Neoliberalism's War on Higher Education
Title Neoliberalism's War on Higher Education PDF eBook
Author Henry A. Giroux
Publisher Haymarket Books
Pages 198
Release 2019-12-03
Genre Political Science
ISBN 1642590924

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An accessible examination of neoliberalism and its effects on higher education and America, by the author of American Nightmare. Neoliberalism’s War on Higher Education reveals how neoliberal policies, practices, and modes of material and symbolic violence have radically reshaped the mission and practice of higher education, short-changing a generation of young people. Giroux exposes the corporate forces at play and charts a clear-minded and inspired course of action out of the shadows of market-driven education policy. Championing the youth around the globe who have dared to resist the bartering of their future, he calls upon public intellectuals—as well as all people concerned about the future of democracy—to speak out and defend the university as a site of critical learning and democratic promise. “Giroux has focused his keen intellect on the hostile corporate takeover of higher education in North America . . . .He is relentless in his defense of a society that requires its citizenry to place its cultural, political, and economic institutions in context so they can be interrogated and held truly accountable. We are fortunate to have such a prolific writer and deep thinker to challenge us all.”―Karen Lewis, President, Chicago Teachers Union “No one has been better than . . . Giroux at analyzing the many ways in which neoliberalism . . . has damaged the American economy and undermined its democratic processes.”―Bob Herbert, Distinguished Senior Fellow at Demos “Giroux . . . dares us to reevaluate the significance of public pedagogy as integral to any viable notion of democratic participation and social responsibility. Anybody who is remotely interested in the plight of future generations must read this book.”―Dr. Brad Evans, Director, Histories of Violence website

Higher Education and the Student
Title Higher Education and the Student PDF eBook
Author Robert Troschitz
Publisher Routledge
Pages 230
Release 2017-05-08
Genre Education
ISBN 131544822X

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As one of the pioneers and leading advocates of neoliberalism, Britain, and in particular England, has radically transformed its higher education system over the last decades. Universities have increasingly been required to act like businesses, and students are frequently referred to as customers nowadays. Higher Education and the Student investigates precisely this relation between the changing function of higher education and what we consider the term ‘student’ to stand for. Based on a detailed analysis of government papers, reports, and speeches as well as publications by academics and students, the book explores how the student has been conceptualised within the debate on higher education from the birth of the British welfare state in the 1940s until today. It thus offers a novel assessment of the history of higher education and shows how closely the concept of the student and the way we comprehend higher education are intertwined. Higher Education and the Student opens up a new perspective that can critically inform public debate and future policy – in Britain and beyond. The book should be of great interest to scholars, researchers, and postgraduate students in the fields of higher education; educational policy and politics; and the philosophy, sociology, and history of higher education.

The Social Production of Knowledge in a Neoliberal Age
Title The Social Production of Knowledge in a Neoliberal Age PDF eBook
Author Justin Cruickshank
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Pages 415
Release 2022-04-04
Genre Education
ISBN 1538161419

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Authors from the social sciences and humanities discuss the neoliberal re-structuring of higher education and the possibilities for progressive change to the social production of knowledge (teaching and research) in universities.

Life for the Academic in the Neoliberal University
Title Life for the Academic in the Neoliberal University PDF eBook
Author Alpesh Maisuria
Publisher Routledge
Pages 112
Release 2019-10-08
Genre Education
ISBN 1000732568

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Life for the Academic in the Neoliberal University investigates the impact of neoliberalism on academics in today’s universities. Considering the experiences of early career researchers as well as more experienced academics, it outlines the changing nature of working life in the university precipitated by the reality of de-professionalisation, worsening conditions of employment, and general precarious existence. The book traces the dramatic shift in the role and function of universities and academics over the last forty years. It considers how capitalist neoliberalism drives universities to operate like businesses in a cut-throat financialised education market place. Uniquely the book then provides a possible alternative in the form of the National Education Service (NES) and what this alternative system could look like. Thought-provoking and relevant, this book will be of use to postgraduate students as well as new, emerging, and established academics interested in the current state of higher education, academic life, and possibilities for the future.

Resisting Neoliberalism in Higher Education Volume I
Title Resisting Neoliberalism in Higher Education Volume I PDF eBook
Author Dorothy Bottrell
Publisher Springer
Pages 350
Release 2018-12-28
Genre Education
ISBN 3319959425

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In light of the overwhelming presence of neoliberalism within academia, this book examines how academics resist and manage these changes. The first of two volumes, this diptych of critical academic work investigates generative spaces, or ‘cracks’ in neoliberal managerialism that can be exposed, negotiated, exploited and energised with renewed collegiality, subversion and creativity. The editors and contributors explore how academics continue to find space to work in collegial ways; defying the neoliberal logic of ‘brands’ and ‘cost centres’. Part I of this diptych illuminates the lived experiences of changing academic roles; portraying institutional life without the glossy filter of marketing campaigns and brochures, and revealing generative spaces through critical testimony, fiction, arts-based projects, feminist and Indigenous critical scholarship. It will be of interest and value to anyone concerned with neoliberalism in academia, as well as higher education more generally.

Learning Under Neoliberalism
Title Learning Under Neoliberalism PDF eBook
Author Susan B. Hyatt
Publisher Berghahn Books
Pages 228
Release 2015-03-01
Genre Education
ISBN 1782385967

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As part of the neoliberal trends toward public-private partnerships, universities all over the world have forged more intimate relationships with corporate interests and more closely resemble for-profit corporations in both structure and practice. These transformations, accompanied by new forms of governance, produce new subject-positions among faculty and students and enable new approaches to teaching, curricula, research, and everyday practices. The contributors to this volume use ethnographic methods to investigate the multi-faceted impacts of neoliberal restructuring, while reporting on their own pedagogical responses, at universities in the United States, Europe, and New Zealand.

Neoliberalism, Higher Education and Research
Title Neoliberalism, Higher Education and Research PDF eBook
Author Peter Roberts
Publisher BRILL
Pages 152
Release 2019-02-11
Genre Education
ISBN 9087906307

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The book rejects the politics of power as inimical to the very becoming of the human and posits the politics of strength as a new possibility that breaks with the plantation system of organized violence and vampiric wealth production.