For Love of Insects
Title For Love of Insects PDF eBook
Author Thomas Eisner
Publisher Harvard University Press
Pages 468
Release 2005-10-31
Genre Nature
ISBN 0674736443

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Imagine beetles ejecting defensive sprays as hot as boiling water; female moths holding their mates for ransom; caterpillars disguising themselves as flowers by fastening petals to their bodies; termites emitting a viscous glue to rally fellow soldiers--and you will have entered an insect world once beyond imagining, a world observed and described down to its tiniest astonishing detail by Thomas Eisner. The story of a lifetime of such minute explorations, For Love of Insects celebrates the small creatures that have emerged triumphant on the planet, the beneficiaries of extraordinary evolutionary inventiveness and unparalleled reproductive capacity. To understand the success of insects is to appreciate our own shortcomings, Eisner tells us, but never has a reckoning been such a pleasure. Recounting exploits and discoveries in his lab at Cornell and in the field in Uruguay, Australia, Panama, Europe, and North America, Eisner time and again demonstrates how inquiry into the survival strategies of an insect leads to clarifications beyond the expected; insects are revealed as masters of achievement, forms of life worthy of study and respect from even the most recalcitrant entomophobe. Filled with descriptions of his ingenious experiments and illustrated with photographs unmatched for their combination of scientific content and delicate beauty, Eisner's book makes readers participants in the grand adventure of discovery on a scale infinitesimally small, and infinitely surprising.

For Love of Insects
Title For Love of Insects PDF eBook
Author Thomas Eisner
Publisher Harvard University Press
Pages 468
Release 2003
Genre Entomology
ISBN 9780674018273

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The authors seek to understand how insects and other arthropods use chemicals to defend themselves against predators and how some predators succeed in eating them anyway.

I Love Insects
Title I Love Insects PDF eBook
Author Lizzy Rockwell
Publisher National Geographic Books
Pages 0
Release 2022-06-21
Genre Juvenile Nonfiction
ISBN 0823451771

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If you love bugs, you will love this book! And you'll learn why they're so important! A Level G science book that's perfect for new readers! Insects are so pretty. Look at the pretty butterflies. The girl in this story loves insects--how they look, how they sound, and how they move. Her friend does not like insects--especially when they sting. Like them or not, children will learn many interesting facts, as well as why insects are essential to human survival! This science book was written for first graders to read on their own. With beautiful and accurate illustrations, vetted by an expert. For early-to-mid first grade readers, Level G books feature more complex storylines than prior levels, and a wider variety of structure and punctuation. Illustrations offer support for decoding the more challenging vocabulary words introduced. The books in the award-winning I Like to Read series are especially created for new readers and are leveled using Fountas & Pinnell standards. Acclaimed author-illustrators--including winners of Caldecott, Theodor Seuss Geisel, and Coretta Scott King honors--create original, high-quality illustrations that support comprehension of simple text and are fun for kids to read again and again with their parents, teachers or on their own!

A World of Insects
Title A World of Insects PDF eBook
Author Ring T. Cardé
Publisher Harvard University Press
Pages 413
Release 2012-04-16
Genre Nature
ISBN 0674046196

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As we follow the path of a giant water bug or peer over the wing of a gypsy moth, we glimpse our world anew, at once shrunk and magnified. Owing to their size alone, insects’ experience of the world is radically different from ours. Air to them is as viscous as water to us. The predicament of size, along with the dizzying diversity of insects and their status as arguably the most successful organisms on earth, have inspired passion and eloquence in some of the world’s most innovative scientists. A World of Insects showcases classic works on insect behavior, physiology, and ecology published over half a century by Harvard University Press. James Costa, Vincent Dethier, Thomas Eisner, Lee Goff, Bernd Heinrich, Bert Hölldobler, Kenneth Roeder, Andrew Ross, Thomas Seeley, Karl von Frisch, Gilbert Waldbauer, E. O. Wilson, and Mark Winston—each writer, in his unique voice, paints a close-up portrait of the ways insects explore their environment, outmaneuver their enemies, mate, and care for kin. Selected by two world-class entomologists, these essays offer compelling descriptions of insect cooperation and warfare, the search for ancient insect DNA in amber, and the energy economics of hot-blooded insects. They also discuss the impact—for good and ill—of insects on our food supply, their role in crime scene investigation, and the popular fascination with pheromones, killer bees, and fire ants. Each entry begins with commentary on the authors, their topics, and the latest research in the field.

The Life and Love of the Insect
Title The Life and Love of the Insect PDF eBook
Author Jean-Henri Fabre
Pages 262
Release 1915
Genre Insects

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Title Insects PDF eBook
Author David B. Rivers
Publisher JHU Press
Pages 489
Release 2017-04-15
Genre Nature
ISBN 1421421704

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An introduction to the intriguing world of insects, from bullet ants to butterflies. Designed as an introduction to the intriguing world of insect biology, this book examines familiar entomological topics in nontraditional ways. Author David B. Rivers gives important concepts relatable context through a pop culture lens, and he covers subjects that are not typical for entomology textbooks, including the impact of insects on the human condition, the sex lives of insects, why insects are phat but not fat, forensic entomology, and the threats that some insects pose to humanity. Each chapter presents clear and concise key concepts, chapter reviews, review questions following Bloom’s taxonomy of learning, web links to videos and other resources, and breakout boxes (called Fly Spots) that capture student interest with unique and entertaining facts related to entomology. Focusing on both traditional and cutting-edge aspects of insect biology and packed with extensive learning resources, Insects covers a wide range of topics suitable for life science majors, as well as non-science students, including: • the positive and negative influences of insects on everyday human life • insect abundance • insect classification (here presented in the context of social media) • insect feeding, communication, defense, and sex • how insects are responding to climate change • forensic entomology • how insects can be used as weapons of war • how insects relate to national security • why insects have wings • how to read pesticide labels

The Complete Insect
Title The Complete Insect PDF eBook
Author David A. Grimaldi
Publisher Princeton University Press
Pages 368
Release 2023-08-15
Genre Nature
ISBN 0691243107

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A beautifully illustrated exploration of the world’s most extraordinary animals With an astounding 3.5 million species occupying virtually every habitat on Earth, insects are one of the most diverse groups of animals on the planet, from the humble bee to the agile praying mantis. Taking you inside the extraordinary world of insects, The Complete Insect explores all aspects of the natural history of these remarkable creatures, providing a close-up look at their fascinating anatomy, physiology, evolution, ecology, behavior, and more. It features hundreds of stunning color photographs and illustrations and draws on a broad range of examples, from familiar ants to iridescent jewel beetles. A celebration of the rich complexity of insect life, The Complete Insect is a must-have book for insect enthusiasts and armchair naturalists. An absorbing, wide-ranging, and beautiful exploration of the fascinating natural history of insects Features a wealth of stunning full-color photographs from the field Includes photomicrographs and electron micrographs that offer a rare view of normally invisible structures Examines the complex relationship between humans and insects Integrates physiological adaptations with ecology and behavior