Irish Mouse Tales
Title Irish Mouse Tales PDF eBook
Author Violetta Antcliff
Publisher Gypsy Shadow Publishing
Pages 17
Release 2019-10-05
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 1619501031

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Michael O’Leary, a mouse with a larger than average size tail, is a story teller who can hold audiences spellbound with his tales of daring and adventure. Michael, along with his two friends Patrick and Guido, lives on a farm in a remote corner of the Emerald Isle, and it is here he holds his story telling evenings. Some of his yarns are so graphic, small rodents have been known to suffer attacks of panic, faint clear away and have to be dragged outside. Guido, however, is a different case; his stories, although they always contain a grain of truth, need to be taken with a large pinch of salt, but they are entertaining. As for Patrick, well at times he finds it just too much trouble to compete, so he doesn’t bother.

Nanny Mouse's Tales
Title Nanny Mouse's Tales PDF eBook
Author Terri Jones
Publisher Tate Publishing
Pages 28
Release 2010
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 1607999854

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When the first rainstorm in one hundred years comes to Rainbow Towne, the children are frightened, and Nanny Mouse must explain to them the importance of rain. Throughout the thunder and lightning, Nanny Mouse shares God's gift of the rainbow and the promise that it signifies. And as the children creep out from under the bed, they are able to behold the beauty that God has created and understand that they are unique and special to him. By overcoming the frightening struggle of a thunderstorm, all the mice learn how to appreciate both Raindrops and Rainbows. Using her son's battle with cancer as inspiration, Terri Jones tells a story of overcoming trials and fear that will teach and comfort both parents and children. Terri Jones lives in Athens, Georgia, with her husband, Jerry. She has eight precious grandchildren and a deep love and passion for helping families.

Author Georgina Kucherik and Mary Bain
Publisher Rainbow Horizons Publishing
Pages 42
Release 2021-06-04
Genre Education
ISBN 177344073X

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Mice have captured the hearts of many through their roles that are presented through children's literature. Let your students be entertained as they enjoy reading selections from the world of mice. This package contains individualized activity cards that can be used with mice novels and stories. The activities focus on these skills: creative, comprehension and word use.

Mouse Tales--things Hoped for
Title Mouse Tales--things Hoped for PDF eBook
Author Ruth L. Boling
Publisher Westminster John Knox Press
Pages 92
Release 2005-01-01
Genre Juvenile Fiction
ISBN 9780664227050

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A congregation of mice works together to prepare their church and their hearts for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany, and welcomes a new family into the fold.

Mouse Tales and Other Assorted Stories
Title Mouse Tales and Other Assorted Stories PDF eBook
Author Vicki W. Fowler, DVM
Publisher InspiringVoices
Release 2014-02-12
Genre Pets
ISBN 1462408834

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Once, there was a cat named Mouse. Vicki W. Fowler, DVM, met him when he was half-grown, on the day his owner brought him in to be destroyed because he was a “dirty” cat. Unable to convince the owner to pursue a less-lethal response, Dr. Fowler offered to find the cat a new home. But young Mouse had other plans. He quickly appointed himself the clinic’s mascot—and Dr. Fowler his new human companion. For sixteen memorable years, Mouse made life more interesting for Dr. Fowler and her staff. She has owned (or been owned by) a long list of cats, but none more memorable than Mouse. In his honor, Dr. Fowler now shares some of her favorite stories from her nearly forty years in practice. As is the custom, names have been changed to protect the innocent, but the stories are all true. Dr. Fowler was the first woman veterinarian to own her own practice in New York’s Capital District. She shares the tales of the many who touched her life, from her first cat in the early 1950s, through veterinary school in the 1960s, and her decades of private practice. Her memoirs celebrate the many people and animals who graced her life and who were there for her through the death of a child, a divorce, the raising of her children, deaths of pets, health problems, and retirement. They all shared in her joy and her sorrow, and she in theirs.

A Year of Mouse Tales
Title A Year of Mouse Tales PDF eBook
Author Vicki Davis Thompson
Publisher Xlibris Corporation
Pages 103
Release 2023-01-30
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1669847926

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What will Malcom and Gavin do next? Will they be caught during a sneak and peek? Can Mamie and Gabby follow through with their plan to get even with their brothers? Will their parents be able to convince them to follow the rules? How will the community they live in deal with the children’s escapades?

The Beatrix Potter's Cat & Mouse Tales
Title The Beatrix Potter's Cat & Mouse Tales PDF eBook
Author Beatrix Potter
Publisher DigiCat
Pages 260
Release 2022-11-13
Genre Juvenile Fiction

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"The Tailor of Gloucester" is about a tailor whose work on a waistcoat is finished by the grateful mice he rescues from his cat and was based on a real world incident involving a tailor and his assistants. For years, Potter declared that of all her books it was her personal favourite. "The Tale of Two Bad Mice" is about two mice who vandalize a dollhouse. When the little girl who owns the dollhouse discovers the destruction, she positions a policeman doll outside the front door to ward off any future depredation. "The Tale of the Pie and the Patty-Pan" tells of a cat called Ribby and a tea party she holds for a dog called Duchess. Complications arise when Duchess tries to replace Ribby's mouse pie with her own veal and ham pie, and then believes she has swallowed a small tin pastry form called a patty-pan. Its themes are etiquette and social relations in a small town. "The Story of Miss Moppet" - Miss Moppet is a kitten teased by a mouse. While pursuing him she bumps her head on a cupboard. She then wraps a duster about her head, and sits before the fire "looking very ill"... "The Tale of Tom Kitten" is about manners and how children react to them. Tabitha Twitchit, a cat, invites friends for tea. She washes and dresses her three kittens for the party, but within moments the kittens have soiled and lost their clothes... "The Tale of Samuel Whiskers (The Roly-Poly Pudding)" tells of Tom Kitten's escape from two rats who plan to make him into a pudding. "The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse" is about tidiness. Mrs. Tittlemouse is a woodmouse who lives in a "funny house" of long passages and storerooms beneath a hedge. "The Tale of Johnny Town-Mouse"