Vengeance Series: Box Set Volume II
Title Vengeance Series: Box Set Volume II PDF eBook
Author Kaylea Cross
Publisher Kaylea Cross Inc.
Pages 676
Release 2023-11-28
Genre Fiction

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BOOKS 6-8 OF THE VENGEANCE SERIES: TOXIC VENGEANCE Their past was poisoned by lies. Risking a second chance could cost them everything. BEAUTIFUL VENGEANCE They made her into the perfect weapon. Now she’s coming after them. TAKING VENGEANCE The Valkyries thought the threat was over. They were wrong.

Covert Affairs 2
Title Covert Affairs 2 PDF eBook
Author Elizabeth Cage
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Pages 640
Release 2014-08-05
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 144248229X

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Follows the exploits of three teenagers, Jo, Caylin, and Theresa, who are trained as spies by a top secret organization and go on missions to stop a celebrity kidnapping in Switzerland, a Brazilian drug-smuggling operation, and a bizarre cult and its mysterious young guru.

Hidden Vengeance
Title Hidden Vengeance PDF eBook
Author Celeste Lasky
Pages 404
Release 1997-11
Genre Fiction
ISBN 9780964333123

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Wade Spaulding is obsessed with getting justice for a wrong done his sister, Emily, by the deceased Frank Cullen. The justice he seeks is to be extracted from the remaining Cullen family. Hannah Cullen becomes an unwitting accomplice to Spaulding as he puts his diabolical plan into action. To complicate matters, Leah Cullen Hargrove and her husband Will -- along with the elder O'Haras, -- befriend a colored couple, the McDermotts, looking for work and a home. Spaulding's bigotry is ignited and burns in a white heat, melding with his plan for justice. Join the Hargroves, the O'Haras, and the McDermotts as they struggle to survive against a fire, a hanging, and an attempted murder -- all perpetrated by a demented man consumed by revenge and greed. A page-turner that will keep you reading to the very last page!

Covert Vengeance
Title Covert Vengeance PDF eBook
Author Kaylea Cross
Publisher Independently Published
Pages 278
Release 2019-07
ISBN 9781096523192

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Revenge came at a heavy price. Valkyrie hacker Amber Brown is deadly in her own right, but her preferred weapon is a keyboard. So after her teammates left her for dead, she took her revenge the way she was trained to-swiftly and brutally. Except one of her targets might be innocent. To right that wrong, Amber vows to rescue the at-risk Valkyrie no matter the cost, and this time she's working alone. So when a sexy stranger shows up in the middle of a firefight and announces he's been sent by her sister, it's going to take a whole lot more than his word to make her trust him. Chasing redemption may prove deadly. Elite gun for hire Jesse Cordova lives on the edge of the law. When a new job offer sets off warning bells, he digs deeper and finds the startling truth. The woman he's been tasked with capturing is a secret government assassin, and Amber Brown is unlike any target he's gone after before. But bringing her in opens them up to a whole new level of danger, pitting them against one of the most ruthless assassins in the world. Now that the sexy Valkyrie has stolen his heart, Jesse will risk everything to see their mission through-knowing that the only way this ends is with one of them dying.

Arihant CBSE History Term 2 Class 12 for 2022 Exam (Cover Theory and MCQs)
Title Arihant CBSE History Term 2 Class 12 for 2022 Exam (Cover Theory and MCQs) PDF eBook
Author Madhumita Pattrea
Publisher Arihant Publications India limited
Pages 98
Release 2021-11-20
ISBN 9325797003

Download Arihant CBSE History Term 2 Class 12 for 2022 Exam (Cover Theory and MCQs) Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

With newly introduced 2 Term Examination Pattern, CBSE has eased out the pressure of preparation of subjects and cope up with lengthy syllabus. Introducing, Arihant’s CBSE TERM II – 2022 Series, the first of its kind that gives complete emphasize on the rationalize syllabus of Class 10th & 12th. The all new “CBSE Term II 2022 – History” of Class 12th provides explanation and guidance to the syllabus required to study efficiently and succeed in the exams. The book provides topical coverage of all the chapters in a complete and comprehensive manner. Covering the 50% of syllabus as per Latest Term wise pattern 2021-22, this book consists of: 1. Complete Theory in each Chapter covering all topics 2. Case-Based, Short and Long Answer Type Question in each chapter 3. Coverage of NCERT, NCERT Examplar & Board Exams’ Questions 4. Complete and Detailed explanations for each question 5. 3 Practice papers base on entire Term II Syllabus. Table of Content Kings and Chronicles (The Mughal Court), Colonialism and the Countryside (Exploring Official Archives, Rebels and The Raj (The Revolt of 1857 and Its Representation), Mahatma Gandhi and the Nationalist Movement (Civil Disobedience and Beyond), Framing the Constitution (The Beginning of a New Era), Practice Paper (1-3)

Robert E. Howard
Title Robert E. Howard PDF eBook
Author Leon Nielsen
Publisher McFarland
Pages 289
Release 2010-10-29
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 0786461098

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Robert E. Howard published primarily in pulp magazines, creating memorable characters like Conan of Cimmeria. After his suicide at the age of 30, pulps continued publishing Howard material posthumously. His first hardcover book appeared in 1937, a year after his death. That book, A Gent from Bear Creek, is the holy grail for Howard collectors--only 12 original copies are known to exist. This invaluable resource for Howard collectors has information for every known published work. Initial chapters provide a biography, discuss Howard's literary legacy, and give basic tips about book collecting and selling. The main body of the work is a bibliography of Howard's published works from 1925 through 2005. A thorough index locates the publication of every Howard story or poem.

The Baker Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words
Title The Baker Expository Dictionary of Biblical Words PDF eBook
Author Tremper III Longman
Publisher Baker Books
Pages 1615
Release 2023-02-14
Genre Religion
ISBN 1493434411

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One of the keys to effectively preaching and teaching God's Word is a deep understanding of the meaning of biblical words in the original Hebrew and Greek. As the building blocks of language, words are the means we use to communicate with one another, and they're also the means God has chosen for communicating with us, his people. To enrich your preaching, teaching, and personal study of God's Word, this clear, accurate, and easy-to-use dictionary offers the most up-to-date evangelical biblical scholarship as well as fascinating, detailed explanations of biblical words. Whether you're a pastor, a seminary student, or a lay student of the Bible, this expository dictionary offers a wealth of information about the original Hebrew and Greek words of Scripture.