Insights into Teaching Mathematics
Title Insights into Teaching Mathematics PDF eBook
Author Anthony Orton
Publisher A&C Black
Pages 204
Release 2004-10-01
Genre Education
ISBN 1847144489

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Providing essential guidance and background information about teaching mathematics, this book is intended particularly for teachers who do not regard themselves as specialists in mathematics. It deals with issues of learning and teaching, including the delivery of content and the place of problems and investigations. Difficulties which pupils encounter in connection with language and symbols form important sections of the overall discussion of how to enhance learning. The curriculum is considered in brief under the headings of number, algebra, shape and space, and data handling, and special attention is paid to the topic approach and mathematics across the curriculum. The assessment of mathematical attainment is also dealt with thoroughly. Teachers will find this book an invaluable companion in their day-to-day teaching.

Opening the Research Text
Title Opening the Research Text PDF eBook
Author Elizabeth de Freitas
Publisher Springer Science & Business Media
Pages 260
Release 2007-12-19
Genre Education
ISBN 0387754644

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An innovative contribution to educational research is to be found in this book. The book addresses the need to generate texts that assist educators and future educators in taking up new research and making sense of it. It offers unique approaches to interpreting research within the mathematics education field and takes its place in a growing set of resources. The book will appeal to teacher educators, student teachers, and mathematics education researchers alike.

A Journey in Mathematics Education Research
Title A Journey in Mathematics Education Research PDF eBook
Author Erna Yackel
Publisher Springer Science & Business Media
Pages 248
Release 2010-11-30
Genre Education
ISBN 9048197295

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Our objective is to publish a book that lays out the theoretical constructs and research methodologies within mathematics education that have been developed by Paul Cobb and explains the process of their development. We propose to do so by including papers in which Cobb introduced new theoretical perspectives and methodologies into the literature, each preceded by a substantive accompanying introductory paper that explains the motivation/rationale for developing the new perspectives and/or methodologies and the processes through which they were developed, and Cobb’s own retrospective comments. In this way the book provides the reader with heretofore unpublished material that lays out in considerable detail the issues and problems that Cobb has confronted in his work, that, from his viewpoint, required theoretical and methodological shifts/advances and provides insight into how he has achieved the shifts/advances. The result will be a volume that, in addition to explaining Cobb’s contributions to the field of mathematics education, also provides the reader with insight into what is involved in developing an aggressive and evolving research program. When Cobb confronts problems and issues in his work that cannot be addressed using his existing theories and frameworks, he looks to other fields for theoretical inspiration. A critical feature of Cobb’s work is that in doing so, he consciously appropriates and adapts ideas from these other fields to the purpose of supporting processes of learning and teaching mathematics; He does not simply accept the goals or motives of those fields. As a result, Cobb reconceptualizes and reframes issues and concepts so that they result in new ways of investigating, exploring, and explaining phenomena that he encounters in the practical dimensions of his work, which include working in classrooms, with teachers, and with school systems. The effect is that the field of mathematics education is altered. Other researchers have found his "new ways of looking" useful to them. And they, in turn, adapt these ideas for their own use. The complexity of many of the ideas that Cobb has introduced into the field of mathematics education can lead to a multiplicity of interpretations by practitioners and by other researchers, based on their own experiential backgrounds. Therefore, by detailing the development of Cobb’s work, including the tensions involved in coming to grips with and reconciling apparently contrasting perspectives, the book will shed additional light on the processes of reconceptualization and thus help the reader to understand the reasons, mechanisms, and outcomes of researchers’ constant pursuit of new insights.

Insights Into Global Engineering Education After the Birth of Industry 5.0
Title Insights Into Global Engineering Education After the Birth of Industry 5.0 PDF eBook
Author Montaha Bouezzeddine
Publisher BoD – Books on Demand
Pages 150
Release 2022-04-20
Genre Education
ISBN 1839692855

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Insights Into Global Engineering Education After the Birth of Industry 5.0 presents a comprehensive overview of recent developments in the fields of engineering and technology. The book comprises single chapters authored by various researchers and edited by an expert active in the engineering education research area. It provides a thorough overview of the latest research efforts by international authors on engineering education and opens potential new research paths for further novel developments.

Research Trends in Mathematics Teacher Education
Title Research Trends in Mathematics Teacher Education PDF eBook
Author Jane-Jane Lo
Publisher Springer
Pages 320
Release 2014-05-28
Genre Education
ISBN 3319025627

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Research on the preparation and continued development of mathematics teachers is becoming an increasingly important subset of mathematics education research. Such research explores the attributes, knowledge, skills and beliefs of mathematics teachers as well as methods for assessing and developing these critical aspects of teachers and influences on teaching. Research Trends in Mathematics Teacher Education focuses on three major themes in current mathematics teacher education research: mathematical knowledge for teaching, teacher beliefs and identities, and tools and techniques to support teacher learning. Through careful reports of individual research studies and cross-study syntheses of the state of research in these areas, the book provides insights into teachers’ learning processes and how these processes can be harnessed to develop effective teachers. Chapters investigate bedrock skills needed for working with primary and secondary learners (writing relevant problems, planning lessons, being attentive to student learning) and illustrate how knowledge can be accessed, assessed, and nurtured over the course of a teaching career. Commentaries provide context for current research while identifying areas deserving future study. Included among the topics: Teachers’ curricular knowledge Teachers’ personal and classroom mathematics Teachers’ learning journeys toward reasoning and sense-making Teachers’ transitions in noticing Teachers’ uses of a learning trajectory as a tool for mathematics lesson planning A unique and timely set of perspectives on the professional development of mathematics teachers at all stages of their careers, Research Trends in Mathematics Teacher Education brings clarity and practical advice to researchers as well as practitioners in this increasingly critical arena.

Theorizing and Measuring Affect in Mathematics Teaching and Learning
Title Theorizing and Measuring Affect in Mathematics Teaching and Learning PDF eBook
Author Chiara Andrà
Publisher Springer Nature
Pages 262
Release 2021-01-23
Genre Education
ISBN 303050526X

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This book presents a literature review of and a state-of-the-art glimpse into current research on affect-related aspects of teaching and learning in and beyond mathematics classrooms. Then, research presented at the MAVI 25 Conference, which took place in Intra (Italy) in June 2019, is grouped in thematic strands that capture cutting-edge issues related to affective components of learning and teaching mathematics. The concluding chapter summarises the main messages and sketches future directions for research on affect in mathematics education. The book is intended for researchers in mathematics education and especially graduate students and PhD candidates who are interested in emotions, attitudes, motivations, beliefs, needs and values in mathematics education.

Teaching Mathematics with Insight
Title Teaching Mathematics with Insight PDF eBook
Author Anne D. Cockburn
Publisher Routledge
Pages 148
Release 2005-08-11
Genre Education
ISBN 1135709742

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The Initial Teacher Training National Curriculum says that student teachers should be trained to analyse pupil's errors in maths and act accordingly. This is the only book that supports teachers' analysis of mathematical errors and helps them predict potential problems and propose solutions for themselves. Written in an accessible style, Teaching Mathematics with Insight guides the primary and early years teacher, and the student teacher through a series of processes that will enable them to become more effective and enlightened teachers of early mathematics. The processes include: unravelling the complexities of a concept, for example subtraction, by considering its component parts and the knowledge required to acquire understanding; watching children work to observe common mistakes and analyse the underlying misconceptions; discussing the concepts with other adults.