esus’s epithets "Teacher" and "Prophet": a cognitive semantics approach to social roles

esus’s epithets
Title esus’s epithets "Teacher" and "Prophet": a cognitive semantics approach to social roles PDF eBook
Author Aurel-Onisim LEHACI
Publisher Editura Universității din București - Bucharest University Press
Pages 256
Genre Religion
ISBN 6061614713

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The book explores the complementarity of these roles, highlighting their portrayal of Jesus’s key attributes and his dual human-divine identity. Cognitive linguistics provides the perspective for delving into these social roles, emphasizing their significance in understanding the complexity of Jesus’s character. It shows that Jesus embodies two complementary epithets – “teacher” and “prophet” – representing distinct approaches to knowledge transmission, either through human activity or divine intervention. The book illustrates the intricate complexity of Jesus’s character proving that Jesus not only fulfills but surpasses typical expectations in both roles, consistently revealing his dual identity and the permanent truth of both epithets.

Thoughts Upon Slavery

Thoughts Upon Slavery
Title Thoughts Upon Slavery PDF eBook
Author John Wesley
Pages 32
Release 1774
Genre Slavery

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The State Pen Work Book, A Neuroscience-Oriented Approach to Success

The State Pen Work Book, A Neuroscience-Oriented Approach to Success
Title The State Pen Work Book, A Neuroscience-Oriented Approach to Success PDF eBook
Author Edward Bevilacqua
Pages 580
Release 2019-07-28
Genre Science
ISBN 035977668X

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This is a neuroscience-oriented brainsmart program designed to help struggling, yet motivated, adults (especially those in prison) learn the tools and techniques for success (i.e. the skills needed to obtain stable and meaningful employment). Students learn the fundamentals of how the brain works in order to answer two questions: 1) Who am I? and, 2) Why do I behave as I do? --The goal is to ""dial-in"" who one needs to be in the moment. This program has been taught in Nevada State prisons and to Nevada inmates since 2013.

The Slave Systems of Greek and Roman Antiquity

The Slave Systems of Greek and Roman Antiquity
Title The Slave Systems of Greek and Roman Antiquity PDF eBook
Author William Linn Westermann
Publisher American Philosophical Society
Pages 196
Release 1955
Genre Slavery
ISBN 9780871690401

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Greek slavery from Homer to the Persian wars -- From the Persian wars to Alexander : slave supply and slave numbers -- From the Persian wars to Alexander : slave employment and legal aspects of slavery -- From the Persian wars to Alexander : the social setting of polis slavery -- The eastern Mediterranean lands from Alexander to Augustus : the Delphic manumissions : slave origins, economic and legal approaches -- The eastern area from Alexander to Augustus : basic differences between pre-Greek and Greek slavery -- Slavery in Hellenistic Egypt : pharaonic tradition and Greek intrusions -- War and slavery in the West to 146 B.C. -- The Roman republic : praedial slavery, piracy, and slave revolts -- The later republic : the slave and the Roman familia -- The later republic : social and legal position of slaves -- Slavery under the Roman empire to Constantine the Great : sources and numbers of slaves -- The Roman Empire in the West : economic aspects of slavery -- Slavery under the Roman Empire : the provenance of slaves, how sold and prices paid -- The Roman Empire : living conditions and social life of slaves -- Imperial slaves and freedmen of the emperors : amelioration of slavery -- The moral implications of imperial slavery and the "decline" of ancient culture -- In the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire -- From Diocletian to Justinian : problems os slavery -- From Diocletian to Justinian : the eastern and the western developments -- From Diocletian to Justinian : leveling of position between free workers and slaves -- Upon slavery and Christianity -- Conclusion.

Missionary Methods

Missionary Methods
Title Missionary Methods PDF eBook
Author Roland Allen
Publisher Aneko Press
Pages 228
Release 2017-02-15
Genre Religion
ISBN 1622454030

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Newly updated, revised edition. A complete missionary manual for evangelical missionaries. Missionary Methods is an enduring classic, a how-to that every single missionary should read, as well as any lay person who desires to be a useful part of the body of Christ. The author, Roland Allen, takes a thorough look at the practice and principle of arguably the most successful church planter in history, the biblical apostle Paul. Every missionary difficulty and success can be found in Acts and the apostle Paul's letters, which cover such topics as training, discipleship, finances, and sustainability. The "methods" are built on the foundation of a relationship with God, salvation through Christ, and the indwelling and leading of the Holy Spirit.

The Secret of Our Success

The Secret of Our Success
Title The Secret of Our Success PDF eBook
Author Joseph Henrich
Publisher Princeton University Press
Pages 464
Release 2017-10-17
Genre Psychology
ISBN 0691178437

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How our collective intelligence has helped us to evolve and prosper Humans are a puzzling species. On the one hand, we struggle to survive on our own in the wild, often failing to overcome even basic challenges, like obtaining food, building shelters, or avoiding predators. On the other hand, human groups have produced ingenious technologies, sophisticated languages, and complex institutions that have permitted us to successfully expand into a vast range of diverse environments. What has enabled us to dominate the globe, more than any other species, while remaining virtually helpless as lone individuals? This book shows that the secret of our success lies not in our innate intelligence, but in our collective brains—on the ability of human groups to socially interconnect and learn from one another over generations. Drawing insights from lost European explorers, clever chimpanzees, mobile hunter-gatherers, neuroscientific findings, ancient bones, and the human genome, Joseph Henrich demonstrates how our collective brains have propelled our species' genetic evolution and shaped our biology. Our early capacities for learning from others produced many cultural innovations, such as fire, cooking, water containers, plant knowledge, and projectile weapons, which in turn drove the expansion of our brains and altered our physiology, anatomy, and psychology in crucial ways. Later on, some collective brains generated and recombined powerful concepts, such as the lever, wheel, screw, and writing, while also creating the institutions that continue to alter our motivations and perceptions. Henrich shows how our genetics and biology are inextricably interwoven with cultural evolution, and how culture-gene interactions launched our species on an extraordinary evolutionary trajectory. Tracking clues from our ancient past to the present, The Secret of Our Success explores how the evolution of both our cultural and social natures produce a collective intelligence that explains both our species' immense success and the origins of human uniqueness.

Slavery in Portuguese Africa

Slavery in Portuguese Africa
Title Slavery in Portuguese Africa PDF eBook
Author Henry Woodd Nevinson
Pages 520
Release 1972
Genre History

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