Grief Healed
Title Grief Healed PDF eBook
Author Sona Bhatnagar
Pages 264
Release 2020-09-29

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Grief is so devastating that it is paralyzing. How do you deal with life-altering losses? How can you pick yourself up from a cascade of tragic events? How can you maintain your will to live--let alone your sanity? Readers will discover... Simple, practical steps to move forward from the shock and pain of traumatic loss Knowledge and techniques to create joyful, well-lived, fulfilling lives The importance of learning to let go Aspects of non-traditional wellness therapies that allow us to connect with Source and develop resiliency How to merge spirituality with the grieving process Praise for Grief Healed: "Grief Healed is a self-help book of the highest order! What is unique about Dr. Sona Bhatnagar's story is her practical processes that can support anyone going through major trauma." --Mrs. Kathy and Dr. Issam Nemeh, M.D., Anesthesiologist, General Surgeon, International Spiritual Healer. "Dr. Sona guides people in the often unpredictable terrains of life where no roadmap really works. This book is a true friend to uplift the morale of mankind." --Mohanji, Himalayan Spiritual Master, World-renowned Humanitarian. "Dr. Bhatnagar uses her 30 years of medical training and her education as a Grief Recovery Specialist to guide the reader into renewal and personal growth after great loss." --Dr. Jeff Rediger, M.D., Harvard Medical School Faculty, Author of Cured: The Life-Changing Science of Spontaneous Healing. "Grief Healed is such an accessible and enlightening read written with a crispness and fluidity that is lacking in most grief/self-help books. This book has legs and is for anyone coping with loss of any type." --Justin M. Yopp, PhD, Clinical Psychologist and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Author of The Group: Seven Widowed Fathers Reimagine Life. "Grief Healed takes a topic that is universally traumatic and demonstrates a path of spirituality and healing." --Kathilyn Solomon, EFT Practitioner & Mentor, Author of Tapping Into Wellness: Using EFT To Clear Emotional and Physical Pain and Illness. "What an absolute treasure to help uncover the secrets of grief and learning to heal and love after loss." --Mesina Sanders, world-famous Psychic. "In so many ways this manuscript is peering into my soul. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. It is allowing me to let go, finally!" --Roshan K Mathew, MD, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. "Dr. Sona Bhatnagar uses her life lessons as a vehicle to open the door to many people who may be sitting in their own infinite loops of sorrow, hurt & grief, thus breaking the cycle that keeps people trapped in despair and inaction. She is a blessing." --Asavri Gupte, Author of Little Pilot Logbook and creator of the Baby Nebula books. "Congratulations on teaching all these life lessons and so many more in such a meaningful, personable, and relatable way. Bravo, Sona!" --Amy Coleman, M.D. Founder and CEO of Wellsmart Medical Services. Author of Discovering Your Own Doctor Within. "Sona Bhatnagar is a gifted writer and an inspiring storyteller. Grief Healed is a compelling testament to the power of faith and the tenacity of the human spirit." --Gary Jansen, Author of MicroShifts: Transforming Your Life One Step at a Time.

Loss, Survive, Thrive
Title Loss, Survive, Thrive PDF eBook
Author Meryl Hershey Beck
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages 351
Release 2019-11-08
Genre Family & Relationships
ISBN 1538125242

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No one is prepared for the loss of a child. No one. It feels completely unnatural for children to predecease their parents. Although it is not widely known, each year there are over 135,000 under 40-year-old deaths in the U.S. alone. And, according to one study, 19% of parents outlive their children—often carrying the weight of horrendous grief to their own graves. “Isolated and alone” is how parents often describe the grief process. Well-meaning friends and family members usually rush to their side… in the beginning. Once the floral arrangements have wilted, and the dinners from caring friends diminish, there isn’t really much that can be said to bring comfort to a suffering parent, especially if those friends haven’t experienced it themselves. Unfortunately, when these caring friends do bring up the loss, quite often they say the wrong things. Loss, Survive, Thrive offers a lifeline of hope. Each chapter is an inspirational story written by a parent who also experienced the agony of losing a child, reclaimed his/her vitality, and is now living a fulfilling life. Every story is authentic and heartfelt, designed to uplift and inspire. The collective authors reach out through the pages to virtually hold hands with those who are suffering. We, the contributors, have all been there. We know their pain, and we know about survival. And now, through our stories, we offer comfort and support in helping them get through the toughest time of their lives. Bereaved parents share an unspeakable bond. And Loss, Survive, Thrive imparts insight from what’s likely the only voices that grieving parents can hear—others who have walked in their shoes. This book is a giant step toward healing the grieving heart.

