Killer Exposure
Title Killer Exposure PDF eBook
Author Lara Lacombe
Publisher Harlequin
Pages 280
Release 2015
Genre Fiction
ISBN 0373279191

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Toxic chemicals and instant chemistry in this tale of murder, medicine and combustible attraction! One minute Hannah Baker is a quiet science professor. The next, a possible murder suspect. Six victims, one per week, all poisoned with the same exotic chemical Hannah once worked with. Now she's wanted by Houston detective Owen Randallbut is it to enlist her help, or arrest her? Owen knows the prim Hannah is hiding something, but he isn't sure she's a killer. Especially after some unfortunate incidents. Is she the next victim of the chemical killer? Torn between duty and his growing feelings, Owen only knows he has less than a week to save her

Killer Exposure
Title Killer Exposure PDF eBook
Author Jessica R. Patch
Publisher Harlequin
Pages 211
Release 2019-05-01
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1488040435

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A killer with a hidden motive stalks a mother with a secret baby in this fast-paces romantic suspense novel. Crime scene photographer Greer Montgomery didn’t expect to witness a murder at a small-town carnival—nor to be rescued by the father of her secret baby. Storm chaser Locke Gallagher often stares down death, but he’s never known true fear until now—when Greer’s life is threatened. Now he must protect his newly discovered family from a killer who could be anywhere . . . or anyone.

Title Whale-watching PDF eBook
Author James Higham
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Release 2014-03-27
Genre Science
ISBN 1139915495

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Within little more than a generation, whale-watching has been subject to global industrial development. It has been portrayed by destinations and business operators, and advocated by environmental groups, as a sustainable activity and an alternative to whaling. However, in recent years the sustainability of these activities has increasingly been questioned, as research shows that repeated disturbance by boat traffic can severely disrupt critical behaviours of cetaceans in the wild. Bringing together contributions by international experts, this volume addresses complex issues associated with commercial whale-watching, sustainable development and conservation of the global marine environment. It highlights widely expressed concerns for the failure of policy, planning and management and pinpoints both long-standing and emerging barriers to sustainable practice. Featuring numerous case studies, the book provides critical insights into the diverse socio-cultural, political, economic and ecological contexts of this global industry, highlighting the challenges and opportunities that arise along the pathways to sustainability.

Federal Register
Title Federal Register PDF eBook
Pages 308
Release 2013-12
Genre Delegated legislation

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Acute Exposure Guideline Levels for Selected Airborne Chemicals
Title Acute Exposure Guideline Levels for Selected Airborne Chemicals PDF eBook
Author National Research Council
Publisher National Academies Press
Pages 292
Release 2002-11-07
Genre Political Science
ISBN 030908511X

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This book reviews toxicity documents on five chemicals that can be released in the air from accidents at chemical plants, storage sites, or during transportation. The documents were prepared by the National Advisory Committee on Acute Exposure Guideline Levels for Hazardous Substances and were evaluated for their scientific validity, comprehensives, internal consistency, and conformance to the 1993 guidelines report.

The Oxford Handbook of Entertainment Theory
Title The Oxford Handbook of Entertainment Theory PDF eBook
Author Peter Vorderer
Publisher Oxford University Press, USA
Pages 890
Release 2021
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 0190072210

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"This chapter offers some historical and conceptual orientation to readers of the Oxford Handbook of Entertainment Theory. Departing from a brief review of ancient roots and 20th century pioneer works, we elaborate on the state and challenges of contemporary entertainment theory and research. This includes the need to develop a more explicit understanding of interrelationships among similar terms and concepts (e.g., presence and transportation), the need to reflect more explicitly on epistemological foundations of entertaiment theories (e.g., neo-behaviorism), and the need to reach back to past, even historical reasoning in communication that may be just as informative as the consideration of recent theoretical innovations from neigboring fields such as social psychology. Finally, we offer some reflections on programmatic perspectives for future entertainment theory, which should try to harmonize views from the social sciences and critical thinking, span cultural differences in entertainment processes, and keep track of the rapid technological progress of entertainment media"--

Acid Precipitation
Title Acid Precipitation PDF eBook
Pages 812
Release 1990

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