Motherhood, Russian-Style
Title Motherhood, Russian-Style PDF eBook
Author Tanja Maier
Publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages 0
Release 2015-02-09
ISBN 9781508417927

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"Motherhood, Russian-style" offers an intimate look at modern Russian mothers and how they are raising their children today. In the course of researching this book, the author interviewed hundreds of Russian mothers, living in Moscow, many corners of Russia, and quite literally all over the world. "Motherhood, Russian-style" takes readers on a very personal journey through all aspects on raising children, the "Russian" way. Despite their many individual approaches, there are some unifying elements of Russian motherhood, placing modern Russian mothers quite comfortably somewhere in between Asian tiger mums and the more laid-back parenting styles popular in America and Europe. A light read filled with many personal anecdotes, this book includes a glossary of classic Russian childhood words, and takes a close look at many of the aspects of raising children which make Russian mamas unique. From dachas to shapkas, kasha to borsch, chess to ballet, the trials and tribulations of raising Russian children make for an entertaining and enjoyable read. Mothers may even discover a few clever tips along the way, such as how Russian babies are potty trained well before the age of two, or how Russian mothers easily get their young children to eat healthy, home-made food. 10% of all worldwide royalties received by the author from sales of "Motherhood, Russian-style" will be immediately donated to international charities actively aiding refugee families and children in need in war-torn eastern Ukraine. Tanja Maier is American, speaks Russian fluently, and found herself a single mother raising her infant son in Moscow in 2006, after having lived in Russia for almost a decade. Tanja is a graduate of Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service and an alumnus of Harvard Business School. Tanja lives in Vienna, Austria with her family.

Mothers and Soldiers
Title Mothers and Soldiers PDF eBook
Author Amy Caiazza
Publisher Routledge
Pages 212
Release 2002-09-27
Genre History
ISBN 1136769935

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As the Soviet communist regime gave way to democracy, the emergence of an entirely new political and social landscape had the potential to turn Russian society upside down. In Mothers and Soldiers: Organizing Men and Women in 1990s Russia, Amy Caiazza looks at the effects of this seismic change on gender roles, and specifically the role of women in a newly democratic Russia. By observing through a gendered lens institutions like the military, and the process of making public policy, Caiazza finds that despite the institutional disruption, the pattern of gender role ideologies maintained continuity from the former times while at the same time embracing aspects of Western feminism.

Mothers' Journal
Title Mothers' Journal PDF eBook
Pages 636
Release 1874

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Cultural Transmission
Title Cultural Transmission PDF eBook
Author Ute Schönpflug
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Release 2008-11-10
Genre Psychology
ISBN 1139474480

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Cultural Transmission covers psychological, developmental, social, and methodological research on how cultural information is socially transmitted from one generation to the next within families. Studying processes of cultural transmission may help analyze the continuity or change of cultures, including those that have to cope with migration or the collapse of a political system. An evolutionary perspective is elaborated in the first part of the book; the second takes a cross-cultural perspective by presenting international research on development and intergenerational relations in the family; the third provides intra-cultural analyses of mechanisms and methodological aspects of cultural transmission. Made up of contributions by experts in the field, this source book is intended for anyone with interests in cultural issues – especially researchers and teachers in disciplines such as psychology, social and behavioral sciences, and education – and for applied professionals in culture management and family counseling, as well as professionals dealing with migrants.

Our Home Magazine and Mothers' Journal
Title Our Home Magazine and Mothers' Journal PDF eBook
Pages 610
Release 1874
Genre Families

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Russian Civil Society: A Critical Assessment
Title Russian Civil Society: A Critical Assessment PDF eBook
Author Alfred B. Evans
Publisher Routledge
Pages 387
Release 2016-07-22
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1317460456

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A vibrant civil society - characterized by the independently organized activity of people as citizens, undirected by state authority - is an essential support for the development of freedom, democracy, and prosperity. Thus it has been one important indicator of the success of post-communist transitions. This volume undertakes a systematic analysis of the development of civil society in post-Soviet Russia. An introduction and two historical chapters provide background, followed by chapters that analyze the Russian context and consider the roles of the media, business, organized crime, the church, the village, and the Putin administration in shaping the terrain of public life. Eight case studies then illustrate the range and depth of actual citizen organizations in various national and local community settings, and a concluding chapter weighs the findings and distills comparisons and conclusions.

Mothers and Daughters
Title Mothers and Daughters PDF eBook
Author Barbara Alpern Engel
Publisher CUP Archive
Pages 244
Release 1983
Genre History
ISBN 9780521313018

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Presenting a study of the social and cultural origins of female radicalism in nineteenth-century Russia.