Know Why You Believe
Title Know Why You Believe PDF eBook
Author Paul E. Little
Publisher InterVarsity Press
Pages 233
Release 2009-08-20
Genre Religion
ISBN 0830875972

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Christianity Today Top Books "After 2,000 years, no question is going to bring Christianity crashing." Do science and Scripture conflict? Are miracles possible? Is Christian experience real? Why does God allow suffering and evil? These are just a few of the twelve most common intellectual challenges to faith that Paul E. Little encountered during his twenty-five years of speaking and teaching in the university. These questions need solid answers, and that's what a million people have already found in this clear and reasonable response to the toughest questions posed to Christian belief. Sprinkling in a few "sure-fire jokes" and other humorous illustrations, Little uses these questions to jog readers' thinking and help them examine their present worldviews, ranging from scientific determinism to rabid existentialism. By thinking through the most common challenges to Christian faith, believers will be prepared to answer others out of the wellspring of their own certainty. This edition, revised and updated by Marie Little in consultation with experts in science and archaeology, provides twenty-first-century information and offers solid ground for those who are willing to search for truth. Including a study guide for individuals or groups, Know Why You Believe is the classic answerbook on Christian faith.

Know What You Believe
Title Know What You Believe PDF eBook
Author Paul E. Little
Publisher InterVarsity Press
Pages 215
Release 2009-08-20
Genre Religion
ISBN 0830875956

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What does Christianity have to do with anything? What does the Christian faith teach about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit? What do I need to know about angels, Satan and demons? What place should the Bible or a church have in my life? By exploring these and other core questions, bestselling author Paul E. Little leads you into a greater appreciation of a God who has done great things to bring you into a relationship with him through Jesus Christ. He presents ten bottom-line, non-negotiable truths of Christianity using humorous, anecdotal illustrations gathered from years of experience helping believers share their faith with not-yet Christians. Expanded and updated throughout by Paul's wife Marie, this contemporary edition is packed with illuminating answers to questions and misconceptions about the Christian faith, with study questions for each chapter.

Know Why You Believe
Title Know Why You Believe PDF eBook
Author K. Scott Oliphint
Publisher Zondervan
Pages 224
Release 2017-04-25
Genre Religion
ISBN 0310525985

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The Christian life depends upon faith, and there are good reasons for that faith. In Know Why You Believe, professor and author K. Scott Oliphint answers the "why" questions both Christians and non-Christians often ask, laying out a simple and convincing case for the core teachings of Christianity: Why Believe in the Bible? Why Believe in Jesus? Why Believe in Miracles? Why Believe in Salvation? Why Believe in God Despite the Evil in the World? And more! As part of the KNOW series, Know Why You Believe is designed for personal study or classroom use, and for small groups and Sunday schools wanting to better understand the traditional defenses of Christian beliefs. Each chapter covers a foundational teaching and includes a rationale for that teaching, responses to common objections, reflection questions to prompt further consideration, and suggested readings for readers wanting to dig deeper.

Know why You Believe
Title Know why You Believe PDF eBook
Author Paul E. Little
Pages 184
Release 1988
Genre Apologetics
ISBN 9780830812189

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Paul Little tackles the difficult questions that confront Christian belief. This third edition, updated and expanded by Marie Little, includes a study guide for individuals or groups.

Title Certainty PDF eBook
Author Paul Little
Publisher InterVarsity Press
Pages 68
Release 1996-05-30
Genre Religion
ISBN 9780830820139

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Six studies drawn from Paul Little's bestselling Know Why You Believe lead you into Scripture to find reasonable responses to the many tough questions you and others may have about Jesus and Christianity.

I Know What I Believe.
Title I Know What I Believe. PDF eBook
Author Sister Susan Kerr
Publisher Author House
Pages 162
Release 2011-05-13
Genre Biography & Autobiography
ISBN 1456759582

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You know everyday we sit around and people say you should write a book! Well I have this is it. A three in one so to speak... the statement clearly about what I believe. I follow that up with why I believe these things to be so. And then of course there is a very get real with prayer portion of this little work. This whole work is about reaching an unseen God that is all powerful, all knowing. Who created us all. If you will follow the patterns shown in this little book that you could actually read a small story at a time or a prayer a day would hopefully put a hunger in you to know the God of Creation who loved you so much that when you betrayed Him, His Holiness and His true and faithful, kind and gently love, you who sinned against Him who created you, would find a strong and living relationship with God my Father for yourself. It is my will as it is God's will that NONE should leave this Earth via the portal of death or any other way and find them selves in Hell for Eternity. I mean think about that .. Eternity is a long time and there are NO Friends there. No one can make these choices for you. The decision to ask God to forgive you for your own sin is between you and God alone. Not Mom nor Dad no Sister or Brother can make this choice for you. It is yours and yours alone. God because He was rejected, came in the flesh of Jesus and went to a cruel undeserved death on the cross for you, because of you..... so you could get the forgiveness you so desperately need as do we all. God has offered peace between you and Himself, you must come to God through Jesus His Son there just is no other way..... Think it over but do not delay your decision..... YOUR Eternity depends upon it.... YOUR CHOICE?

What is Faith?
Title What is Faith? PDF eBook
Author J. D. Myers
Publisher Redeeming Press
Pages 278
Release 2019-01-14
Genre Religion
ISBN 1939992621

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You might know what you believe … but do you know that you believe? While many Christians know that they are supposed to believe, they don’t know if they actually do believe. Stop wondering if you have false faith, spurious faith, temporary faith, intellectual faith, or head faith instead of heart faith. All such terms are unhelpful and unbiblical, and cause many Christians to wonder if they have truly believed. By reading this book, you will not only discover how faith works, but also how to know that you believe. This book also answers some of your most pressing questions about faith, such as the relationship between faith and works, whether or not God gives the gift of faith, and how it is possible to be certain about your faith. This book also provides explanations for several key Bible passages about faith.