Beyond the Darkness
Title Beyond the Darkness PDF eBook
Author Clarissa Moll
Publisher Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
Pages 241
Release 2022-07-05
Genre Religion
ISBN 1496458958

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“Those going through dark times will find this generous, strongly Christian work a welcome beacon of light.” —Publisher’s Weekly Sorrow is a dark and painful road. You don’t need to walk it alone. The Bible says that “God is near to the brokenhearted,” but what does that look like when you’re lost in the darkness of agonizing grief? How do you engage with your sorrow when the world tells you to shoulder through or move on? Award-winning writer and podcaster Clarissa Moll knows this landscape of loss all too well. Her life changed forever in 2019 when her husband, Rob, died unexpectedly while hiking—leaving her with four children to raise alone. In her debut book, Beyond the Darkness, Clarissa offers her powerful personal narrative as well as honest, practical wisdom that will gently guide you toward flourishing amidst your own loss. In the pages of Beyond the Darkness, you’ll learn how to meet and engage with loss in your everyday life, uncover the lies the world has told you about your grief, and point your feet toward hope and find a way to navigate your new life with loss and God beside you. Whether you’ve lost someone dear to you or you’re supporting a loved one as they mourn, you can learn to walk with grief. And as you do, you might be surprised to discover the path is wide enough for another companion, the Good Shepherd of your soul. Grief may walk with us for the rest of our lives, but Jesus will too.

Healing Your Grieving Heart After a Cancer Diagnosis
Title Healing Your Grieving Heart After a Cancer Diagnosis PDF eBook
Author Alan D. Wolfelt
Publisher Companion Press
Pages 130
Release 2014-08-01
Genre Health & Fitness
ISBN 1617222003

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According to the American Cancer Society, more than one million people get cancer in the United States each year. The diagnosis is often a major physical, emotional, social, and spiritual blow, capable of shaking patients to their core. This empathetic guide coauthored by cancer survivor Dr. Alan Wolfelt helps individuals understand and cope with the many difficult thoughts and feelings to which a cancer diagnosis can give rise, assisting them as they find ways to experience peace and joy throughout their journey. Among the 100 ideas for surviving and thriving in this book are those that explain the basic principles of grief and mourning and how they apply to a life-altering, life-threatening, or terminal medical diagnosis. Others offer instantaneous, in-the-moment suggestions of things that cancer patients can do immediately in order to express their grief and live with meaning in each moment. This book is a calming companion for people battling cancer and their loved ones.

The Comprehensive Physicians' Guide to the Management of PANS and PANDAS
Title The Comprehensive Physicians' Guide to the Management of PANS and PANDAS PDF eBook
Author Scott Antoine
Publisher Simon and Schuster
Pages 346
Release 2024-02-06
Genre Medical
ISBN 1637632703

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An evidence-based guide for doctors diagnosing, testing, and treating children with PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Strep infections). In the early 1990s, a group of researchers at the National Institute of Mental Health began collecting data on children who had developed neuropsychiatric disorders (OCD and tics) following infections. They found evidence that antineuronal antibodies had developed in some of these children which attacked the basal ganglia region of the brain. MRI and PET scans in these children demonstrated inflammatory changes in the basal ganglia as well. In 1997, the researchers published the first article to describe this syndrome that they named PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Strep infections). In PANDAS, an autoimmune attack on the brain occurs following a Strep infection. PANS (Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome) is a broader term that also includes cases following exposure to other infections, toxins, and even stress. Clinicians treating children with PANS and PANDAS have found that antibiotics targeted at the offending organisms, steroids, and IVIG results in marked improvement and occasionally complete remission of the neuropsychiatric symptoms. Disturbing symptoms consistent with many DSM-5 psychiatric disorders manifest in patients with PANS and PANDAS—yet we know that there is a biologic basis for the changes in these children. As a result, these disorders require us, as physicians, to view mental illness in an entirely new way. Resistance to this change in paradigm has made PANS and PANDAS difficult for clinicians to diagnose, unbearable for parents to endure, and controversial for scholars to accept. As such, there is no recognized standard of care. We have written this work in an effort to change that. This is a textbook by physicians for physicians. It was written to bring back some of the art of medicine to physicians caring for a group of children and families who really need it. PANS and PANDAS are complex disorders that demand a rich, multifaceted response with novel treatment approaches. The material in this book is assembled from the peer-reviewed medical literature, in combination with over thirty years of clinical experience caring for the sickest patients, both in and out of the hospital. Here you will find conclusive evidence for the existence and pathophysiology of PANS and PANDAS, alongside testing and treatment interventions the author has successfully used in his own practice with hundreds of children. The book concludes with rich appendices including commonly used labs, doses of medications and supplements, a sample flare protocol, extensive support for parents, sample IVIG orders, and much more. We hope this resource allows you, the physician, to help these suffering families heal.

Thrive on Stress
Title Thrive on Stress PDF eBook
Author Jan Sutton
Publisher How To Books Ltd
Pages 196
Release 2000
Genre Reference
ISBN 9781857035544

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Not all stress is bad. Readers can discover how to conquer negative stress and use positive pressure to boost self-esteem and confidence. Supported by numerous illustrations, activities and comprehensive case studies, this fascinating book could quite literally transform their lives.

Title Winning PDF eBook
Author Harriet Hodgson
Publisher BQB Publishing
Pages 226
Release 2023-04-17
ISBN 160808292X

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Harriet Hodgson is well-acquainted with grief. She is a bereaved mother, daughter, sister, daughter-in-law, wife, and friend. After so many losses, she decided "Death will be the loser; life will be the winner. I will make it so." Winning is all about healing - a story of love with surprise laughter, useful tips, personal growth, and a path for creating a new life. Winning can help you embrace the life that is waiting for you.