Fatty Liver Disease, a Silent Killer of Human Beings

Fatty Liver Disease, a Silent Killer of Human Beings
Title Fatty Liver Disease, a Silent Killer of Human Beings PDF eBook
Author Ashis Kumar Saha
Publisher Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Pages 221
Release 2019-11-15
Genre Medical
ISBN 1527543528

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A large number of people suffer from type 2 diabetes mellitus, particularly due to the development of new, calorie-dense foodstuffs with enormous saturated fat content. This has also caused an increase in the percentage of people suffering from metabolic syndrome. Such people become obese, and may develop diabetes and in hypertension. All these factors interact with each other and ultimately lead to fatty liver disease. This book explores all aspects of fatty liver disease, looking at how it develops and the ideal lines of investigations and management.

Metabolic-associated fatty liver disease, An Issue of Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinics of North America, E-Book

Metabolic-associated fatty liver disease, An Issue of Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinics of North America, E-Book
Title Metabolic-associated fatty liver disease, An Issue of Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinics of North America, E-Book PDF eBook
Author Joseph M. Pappachan
Publisher Elsevier Health Sciences
Pages 177
Release 2023-07-25
Genre Medical
ISBN 0443184089

Download Metabolic-associated fatty liver disease, An Issue of Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinics of North America, E-Book Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

In this issue of Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinics of North America, guest editors Drs. Sherouk Fouda and Joseph M. Pappachan bring their considerable expertise to the topic of Metabolic Associated Fatty Liver Disease. Top experts address the various ways metabolic associated fatty liver disease is related to other conditions such as diabetes, sarcopenia, PCOS, and more, as well as the management of MAFLD and cardiovascular implications. Contains 12 practice-oriented topics including obstructive sleep apnea and MAFLD; the interlink between MAFLD and polycystic ovary syndrome; pregnancy and MAFLD; MAFLD and gut microbiota; and more. Provides in-depth clinical reviews of metabolic associated fatty liver disease, offering actionable insights for clinical practice. Presents the latest information on this timely, focused topic under the leadership of experienced editors in the field. Authors synthesize and distill the latest research and practice guidelines to create clinically significant, topic-based reviews.

Diabetes: Disarming the Silent Killer

Diabetes: Disarming the Silent Killer
Title Diabetes: Disarming the Silent Killer PDF eBook
Author Chia Yook Chin
Publisher Sunway University Press
Pages 205
Release 2021-06-24
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 9675492430

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Diabetes: Disarming the Silent Killer gathers a prominent group of global researchers who share expert knowledge and views on diabetes. Readers will gain insights into groundbreaking therapies and approaches to preventing and managing diabetes complications. The book, a result of the 3rd Cambridge-Oxford-Sunway Biomedical Symposium, further shares the most recent advances in diabetes research from a Malaysian perspective.

Human and Planetary Health

Human and Planetary Health
Title Human and Planetary Health PDF eBook
Author Kees van Laarhoven
Publisher Radboud University Press
Pages 194
Release 2023-10-06
Genre Social Science
ISBN 9493296164

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his professional journey, travelling through an upcoming field of surgery with apparently unlimited possibilities, Kees van Laarhoven witnessed major milestones and breakthroughs. Already as a medical student, he was amazed by surgical courage. During residency, he experienced hard work, diligence and perseverance of surgical professionals. Today as a surgeon with over 25 years of clinical experience he now looks at pieces of art in surgery with professionals compassionately bringing hope to patients.But he also sees inconvenient truths in our healthcare system, with patients evolving from one predictable and preventable disease to the next and with professionals following disease trends rather than applying their knowledge to redirect disease into health. The modern disease-oriented care system becomes undesirable and unsustainable. And there are more inconvenient truths that have progressed rather than diminished in time. Healthcare is not easily accessible to the major half of the global population and for those who have access, with a growing global population, healthcare may become unaffordable in the future. Moreover, from an environmental perspective, both human and planetary health are compromised and ask for a ‘One Health’ approach. Being fascinated by the questions of how and why did this all happen, Kees van Laarhoven took up a scientific survey to comprehend and learn how things still can be changed. He found that clear solutions are there! Please join him on his journey.

