Teaching Activities Manual for Breakthrough! the Bible for Young Catholics

Teaching Activities Manual for Breakthrough! the Bible for Young Catholics
Title Teaching Activities Manual for Breakthrough! the Bible for Young Catholics PDF eBook
Author Rick Keller-Scholz
Publisher Saint Mary's Press
Pages 362
Release 2006
Genre Bible
ISBN 088489908X

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"Each chapter includes these features: an overview of the character, scripture passages related to the character, Breakthrough! articles that pertain to the character, a list of similarities between young adolescents and the biblical figure, biblical quotes that point to God's presence n the character's story, [and] a 'Getting to know the biblical character' activity (or activities) that explores who the biblical character is and makes connections between his or her relationship with God and the young people's own life experience"--Back cover.

The Alexander Technique for Musicians

The Alexander Technique for Musicians
Title The Alexander Technique for Musicians PDF eBook
Author Judith Kleinman
Publisher A&C Black
Pages 224
Release 2013-12-02
Genre Music
ISBN 140817684X

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The Alexander Technique for Musicians is a unique guide for all musicians, providing a practical, informative approach to being a successful and comfortable performer. Perfect as an introduction to the Alexander Technique, or to supplement the reader's lessons, the book looks at daily and last-minute practice, breathing, performance and performance anxiety, teacher?pupil relationships, ensemble skills, and the application of the Alexander Technique to instrumental and vocal work. Complete with diagrams and photographs to aid the learning process, as well as step-by-step procedures and diary entries written by participating students, The Alexander Technique for Musicians gives tried-and-tested advice, drawn from the authors' twenty-plus years of experience working with musicians, providing an essential handbook for musicians seeking the most from themselves and their art.

Teaching Science

Teaching Science
Title Teaching Science PDF eBook
Author Tony Liversidge
Publisher SAGE
Pages 280
Release 2009-06-30
Genre Education
ISBN 1446205673

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Reflective practice is at the heart of effective teaching, and this book helps you develop into a reflective teacher of Science. Everything you need is here: guidance on developing your analysis and self-evaluation skills, the knowledge of what you are trying to achieve and why, and examples of how experienced teachers deliver successful lessons. It includes advice about obtaining your first teaching post, and about continuing professional development. The book shows you how to plan creative lessons, how to make good use of resources and how to assess pupils' progress effectively. Each chapter contains points for reflection, which encourage you to break off from your reading and think about the challenging questions that you face as a new teacher. The book comes with access to a companion website, www.sagepub.co.uk/secondary, where you will find: - Videos of real lessons so you can see the skills discussed in the text in action - Links to a range of sites that provide useful additional support - Extra planning and resource materials. If you are training to teach science this book will help you to improve your classroom performance, by providing you with practical advice, but also by helping you to think in depth about the key issues. It also supplements guidance on undertaking a research project with examples of the research evidence that is needed in academic work at Masters level, essential for anyone undertaking an M-level PGCE.

A Pious Seductress

A Pious Seductress
Title A Pious Seductress PDF eBook
Author Géza G. Xeravits
Publisher Walter de Gruyter
Pages 237
Release 2012-01-27
Genre Religion
ISBN 3110279983

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The present volume contains papers delivered at the International Conference on the Deuterocanonical Books, held at the Sapientia College of Theology, Budapest, Hungary, 14–16 May, 2009. The contributions explore various aspects of the Book of Judith: its textual versions, historical background, theological ideas and literary afterlife. The conference, on which this volume is based, was the most comprehensive scholarly meeting devoted recently to the Book of Judith. The contributors reopened several basic questions concerning the writing, such as the identification of concrete historical personalities reflected in the book, or some aspects of the halakhic system of the author.The scope of the contributions extends also to the late mediaeval use of the book by European playwrights.

Higher Teaching and Learning for Alternative Futures

Higher Teaching and Learning for Alternative Futures
Title Higher Teaching and Learning for Alternative Futures PDF eBook
Author Yusef Waghid
Publisher Springer Nature
Pages 164
Release 2021-05-29
Genre Education
ISBN 3030754294

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This book analyses the narratives of four academics who consider themselves post-structuralist. Grounded in the work of major thinkers in post-structuralism, these narratives reflect on higher education as a community of scholars without community. The authors highlight what specifically motivates their pedagogical affirmations and orientations, analyse why they are concerned with social justice education, and what they envisage the alternative futures of higher education to be – that is, futures in which discrimination, oppression, violence and inequality are waning or have been eradicated. Through their own narratives, the authors tackle the educational matter of poststructuralist human encounters and expand upon the notion of social justice education. In doing so, they argue for higher education on the African continent as an alternative discourse that can be responsive to political, societal and environmental dystopias.

The Primary Curriculum

The Primary Curriculum
Title The Primary Curriculum PDF eBook
Author Patricia Driscoll
Publisher SAGE
Pages 298
Release 2011-09-09
Genre Education
ISBN 1849205965

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Providing an overview of the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to teach the new primary curriculum, this book offers an informed critical approach to the teaching of core subjects in elementary education. Underpinned by contemporary research and current policy The Primary Curriculum combines coverage of key subject-specific issues with relevant pedagogical approaches to teaching, offering a comprehensive overview of each major subject within elementary education. Particular emphasis is placed on cross-curricular and creative approaches to teaching intelligently across different subject areas within the current curriculum framework. Curriculum progression is also emphasized. The Primary Curriculum is an essential companion for all students in elementary teacher education courses.

The Feminine Unconventional

The Feminine Unconventional
Title The Feminine Unconventional PDF eBook
Author Andre LaCocque
Publisher Wipf and Stock Publishers
Pages 160
Release 2005-12-01
Genre Religion
ISBN 1597524808

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