Motherhood, Russian-Style

Motherhood, Russian-Style
Title Motherhood, Russian-Style PDF eBook
Author Tanja Maier
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages 0
Release 2015-02-09
ISBN 9781508417927

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"Motherhood, Russian-style" offers an intimate look at modern Russian mothers and how they are raising their children today. In the course of researching this book, the author interviewed hundreds of Russian mothers, living in Moscow, many corners of Russia, and quite literally all over the world. "Motherhood, Russian-style" takes readers on a very personal journey through all aspects on raising children, the "Russian" way. Despite their many individual approaches, there are some unifying elements of Russian motherhood, placing modern Russian mothers quite comfortably somewhere in between Asian tiger mums and the more laid-back parenting styles popular in America and Europe. A light read filled with many personal anecdotes, this book includes a glossary of classic Russian childhood words, and takes a close look at many of the aspects of raising children which make Russian mamas unique. From dachas to shapkas, kasha to borsch, chess to ballet, the trials and tribulations of raising Russian children make for an entertaining and enjoyable read. Mothers may even discover a few clever tips along the way, such as how Russian babies are potty trained well before the age of two, or how Russian mothers easily get their young children to eat healthy, home-made food. 10% of all worldwide royalties received by the author from sales of "Motherhood, Russian-style" will be immediately donated to international charities actively aiding refugee families and children in need in war-torn eastern Ukraine. Tanja Maier is American, speaks Russian fluently, and found herself a single mother raising her infant son in Moscow in 2006, after having lived in Russia for almost a decade. Tanja is a graduate of Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service and an alumnus of Harvard Business School. Tanja lives in Vienna, Austria with her family.

A Gift For Mom

A Gift For Mom
Title A Gift For Mom PDF eBook
Author Lily Chai Yang
Publisher AuthorHouse
Pages 134
Release 2009-12
Genre Cooking
ISBN 144904879X

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Lily was born in Shanghai and graduated from Medical School. After her nursing career, she received the opportunity to work as a librarian and bookkeeper. With an abundance of gifts and a great variety of hobbies, Lily loves her life deeply. She pursues goodness and beauty in life, and never stops learning. Aside from her achievements as a nurse, she has won an abacus championship, prizes in swimming contests, and she is also very learned in Chinese musical instruments Particularly the Pi Pa. Since 1987 Lily has worked as a waitress and manager in a factory and has lived in many countries such as Peru, Chili, Spain and Canada. After Lily's son was born, she chose to become a housewife. She uses her talents to manage her housework and cooks delicious and healthy meals for her husband and son, for her family living on single income. This cooking book is an extract from her easy cooking and nutritious Chinese meals accumulated in the past decades. Lily's daily meals are inspiring to all her friends. Much can be learned from Lily's cooking, and her love for her family and perseverance for culinary arts will be apparent. Currently Lily is living with her husband and son in Vancouver, Canada.

Public Protection of Maternity and Infancy. Hearings ... on H.R. 2366 ... July 2-23, 1921

Public Protection of Maternity and Infancy. Hearings ... on H.R. 2366 ... July 2-23, 1921
Title Public Protection of Maternity and Infancy. Hearings ... on H.R. 2366 ... July 2-23, 1921 PDF eBook
Author United States. Congress. House. Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce
Pages 288
Release 1921

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Intercultural Parenting

Intercultural Parenting
Title Intercultural Parenting PDF eBook
Author Koong Hean Foo
Publisher Routledge
Pages 196
Release 2019-05-02
Genre Psychology
ISBN 0429016255

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How do parenting styles differ globally? How do different, international, parenting practices impact on children’s development? Can we bring together and hybridise different international parenting styles? Intercultural Parenting explores the relationship between family, culture and parenting by reviewing established and evolving Western and Eastern parenting styles and their impact on children’s development. Authoritarian, authoritative, permissive and neglecting approaches, as well as newer techniques such as helicopter parenting, are compared with filial, tiger and training approaches, and mixed parenting styles. Practical application sections show how cultural understanding can help demonstrate how professionals might use the information and ideas in their clinical work, whilst parental questionnaires encourage self-assessment and reflection. Dr. Foo Koong Hean brings together the traditional and evolving approaches to the art of parenting practices and also showcases relatively neglected research on Eastern parenting practices. This book is important reading for childcare professionals such as health visitors, early years’ teachers and those in mental health, as well as students in family studies and developmental psychology.

Child Development in Russia

Child Development in Russia
Title Child Development in Russia PDF eBook
Author Aleksander Veraksa
Publisher Springer Nature
Pages 273
Release 2022-09-02
Genre Education
ISBN 3031055241

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This book presents unique results of complex studies from the all-Russian longitudinal study “Grow with Russia”. In the framework of the cultural-historical concept, it focuses on the social situation of development, which is organized by adults, and its influence on cognitive and emotional development of children. It examines the role of the traditional play in children's development in modern conditions. The book explores the changes in social situation of development due to the digitalization of the world and its impact on child development, child groups and play development. The book searches for cognitive cultural tools as means of concept acquisition by preschool children in different domains as well as key factors that influence effectiveness of different cultural tools usage. This book provides international perspectives, making results from the study applicable to different cultural contexts.

The Dilemmas of Lone Motherhood

The Dilemmas of Lone Motherhood
Title The Dilemmas of Lone Motherhood PDF eBook
Author Randy Albelda
Publisher Routledge
Pages 285
Release 2013-09-13
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1317998766

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In today’s society, women - having entered the workplace in growing numbers worldwide - are increasingly expected to earn wages whilst still being primarily responsible for raising children. While all parents confront the tensions of this double burden, for lone mothers, the situation can be especially acute as there is no other adult to share responsibilities and no access to a male wage. The revealing essays in this volume address a range of the dilemmas lone mothers routinely face, whilst also distinguishing important situational differences, and considering other social perspectives. It asks: * How can governments help without undermining their ability to enter the workforce? * Should the state indefinitely support lone mothers? * How should we measure the success of a policy? * What roles do ethnicity, race, religion, class and sexual orientation play? The impressive range of contributors to this volume speak from numerous contrasting perspectives. Here they study a variety of international settings such as Sri Lanka, the US, Germany, England and Norway, and in so doing, they allow the reader to draw powerful conclusions by comparing such issues and potential resolutions in varying countries and contexts. This book was previously published as a special issue of Feminist Economics.

Russian Language Outside the Nation

Russian Language Outside the Nation
Title Russian Language Outside the Nation PDF eBook
Author Lara Ryazanova-Clarke
Publisher Edinburgh University Press
Pages 304
Release 2014-03-17
Genre Language Arts & Disciplines
ISBN 0748668462

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This book explores a comprehensive set of tensions which emerged from the dislocated and deterritorialised position of Russian in the contemporary world from a sociolinguistic perspective.