Dumpy at School
Title Dumpy at School PDF eBook
Author Julie Edwards
Publisher Hyperion
Pages 40
Release 2000-09-30
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction

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Dumpy's back! The beloved little truck, saved from rust and weeds inDumpy the Dump Truck, thefirst team effort of Julie Andrews Edwards, Emma Walton Hamilton, and TonyWalton, is shined up and ready to tackle his first big job off the farm. And itjust so happens that today is a big day for his young friend Charlie, too. It'sCharlie's first day of school. Dumpy has bubbles in his radiator, and Charliefeels his stomach flutter as they each think about what lies ahead. Will theysucceed? Will people make fun of them? As it turns out, both Dumpy and Charliedo quite well. Charlie makes some new friends, trades sandwiches at lunchtime,and wins the respect of all when the kids realize it's his dump truckthat's building the new playground. And Dumpy, after feeling a bit puny andinsignificant next to the huge yellow and black monster machine, saves the daywhen Steady Gus the School Bus breaks down. Julie Andrews Edwards is the author of the The Last of the Really GreatWhangdoodles and LittleBo: The Story of Bonnie Boadicea and, of course, the star of MaryPoppins and The Sound of Music. Dumpy at School, the second inthe series about a little engine that could, will be welcomed with open arms bychildren who have a touch of first-day butterflies. (Ages 4 to 7) --EmilieCoulter

A to Zoo
Title A to Zoo PDF eBook
Author Rebecca L. Thomas
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages 1657
Release 2018-06-21
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 1440834350

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Whether used for thematic story times, program and curriculum planning, readers' advisory, or collection development, this updated edition of the well-known companion makes finding the right picture books for your library a breeze. Generations of savvy librarians and educators have relied on this detailed subject guide to children's picture books for all aspects of children's services, and this new edition does not disappoint. Covering more than 18,000 books published through 2017, it empowers users to identify current and classic titles on topics ranging from apples to zebras. Organized simply, with a subject guide that categorizes subjects by theme and topic and subject headings arranged alphabetically, this reference applies more than 1,200 intuitive (as opposed to formal catalog) subject terms to children's picture books, making it both a comprehensive and user-friendly resource that is accessible to parents and teachers as well as librarians. It can be used to identify titles to fill in gaps in library collections, to find books on particular topics for young readers, to help teachers locate titles to support lessons, or to design thematic programs and story times. Title and illustrator indexes, in addition to a bibliographic guide arranged alphabetically by author name, further extend access to titles.

The School News and Practical Educator
Title The School News and Practical Educator PDF eBook
Pages 814
Release 1895
Genre Education

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Willingly to School
Title Willingly to School PDF eBook
Author Mary Cathcart Borer
Publisher Lutterworth Press
Pages 333
Release 2023-05-25
Genre Education
ISBN 0718896513

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The denial of equal educational opportunities to women is arguably one of the great injustices in British history. In Willingly to School, Mary Cathcart Borer charts the gradual reversal of this inequality, and the revolutionary effect it has had on social structures, from the Anglo-Saxons to the twentieth century. Always mindful of the historical context of each period, Borer explores the significant early role of the church, the opportunities afforded to royal and noble girls, the origins of the various forms of privately and charitably funded school, and the emergence of the modern school system. Along the way, particular significant institutions and individuals such as Christ's Hospital, Cheltenham Ladies College, the Bronte sisters and Fanny Burney are examined in depth. Writing in 1975, Borer described the mid-twentieth century as having 'seen the culmination of women's demands for full equality in society'. While the intervening years have shown that there is still much work to be done in the pursuit of equality, Borer's analysis of the progress that has been made in women's education remains as pertinent as ever.

