History Is Wrong

History Is Wrong
Title History Is Wrong PDF eBook
Author Erich von Däniken
Publisher Red Wheel/Weiser
Pages 224
Release 2009-01-01
Genre Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN 1601630867

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The author takes a look at the Voynich manuscript, the Book of Enoch, a lost subterranean labyrinth in Ecuador, and the mysterious lines in the desert of Nazca.

How History Gets Things Wrong

How History Gets Things Wrong
Title How History Gets Things Wrong PDF eBook
Author Alex Rosenberg
Publisher MIT Press
Pages 305
Release 2018-10-09
Genre Psychology
ISBN 026234842X

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Why we learn the wrong things from narrative history, and how our love for stories is hard-wired. To understand something, you need to know its history. Right? Wrong, says Alex Rosenberg in How History Gets Things Wrong. Feeling especially well-informed after reading a book of popular history on the best-seller list? Don't. Narrative history is always, always wrong. It's not just incomplete or inaccurate but deeply wrong, as wrong as Ptolemaic astronomy. We no longer believe that the earth is the center of the universe. Why do we still believe in historical narrative? Our attachment to history as a vehicle for understanding has a long Darwinian pedigree and a genetic basis. Our love of stories is hard-wired. Neuroscience reveals that human evolution shaped a tool useful for survival into a defective theory of human nature. Stories historians tell, Rosenberg continues, are not only wrong but harmful. Israel and Palestine, for example, have dueling narratives of dispossession that prevent one side from compromising with the other. Henry Kissinger applied lessons drawn from the Congress of Vienna to American foreign policy with disastrous results. Human evolution improved primate mind reading—the ability to anticipate the behavior of others, whether predators, prey, or cooperators—to get us to the top of the African food chain. Now, however, this hard-wired capacity makes us think we can understand history—what the Kaiser was thinking in 1914, why Hitler declared war on the United States—by uncovering the narratives of what happened and why. In fact, Rosenberg argues, we will only understand history if we don't make it into a story.

Lies My Teacher Told Me

Lies My Teacher Told Me
Title Lies My Teacher Told Me PDF eBook
Author James W. Loewen
Publisher The New Press
Pages 466
Release 2008
Genre History
ISBN 1595583262

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Criticizes the way history is presented in current textbooks, and suggests a more accurate approach to teaching American history.

Bad History

Bad History
Title Bad History PDF eBook
Author Emma Marriott
Publisher Michael O'Mara Books
Pages 189
Release 2011-09-30
Genre History
ISBN 1843177773

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So many historical 'truths' handed down by teachers or historians, and repeated by the press, prove on closer scrutiny to be at best misleading, and at worst deliberately falsified. Yet they are often so deeply rooted that we take them as fact - America's Founding Fathers must have been democrats, surely, and wasn't Captain Scott 'of the Antarctic' one of history's greatest leaders? Some historical 'facts' are little more than fables, distorted in the retelling; others are the result of deliberate attempts to mislead, or to cover up a discreditable past. Entertaining but authoritative, Bad History debunks a wealth of historical errors, accidental or deliberate. In doing so, it exposes many falsehoods that have wrongly - and sometimes dangerously - influenced our understanding of the world's history.

History's Greatest Lies

History's Greatest Lies
Title History's Greatest Lies PDF eBook
Author William Weir
Publisher Quarto Publishing Group USA
Pages 289
Release 2009-01-01
Genre History
ISBN 161673437X

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Get the real facts you weren’t taught in school and learn how these myths have survived for so long. Discover the stories behind history’s greatest lies and how—and why—the world’s biggest whoppers have survived textbooks and lesson plans for years. For instance, did you know the conquistador Hernán Cortés wasn’t as bloodthirsty as they say? Neither were the Goths, who were actually the most progressive of the Germanic tribes. Or, that a petty criminal with a resemblance to John Dillinger was probably assassinated instead of the notorious bank robber? In History’s Greatest Lies, Weir sets the record straight through a fascinating examination of historical lies and myths and the true stories behind them. Each chapter pinpoints a misconception held as common truth in history. For example: Emperor Nero did not fiddle as Rome burned Paul Revere had plenty of help in his midnight ride In terms of prisons, the Bastille wasn’t all that bad Weir explains why each lie persevered in our minds through ulterior motives, responsibility shirking, or exaggerations. You’ll also discover the common threads that make up these falsehoods: the scapegoats, the spin needed to cast undeserving in a better light, and the frightful oversimplification of facts. Praise for History’s Greatest Lies “Weir takes no prisoners—and tells no lies—in his continuously surprising and always fascinating new book. Great falsehoods have shaped history even more than great truths; the enduring fascination of this highly original volume is discovering how much of what we accept for fact is just plain wrong.” —Joe Cummins, author of The War Chronicles: From Chariots to Flintlocks and History’s Greatest Untold Stories

The Wrong View of History

The Wrong View of History
Title The Wrong View of History PDF eBook
Author Jack Paraskovich
Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Pages 301
Release 2016-02-05
Genre Reference
ISBN 1477123962

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The Wrong View of History is a provocative analysis of life, predominately in The Middle Ages and Renaissance periods. It dissects different aspects of daily life, from childhood, education, sex, shame, warfare, torture, cuisine to other, more philosophical views on time, space and ever-present societal changes. It shows the reader, how wrong it is, to judge these past societies through the prism of our understanding, through the values imposed on us by our morals and standards of todays conduct. A libertine openness in sexual practices may belong on some sleazy porn site today, but was the way of life, during the times of Marquis de Sade. This book is full of such examples from all facets of life. All the while, the author is keeping a light, humorous style, making it an easy and enjoyable read.

Teaching What Really Happened

Teaching What Really Happened
Title Teaching What Really Happened PDF eBook
Author James W. Loewen
Publisher Teachers College Press
Pages 289
Release 2018-09-07
Genre Education
ISBN 0807759481

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“Should be in the hands of every history teacher in the country.”— Howard Zinn James Loewen has revised Teaching What Really Happened, the bestselling, go-to resource for social studies and history teachers wishing to break away from standard textbook retellings of the past. In addition to updating the scholarship and anecdotes throughout, the second edition features a timely new chapter entitled "Truth" that addresses how traditional and social media can distort current events and the historical record. Helping students understand what really happened in the past will empower them to use history as a tool to argue for better policies in the present. Our society needs engaged citizens now more than ever, and this book offers teachers concrete ideas for getting students excited about history while also teaching them to read critically. It will specifically help teachers and students tackle important content areas, including Eurocentrism, the American Indian experience, and slavery. Book Features: An up-to-date assessment of the potential and pitfalls of U.S. and world history education. Information to help teachers expect, and get, good performance from students of all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Strategies for incorporating project-oriented self-learning, having students conduct online historical research, and teaching historiography. Ideas from teachers across the country who are empowering students by teaching what really happened. Specific chapters dedicated to five content topics usually taught poorly in today’s schools.