Black History For Beginners
Title Black History For Beginners PDF eBook
Author Denise Dennis
Publisher Red Wheel/Weiser
Pages 192
Release 2007-08-21
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1934389986

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What is Black History? Did you know what blacks were in Cortez’s crew in Mexico, with Pizarro in Peru and Alvarado in Quito…that when Balboa discovered the Pacific Ocean, 30 black people were with him….that when Alarcon and Coronado conquered Mexico, black people were with them too? Any misunderstandings between blacks and whites in today’s society tend to stem from the misconceptions about blacks that have been allowed to thrive throughout the ages. The only way to help abolish stereotypes is to help present a more complete picture of the black people throughout history. Black History For Beginners covers a rich but often ignored history and chronicles the black struggle from capture and enslavement in Africa through the Civil Rights movement and up to today and the new and different kinds of struggles that black people face today

Black Panthers For Beginners
Title Black Panthers For Beginners PDF eBook
Author Boyd, Herb
Publisher For Beginners, LLC
Pages 162
Release 2015-08-05
Genre Social Science
ISBN 193999439X

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A crowd of onlookers gawked from the sidewalk as four young black men dressed in black leather jackets and berets leaped from a Volkswagen, each of them wielding shotguns with bandoliers strapped across their bodies. The young men surrounded two white police officers who had accosted a black man and had him spread-eagled against a building. The young men did not say a word as the police officers watched them nervously, their eyes fixed on the shotguns. One of the young men held a large law book in his hand…This was the Black Panther Party in ideal action. The real story—the whole story—was both more and less heroic. So begins Black Panthers For Beginners. The late 1960s, when the Panthers captured the imagination of the nation’s youth, was a time of regulation. While their furious passage was marked by death, destruction and government sabotage, the Panthers left an instructive legacy for anyone who dares to challenge the system. Herb Boyd has done exhaustive research, examined the claims of all parties involved, and boiled the story down to “the truth.” We believe this is the most truthful book on the market, but each Panther has his or her own story to tell. We suggest that you check out the stories of all the Black Panthers.

The History of Classical Music For Beginners
Title The History of Classical Music For Beginners PDF eBook
Author Endris, R. Ryan
Publisher For Beginners, LLC
Pages 178
Release 2014-10-07
Genre Music
ISBN 1939994268

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Music history is nearly as old as human civilization itself, and while it has permeated the arts and popular culture for centuries, it still has a mystifying aura surrounding it. But fear not—it’s not as complicated as it seems, and anyone can learn the origins and history of Western classical music. In addition to learning how better to understand (and enjoy!) classical music, The History of Classical Music For Beginners will help you learn some of the more interesting and sometimes comical stories behind the music and composers. For example: Did you know that Jean-Baptiste Lully actually died from conducting one of his own compositions? You may have heard of Gregorian chant, but did you know there are many forms of chant, including Ambrosian and Byzantine chant? And did you also know that only a small portion of “classical music” is even technically classical? These interesting, insightful facts and more are yours to discover in The History of Classical Music For Beginners.

ABCs of Black History
Title ABCs of Black History PDF eBook
Author Trumaine McCaskill
Pages 34
Release 2020-12-08

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ABCs of Black History is an exciting book for beginners as well as advanced readers. An entertaining, yet creative, way to address black history and celebrate the contributions of these pioneers in African and American history. Guaranteed to spark discussion, research, and a sense of pride!

The American Presidency For Beginners
Title The American Presidency For Beginners PDF eBook
Author Justin Slaughter Doty
Publisher Red Wheel/Weiser
Pages 306
Release 2017-03-06
Genre History
ISBN 1939994713

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The President of the United States is an office that attracts men of all character. From George Washington to Barack Obama, the office has been held by farmers, scholars, veterans, and lawyers from all regions of the United States. The American Presidency For Beginners tells a concise history of the actions and consequences of all 44 presidents. The evolution of the presidency—from the weak curator of Congress to becoming the titan of policy, both domestic and foreign—is highlighted in 10 sections. The American Presidency For Beginners is a must read for those who find the position of commander in chief compelling and who want to learn more about the eclectic personalities that have led the US.

Climate Change For Beginners
Title Climate Change For Beginners PDF eBook
Author Dean Goodwin
Publisher Red Wheel/Weiser
Pages 144
Release 2016-03-29
Genre Science
ISBN 1939994691

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Year after year science continually proves that global climate change is real. But what does it all really mean and what can or should we do about it? Climate Change For Beginners is a clear, fluid narrative by a leading scientist and educator who takes a scrupulously balanced approach in explaining the history of global climate monitoring and change, and the whos, hows, whats, whens, wheres and whys of the interaction between human activity and recent trends in the Earth’s climate. Working from the premise that no one can do everything, but everyone can do something, Dean Goodwin challenges readers with experiments they can conduct to gain a better understanding of the science underlying the problems facing our planet and concludes with a list of 50 easy actions readers can choose from to start doing their part in the effort to slow or stop global warming. Replaces previous edition, ISBN 9781934389430.

Civil Rights For Beginners
Title Civil Rights For Beginners PDF eBook
Author Paul Von Blum
Publisher For Beginners, LLC
Pages 178
Release 2016-01-12
Genre Political Science
ISBN 1934389897

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A large swath of literature on the civil rights movement exists in the United States. Much of that literature focuses on the dramatic events of the African American resistance to Jim Crow and oppression from the mid 1950s through the early 1970s. Frequently, this material is scholarly and, at best, only marginally accessible to the general public. Moreover, many of the books on the modern civil rights movement focus exclusively on a narrow historical time frame and often on widely recognized public figures like Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King. Civil Rights For Beginners fills a major gap by placing the modern civil rights movement into a broader historical perspective. It also discusses the civil rights and liberation movements from the 60s to the present that the African American freedom struggles helped to catalyze including the Chicano Movement, the American Indian Movement, the Asian-American Movement, the Women's Movement, and the Gay Liberation Movement. Unlike most civil rights books, Civil Rights For Beginners focuses less on major leaders and more on the ordinary African Americans who provided the backbone of the successful protests and demonstrations. Moreover, it deals with the expressive culture of the movement, surveying key developments in literature, music, visual art, and film, all of which served both as integral features of the movement as well as contributing to its enduring legacy.