Ich verlange einen inneren Columbus
Title Ich verlange einen inneren Columbus PDF eBook
Author Karin Birgitta Adam
Publisher Peter Lang Gmbh, Internationaler Verlag Der Wissenschaften
Pages 284
Release 2004
Genre Literary Criticism

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In vielen seiner Texte läßt sich der poetologische Diskurs des schwedischen Autors Göran Tunström (1937-2000) finden: in Gedichten, in der umfangreichen erzählenden Prosa und in essayistischen Notizen. Ausführlich werden hier vor dem Hintergrund seiner beiden zentralen Romane Juloratoriet (Das Weihnachtsoratorium) von 1983 und Tjuven (Der Dieb) von 1986, im Text verborgene Codes untersucht, die einen facettenreichen Blick auf die Poetologie gewähren. Diesem spannenden Diskurs wird anhand intertextueller Einflüsse wie den philosophischen Ideen Swedenborgs, Eliades oder Rilkes im Verfahren einer textnahen Interpretation nachgespürt und es werden so bestimmte poetologische Konzeptionen über das Schreiben, die Verortung des Dichters und die Kraft des Wortes freigelegt.

Title Evaluations PDF eBook
Author Krister Ståhlberg
Publisher Nordic Council of Ministers
Pages 188
Release 2001
Genre Political Science
ISBN 9789289306898

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Swedish Book Review
Title Swedish Book Review PDF eBook
Pages 430
Release 1989
Genre Swedish imprints

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Aspects of Modern Swedish Literature
Title Aspects of Modern Swedish Literature PDF eBook
Author Irene Scobbie
Pages 492
Release 1999
Genre Fiction

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Brilliant. The work of Scobbie and company deserves wide distribution-World Literature Today. This is the best single volume history of modern Swedish literature available and this new edition makes it even better. With over one hundred pages of ne

Twentieth-century Swedish Writers After World War II
Title Twentieth-century Swedish Writers After World War II PDF eBook
Author Ann-Charlotte Gavel Adams
Publisher Dictionary of Literary Biograp
Pages 426
Release 2002
Genre Biography & Autobiography

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Essays on Swedish authors of the twentieth-century include prominent Swedish writers from different decades, movements, genres and gender, with preference given to authors published in English translation. Fenno-Swedish writers have also been included since they write in Swedish and are part of the Swedish cultural history. Discusses the establishment of the Nobel Prizes, as well as poets of lyrical modernism, proletarian realists, autodidacts, and contemporary poetry.

Johann Sebastian Bach's Christmas Oratorio
Title Johann Sebastian Bach's Christmas Oratorio PDF eBook
Author Markus Rathey
Publisher Oxford University Press
Pages 432
Release 2016-08-04
Genre Music
ISBN 019027526X

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In the last decades of the 17th century, the feast of Christmas in Lutheran Germany underwent a major transformation when theologians and local governments waged an early modern "war on Christmas," discouraging riotous pageants and carnivalesque rituals in favor of more personal and internalized expressions of piety. Christmas rituals, such as the "Heilig Christ" plays and the rocking of the child (Kindelwiegen) were abolished, and Christian devotion focused increasingly on the metaphor of a birth of Christ in the human heart. John Sebastian Bach's Christmas Oratorio, composed in 1734, both reflects this new piety and conveys the composer's experience living through this tumult during his own childhood and early career. Markus Rathey's book is the first thorough study of this popular masterpiece in English. While giving a comprehensive overview of the Christmas Oratorio as a whole, the book focuses on two themes in particular: the cultural and theological understanding of Christmas in Bach's time and the compositional process that led Bach from the earliest concepts to the completed piece. The cultural and religious context of the oratorio provides the backdrop for Rathey's detailed analysis of the composition, in which he explores Bach's compositional practices, for example, his reuse and parodies of movements that had originally been composed for secular cantatas. The book analyzes Bach's original score and sheds new light on the way Bach wrote the piece, how he shaped musical themes, and how he revised his initial ideas into the final composition.

Johann Sebastian Bach, Christmas Oratorio (BWV 248)
Title Johann Sebastian Bach, Christmas Oratorio (BWV 248) PDF eBook
Author Ignace Bossuyt
Publisher Leuven University Press
Pages 194
Release 2004
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 9789058674210

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This book is intended to provide the inquisitive listener with a guide to exploring the many layers of meaning found in Bach's Christmas Oratorio. The first section offers a general sketch of the specific context in which this composition was created at the end of 1734, shedding light on the work's liturgical function and taking a closer look at the biblical and broader religious themes. This first section will also focus on the contemporary textual and musical components of the oratorio genre, of which Bach's composition is a prime example. The second section is a detailed discussion of the 64 movements making up the work, with a focus on three aspects: the text, the music and the relation between the two. The nature of the musical setting and its structure depends on the nature of the text, be it prose (the Bible story) or poetry (the chorales and the inserted commentary), narrative or dramatic (indirect or direct speech). Moreover, the music was governed by the particular musical canons of the day, which largely determined and regulated the structure of each section and the coherence between successive sections or those at a greater remove from one another. In order to get to the essence of Bach's oeuvre, the reader-listener must be prepared to become immersed in the literary and musical idiom, the specific terminology and "grammar" of the day.