False Heroes: Held Hostage by Heritage
Title False Heroes: Held Hostage by Heritage PDF eBook
Author Christine Brandon
Publisher Amazon
Pages 235
Release 2020-05-26
Genre Body, Mind & Spirit

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'False Heroes: Held Hostage by Heritage' is the true story of Diana, a survivor. It tells of her struggle to free herself from the bondage of her authoritative European heritage and her account of a war-ridden childhood, Germany WWII. Her story compels the reader to examine issues from their own past. It ponders the question, "Can we be held prisoners within our own souls?" This book is about reconciling the past with the present in one's life. A liberating experience, it spans continents and conflicts. Diana did not know there was a tomorrow. She said her prayers at night, and did not expect to wake up in the morning. 'If I should die before I wake...' She never taught her children this prayer. It gave her the chills ever after. Diana's story is meant to inspire the reader to ask questions on their own. It resonates with the strength one can find in the midst of adversity, challenges and despair. It's about forging forward despite all odds, fighting for identity and freedom from a heritage that holds one hostage, as well as the chains within ones soul. Most of us are descendants from other countries and century old cultures, with scars and stigmas, with imprints of wars and limited choices. This story, which follows Diana for a lifetime, can be a healing experience, and a voice for many that could never speak of their most hurtful secrets. It unmasks sacred convents, religion, the 'Good' and the 'Holy', abandonment, rape, betrayal, abusive relationships and more. Despite subject matters that are painful to comprehend and hard to read about, this book effectively captures the readers heart. This book was written with the intention to help the reader find strength and resolve, courage, trust in free choices, and a better tomorrow.

A Short History of the IRA
Title A Short History of the IRA PDF eBook
Author Brendan O'Brien
Publisher The O'Brien Press Ltd
Pages 228
Release 2019-01-21
Genre History
ISBN 1788491165

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An accessible, clearly-written account of the IRA from 1916 to today. It covers the origins and history of the organisation, its aims, the political and military thinking which has driven its activities, and the major personalities who have shaped the direction of the movement down through the years. The relationship with the Irish and British governments is examined, as well as the effects of the major bombing campaigns and the 1981 hunger strikes. It also explains the radical shift in thinking which led to the IRA seeking a political way towards the goal of Irish unity rather than pursuing the entrenched 'Brits Out' policy at the point of a gun. The background to the IRA ceasefire, and the many factors which contributed to its ending are looked at, as well as the prospects for a lasting peace in one of the world's most troubled arenas. With a new chapter that brings us as far as 2018 this book has everything you need to know about the IRA.

Title Super-History PDF eBook
Author Jeffrey K. Johnson
Publisher McFarland
Pages 230
Release 2014-01-10
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 0786490357

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In the less than eight decades since Superman’s debut in 1938, comic book superheroes have become an indispensable part of American society and the nation’s dominant mythology. They represent America’s hopes, dreams, fears, and needs. As a form of popular literature, superhero narratives have closely mirrored trends and events in the nation. This study views American history from 1938 to 2010 through the lens of superhero comics, revealing the spandex-clad guardians to be not only fictional characters but barometers of the place and time in which they reside. Instructors considering this book for use in a course may request an examination copy here.

Heroes of Empire
Title Heroes of Empire PDF eBook
Author Edward Berenson
Publisher Univ of California Press
Pages 376
Release 2011
Genre History
ISBN 0520272587

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Presents a history of the exploration of Africa between 1870 and 1914 by British and French explorers and argues that these men transformed the imperial steeplechase of those years into a powerful heroic moment.

The Last Trojan Hero
Title The Last Trojan Hero PDF eBook
Author Philip Hardie
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing
Pages 264
Release 2014-03-30
Genre Literary Criticism
ISBN 0857735063

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“I sing of arms and of a man: his fate had made him fugitive: he was the first to journey from the coasts of Troy as far as Italy and the Lavinian shores.” The resonant opening lines of Virgil's Aeneid rank among the most famous and consistently recited verses to have been passed down to later ages by antiquity. And after the Odyssey and the Iliad, Virgil's masterpiece is arguably the greatest classical text in the whole of Western literature. This sinuous and richly characterised epic vitally influenced the poetry of Dante, Petrarch and Milton. The doomed love of Dido and Aeneas inspired Purcell, while for T S Eliot Virgil's poem was 'the classic of all Europe'. The poet's stirring tale of a refugee Trojan prince, 'torn from Libyan waves' to found a new homeland in Italy, has provided much fertile material for writings on colonialism and for discourses of ethnic and national identity. The Aeneid has even been viewed as a template and a source of philosophical justification for British and American imperialism and adventurism. In his major new book Philip Hardie explores the many remarkable afterlives - ancient, medieval and modern - of the Aeneid in literature, music, politics, the visual arts and film.

Cassiodorus, Jordanes and the History of the Goths
Title Cassiodorus, Jordanes and the History of the Goths PDF eBook
Author Arne Søby Christensen
Publisher Museum Tusculanum Press
Pages 408
Release 2002
Genre History
ISBN 9788772897103

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This book is a study in the myth of the origins and early history of the Goths as told in the Getica written by Jordanes in AD 551. Jordanes claimed they emigrated from the island of Scandza (Sweden) in 1490 BC, thus giving them a history of more than two thousand years. He found this narrative in Cassiodorus' Gothic history, which is now lost. The present study demonstrates that Cassiodorus and Jordanes did not base their accounts on a living Gothic tradition of the past, as the Getica would have us believe. On the contrary, they got their information only from the Graeco-Roman literature. The Greeks and Romans, however, did not know of the Goths until the middle of the third century AD. Consequently, Cassiodorus and Jordanes created a Gothic history partly through an erudite exploitation of the names of foreign peoples, and partly by using the narratives about other peoples' history as if they belonged to the Goths. The history of the Migrations therefore must be reconsidered.

Beowulf in Comic Books and Graphic Novels
Title Beowulf in Comic Books and Graphic Novels PDF eBook
Author Richard Scott Nokes
Publisher McFarland
Pages 210
Release 2023-03-10
Genre Comics & Graphic Novels
ISBN 1476648425

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The legendary story of Beowulf comes to us in only one medieval manuscript with no illustrations. Modern comic book and graphic novel artists have created visual interpretations of Beowulf for decades, both illustrating and altering the classic story to pull out new themes.This book examines the growing canon of Beowulf comic books and graphic novels since the 1940s, and shows the remarkable emergence of new traditions--from re-envisioning the medieval look, to creating new plotlines, and even to transforming his identity. While placing Beowulf in a fantastical medieval setting, a techno-dystopia of the future, or modern-day America, artists have appropriated the tale to comment on social issues such as war, environmental issues, masculinity, and consumerism. Whether Beowulf is fighting new monsters or allying with popular comic book superheroes, these artists are creating a new canon of illustration that redefines Beowulf's place in our culture.