First Move
Title First Move PDF eBook
Author Zander van Hoepen
Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Pages 580
Release 2015-03-28
Genre Fiction
ISBN 149907946X

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It’s not easy being the new kid in school. Add to that being new in town, in a new country, and somewhat of a nerd. Such was the case for Shawn de Vos, whose family immigrated to Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, from George, a coastal town in South Africa before his final year of school. With a tennis ball game, Shawn connected somewhat with others on the fringes of his new high school eventually. He even started to enjoy awkwardly, at first, the joys of courtship and true friendship. Soon though, he’d be confronted with issues some new kids face and being bullied was just part of it. Like all teenagers, he’d also been confronted with issues of youth: drugs, alcohol, sex, religion. Would his opinions about it let him make good moral choices? Especially during senior year, Shawn developed a unique friendship with one of the most popular girls in school. Their different backgrounds that kept them apart somehow may become the strength that can keep them upright in their daily struggles. This adds strain on their popularity and acceptance from their peers. Would the friendship last? Amidst everything, Shawn’s body developed a disease that could threaten his very existence.

Title Home PDF eBook
Author Julie Andrews
Publisher Hachette UK
Pages 503
Release 2008-04-01
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1401395422

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Since her first appearance on screen in Mary Poppins, Julie Andrews has played a series of memorable roles that have endeared her to generations. But she has never told the story of her life before fame. Until now. In Home: A Memoir of My Early Years, Julie takes her readers on a warm, moving, and often humorous journey from a difficult upbringing in war-torn Britain to the brink of international stardom in America. Her memoir begins in 1935, when Julie was born to an aspiring vaudevillian mother and a teacher father, and takes readers to 1962, when Walt Disney himself saw her on Broadway and cast her as the world's most famous nanny. Along the way, she weathered the London Blitz of World War II; her parents' painful divorce; her mother's turbulent second marriage to Canadian tenor Ted Andrews, and a childhood spent on radio, in music halls, and giving concert performances all over England. Julie's professional career began at the age of twelve, and in 1948 she became the youngest solo performer ever to participate in a Royal Command Performance before the Queen. When only eighteen, she left home for the United States to make her Broadway debut in The Boy Friend, and thus began her meteoric rise to stardom. Home is filled with numerous anecdotes, including stories of performing in My Fair Lady with Rex Harrison on Broadway and in the West End, and in Camelot with Richard Burton on Broadway; her first marriage to famed set and costume designer Tony Walton, culminating with the birth of their daughter, Emma; and the call from Hollywood and what lay beyond. Julie Andrews' career has flourished over seven decades. From her legendary Broadway performances, to her roles in such iconic films as The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Hawaii, 10, and The Princess Diaries, to her award-winning television appearances, multiple album releases, concert tours, international humanitarian work, best-selling children's books, and championship of literacy, Julie's influence spans generations. Today, she lives with her husband of thirty-eight years, the acclaimed writer/director Blake Edwards; they have five children and seven grandchildren. Featuring over fifty personal photos, many never before seen, this is the personal memoir Julie Andrews' audiences have been waiting for.

The Last Ball Six
Title The Last Ball Six PDF eBook
Author Dr Pradeep Kapoor
Publisher Amaryllis - an imprint of Manjul Publishing House
Pages 254
Release 2019
Genre Fiction
ISBN 9388241568

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A Racy, Hilarious Saga of a Mad, Mad Indian Cricket Fan If cricket could be equated to religion, Tijinder Tuteja or Titu would automatically qualify as Devotee Number One. Period. Cricket was the elixir of life for him. Over time, Titu gets addicted to T20 - the new, bang-bang variety of cricket. His favourite team is the Punjab Pulverizers and his god is Khoobraj Singh, the PP's acest batsman. In a bit of a stroke of luck, Titu wins a couples entry-pass to the final match of BPL - the Bharatiya Premier League - the T20 cricket tournament on the face of this earth... and the cherry on the cake is that PP are going to be playing HH - the Haryana Hounds. It turns out to be quite a humdinger of a match - sending Titu's heart-rate and blood pressure soaring with each passing minute. He turns very pale and begins to perspire copiously. But so engrossed is he in the match that he doesn't feel the gnawing pain creeping up his chest until suddenly, he collapses in his seat and his heart stops beating. Horrified, Tilottama, his wife, let's out a scream of despair which promptly gets lost in the excited, unrelenting uproar all around them. What happens then? Does cricket manage to, quite literally, kill its biggest fan? Or does cricket, with one, final, life-saving stroke of its bat, manage to redeem the life of its biggest patron ever? Who wins this match of life and death? Find out!