher Wetknee Books
Pages 608
Release 2018-07-30
Genre Fiction

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Werewolf. Baker. Protector of the weak. Ember's large werewolf family has always kept her safe and focused on what really matters --- feeding loved ones their favorite desserts. But when a missing half-brother draws the twenty-something away from home for the very first time, bonds to her pack are tested at every turn. The milk-chocolate eyes of an off-limits human are the first threat to her pack commitment. Mix in arrogant alphas plus unexpected betrayals and the final product isn't particularly sweet. Will Ember be able to bake her way to safety before her family collapses like a tray of over-beaten cupcakes all around her? Or will she change so much in the process that she's never able to go home again? This box set includes four novels, two short stories, and one scrumptious recipe. Don't miss the "emotional and psychological roller coaster" of this complete urban fantasy series.

The American Law Register
Title The American Law Register PDF eBook
Pages 864
Release 1874
Genre Law

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