The Hidden People of North Korea
Title The Hidden People of North Korea PDF eBook
Author Ralph Hassig
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Pages 252
Release 2015-04-16
Genre Political Science
ISBN 1442237198

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This unique book, now fully updated, provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of life in North Korea today. Drawing on decades of experience, noted experts Ralph Hassig and Kongdan Oh explore a world few outsiders can imagine. In vivid detail, the authors describe how the secretive and authoritarian government of Kim Jong-un shapes every aspect of its citizens' lives, how the command socialist economy has utterly failed, and how ordinary individuals struggle to survive through small-scale capitalism. Weighing the very limited individual rights allowed, the authors illustrate how the political class system and the legal system serve solely as tools of the regime. The key to understanding how the North Korean people live, the authors argue, is to realize that their only allowed role is to support Kim Jong-un, whose grandfather founded the country in the late 1940s. Still a cypher, Kim Jong-un, as did his father before him, controls his people by keeping them isolated and banning most foreigners. North Koreans remain hungry and oppressed, yet the outside world is slowly filtering in, and the book concludes by urging the United States to flood North Korea with information so that its people can make decisions based on truth rather than their dictator's ubiquitous propaganda.

North Korea Today
Title North Korea Today PDF eBook
Author Robert A. Scalapino
Pages 392
Release 1983
Genre Korea (North)

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North Korea through the Looking Glass
Title North Korea through the Looking Glass PDF eBook
Author Kongdan Oh
Publisher Rowman & Littlefield
Pages 290
Release 2004-05-13
Genre Political Science
ISBN 0815798202

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Fifty-five years after its founding at the dawn of the cold war, North Korea remains a land of illusions. Isolated and anachronistic, the country and its culture seem to be dominated exclusively by the official ideology of Juche, which emphasizes national self-reliance, independence, and worship of the supreme leader, General Kim Jong Il. Yet this socialist utopian ideal is pursued with the calculations of international power politics. Kim has transformed North Korea into a militarized state, whose nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles, and continued threat to South Korea have raised alarm worldwide. This paradoxical combination of cultural isolation and military-first policy has left the North Korean people woefully deprived of the opportunity to advance socially and politically. The socialist economy, guided by political principles and bereft of international support, has collapsed. Thousands, perhaps millions, have died of starvation. Foreign trade has declined and the country's gross domestic product has recorded negative growth every year for a decade. Yet rather than initiate the sort of market reforms that were implemented by other communist governments, North Korean leaders have reverted to the economic policies of the 1950s: mass mobilization, concentration on heavy industry, and increased ideological indoctrination. Although members of the political elite in Pyongyang are acutely aware of their nation's domestic and foreign problems, they are plagued by fear and policy paralysis. North Korea Through the Looking Glass sheds new light on this remote and peculiar country. Drawing on more than ten years of research—including interviews with two dozen North Koreans who made the painful decision to defect from their homeland—Kongdan Oh and Ralph C. Hassig explore what the leadership and the masses believe about their current predicament. Through dual themes of persistence and illusion, they explore North Korea's stubborn adherence to policies that have failed to serve the welfare of the people and, consequently, threaten the future of the regime. Featuring twenty-nine rare and candid photos taken from within the closely guarded country, North Korea Through the Looking Glass illuminates the human society of a country too often mischaracterized for its drab uniformity—not a "state," but a community of twenty million individuals who have, through no fault of their own, fallen on exceedingly hard times.

Title Korea PDF eBook
Author Christoph Bluth
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 232
Release 2013-05-10
Genre Political Science
ISBN 0745657710

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Korea is one of the critical flashpoints in the world today. News of North Korea's recent nuclear tests, conducted in defiance of international pressure, drew widespread condemnation and raised serious concerns about the threat now posed to regional and international security by the regime of North Korea's dear leader Kim Jong-Il. This book penetrates the veil surrounding the conflict on the Korean peninsula and North Korea's missile and nuclear programmes. It provides a thorough historical analysis of relations between the two Koreas since the Korean War, which traces both North Korea's path to economic ruin and South Korea's transition from struggling dictatorship to vibrant democracy. As well as examining the political and economic development of North and South Korea at the domestic level, the book goes on to explore regional relations with Russia, China and Japan and, most importantly, America's dealings with Korea and its negotiations with North Korea, in particular. It concludes with an analysis of North Korea's current nuclear programme and its likely impact on international security in the 21st century.

North Korea in the World Economy
Title North Korea in the World Economy PDF eBook
Author Eun Kwan Choi
Publisher Routledge
Pages 264
Release 2003-08-29
Genre Business & Economics
ISBN 1134408706

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Mention North Korea to people today and they will conjure up many unflattering images, particularly in the wake of George W. Bush denouncing the state as part of an "axis of evil". Despite this cold war type rhetoric, the state of North Korea has begun to recognise the difficult challenges that it faces and is now trying to get to grips with them systematically. This book brings together a selection of many of the world experts on the North Korean economy and covers such important issues as: *possible unification with South Korea *the significance of China's economic success *Europe and the United States' roles in North Korea North Korea in the World Economy provides an accessible, well-written and comprehensive account of this unique country and its economy. It will be extremely interesting not only for students and academics with an interest in Korean studies, international finance and transition economies but also for anyone with an interest in international economics.

North Korea Today
Title North Korea Today PDF eBook
Author Robert A. Scalapino
Pages 141
Release 1965

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Now We Can Speak
Title Now We Can Speak PDF eBook
Author North Korean Writers in Exile PEN Center
Publisher neodig
Pages 164
Release 2017-06-20
Genre Literary Collections

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The fact that freedom is not allowed is evidence that a terrible dictatorship controls everything. Dictatorship doesn’t just fail to recognize the value of the people. It rejects an individual’s wisdom and creativity, turning him or her into a merely utilizable slave. That is the present tyranny of the North Korean regime. This collection focuses on the suppression of freedom, which is only one part of the many ways in which the North Korean regime ruthlessly represses and legislates to control the North Korean people. The stories selected for inclusion in this book are factual. North Korea is a human rights wasteland in which a single word not in accordance with regime maintenance can have you violently dragged in and, quite possibly, executed. That it is an inhumane hostile power which must be overthrown as quickly as possible it demonstrates all by itself. There is no other country in the world today that uses innocent humans as disposable byproducts in the maintenance of their regime as does the North Korean dictatorship. Sixteen members of the North Korean Writers in Exile Center of PEN International together with other defector North Korean writers have compiled the pieces found in this book to send a message to the people of South Korea and the world’s conscience that there should no longer be silence on the North Korean human rights situation. Please read this collection closely, and without anger. Publisher, Lee Ji-myung Chairman of the North Korean Writers in Exile PEN Center