The Liver Cure

The Liver Cure
Title The Liver Cure PDF eBook
Author Russell L. Blaylock
Publisher Humanix Books
Pages 328
Release 2022-04-12
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 1630061379

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Protect your mighty liver! Learn how it keeps you healthy, how to keep it healthy, and why you need to act now! The liver is the most overlooked and misunderstood of all our body’s organs. Because of the sudden, potentially fatal consequences of heart attack and stroke, everyone’s attention is always focused on the heart or the brain, but without a healthy liver, you ultimately cannot survive. Of all your organs, none does more for you than the liver. Still, until something goes wrong with the liver, it’s usually completely overlooked. The Liver Cure: Natural Solutions for Liver Health to Target Symptoms of Fatty Liver Disease, Autoimmune Diseases, Diabetes, Inflammation, Stress & Fatigue, Skin Conditions, and Many More explains the major reasons why you need to take action NOW to protect your liver, because it is assaulted everyday by factors in our modern-day life. The liver is the site for the body’s most powerful detoxification, but over the years an unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle choices, and environmental toxins can take their toll on liver health. World renowned physician and author Dr. Russell Blaylock provides a comprehensive overview of the liver, outlines the latest health information on the many dangers to your liver-health, and what you can do to protect it: Why the Liver is Your Body’s Most Important Organ Your Liver’s Role in Disease The Dangers of Cancer, Cirrhosis, Hepatitis & Fatty Liver Disease Medication & Environmental Hazards Poor Lifestyle Choices that Will Hurt Your Liver The Best Exercise for Liver Health How to Follow a Pro-Liver Diet Transplant Options & Cautions The Liver Cure offers natural remedies, lifestyle strategies, and dietary solutions that can take your liver off overload to resolve a wide range of symptoms and conditions, along with the latest treatment solutions from conventional and alternative therapies to new scientific discoveries and interventions.

11 Vials

11 Vials
Title 11 Vials PDF eBook
Author Petra Hoffmann
Publisher FriesenPress
Pages 175
Release 2011-10
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1770678980

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11 Vials is about the trials and tribulations, struggles, addictions, intrigue, death, loss, gain, anger, hurt, pain, betrayal, surrender, motherhood, and life as it unfolds for a young woman who has an unusual zest for life and people. While enduring obstacles and hardships throughout, she also finds herself "the life of the party." Learn how this unique individual endures all of the life lessons that confront her in a world not everyone has the courage to enter, and few are able to leave. If you or your loved ones have ever succumbed to the temptations of life, this is a must read. Hold her hand as she takes you with her on her journey filled with wild nights, and crazy parties, to learning, redemption, and a profound understanding of life and people. Learn why she was given a life threatening illness, having finally made it back to the "land of the living." Partial Proceeds go to: Hepatitis C Global Initiatives - www.hcvinitiatives.com


Title Lymph-Link PDF eBook
Author Dr. Loretta T. Friedman
Publisher Post Hill Press
Pages 215
Release 2022-07-12
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 1637583141

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We live in a very toxic world. The food we eat, the air we breathe, and the water we drink are all full of toxicity. It starts at birth, and there is no escaping the toxic exposure we all face. The real question isn’t, “Am I toxic?” but rather, “How toxic am I?” Some unfortunate people are unable to rid these toxins from their bodies. The phase one and phase two detoxification processes of their liver just isn't working properly. Toxins build in their system and cause all sorts of disease, cancers, or autoimmune issues. To make matters worse, no one is dealing with the lymphatic system. It is unfortunately ignored to a large extent. Find out how you can help detox your body, reverse symptoms caused by lymphatic obstruction, and rid yourself and your immune system of this unwanted burden of toxicity.