Our Inquiry, Our Practice
Title Our Inquiry, Our Practice PDF eBook
Author Gail Perry
Publisher Naeyc
Pages 0
Release 2012
Genre Education
ISBN 9781928896784

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Inspiring and supporting innovative thinking Young children have great capacity for creativity that thrives when it is nurtured. Early childhood teachers have the opportunity to inspire children's innovative thinking and doing by - Including creative opportunities across all domains of learning - Designing a beautiful space that encourages children's experimentation and play - Extending children's learning and challenging their thinking - Documenting children's thought processes and displaying their work - Involving families and the community in children's creative endeavors - Reflecting on your beliefs and practices about creativity and nurturing your own creativity Learn how to support children as they problem-solve, explore and share new ideas, and collaborate with others, and watch their confidence and capableness grow.

Descriptive Inquiry in Teacher Practice
Title Descriptive Inquiry in Teacher Practice PDF eBook
Author Cara E. Furman
Publisher Teachers College Press
Pages 217
Release 2021
Genre Education
ISBN 0807779326

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What does it mean to teach for human dignity? How does one do so? This practical book shows how the leaders at four urban public schools used a process called Descriptive Inquiry to create democratic schools that promote and protect human dignity. The authors argue that teachers must attend to who a child is and find a way to create classrooms that allow everyone to feel safe and express ideas. Responding to the perennial question of how to cultivate teachers, they offer an approach that attends to both ethical development and instructional methods. They also provide a way forward for school leaders seeking to listen to, and provide guidance for, their staff. At its core, Descriptive Inquiry in Teacher Practice champions a commitment to schools as places in which children, teachers, and leaders can learn how to live and work well together. Book Features: Illustrates how to take an inquiry stance toward the difficult issues that educators face every day.Examines how themes regularly addressed in foundations can be used to improve schools.Includes engaging portraits of progressive urban schools that showcase the qualities of the leaders that guide them.Demonstrates the power of a progressive and humanistic education for children of color and for those from lower-income backgrounds.

Collaborative Inquiry in Practice
Title Collaborative Inquiry in Practice PDF eBook
Author John N. Bray
Publisher SAGE
Pages 188
Release 2000-03-15
Genre Social Science
ISBN 9780761906476

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Collaborative Inquiry in Practice is an invitation and guide for people interested in pursuing a more imaginative and holistic approach to human inquiry. The reader is guided step-by-step through the theory and practice of collaborative inquiry: - the key ideas from pragmatism and phenomenological traditions; - the relationship of collaborative inquiry with other action-oriented methods of inquiry; - the conduct of collaborative inquiry, from forming a group to constructing knowledge The authors demonstrate how effective collaborative inquiry demystifies research and makes learning more accessible. The guidance provided is equally relevant to professional and academic settings.

Compassionate Mindful Inquiry in Therapeutic Practice
Title Compassionate Mindful Inquiry in Therapeutic Practice PDF eBook
Author Karen Atkinson
Publisher Singing Dragon
Pages 194
Release 2020-01-21
Genre Body, Mind & Spirit
ISBN 1787751767

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Practical and informative, this hands-on manual clearly depicts the relationship between mindfulness and compassion, demonstrating how one supports the other. The book offers a fresh perspective on mindfulness that resonates with a human approach and helps practitioners to validate their work by giving a sense of grounding and direction, and providing a safe, appropriate and transformative process in which to conduct inquiry. Including chapters on the meaning of Compassionate Mindful Inquiry and the Model of Inquiry, Atkinson facilitates transformational change and offers guidance for those incorporating mindfulness teaching into their own professional practice.

Inquiry-Based Practice in Social Studies Education
Title Inquiry-Based Practice in Social Studies Education PDF eBook
Author S.G. Grant
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Pages 139
Release 2022-09-15
Genre Education
ISBN 1000640744

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Now in its second edition, Inquiry-Based Practice in Social Studies Education: Understanding the Inquiry Design Model presents a conceptual base for shaping the classroom experience through inquiry-based teaching and learning. Using their Inquiry Design Model (IDM), the authors present a field-tested approach for ambitious social studies teaching. They do so by providing a detailed account of inquiry’s scholarly roots, as well as the rationale for viewing questions, tasks, and sources as inquiry’s foundational elements. Based on work done with classroom teachers, university faculty, and state education department personnel, this book encourages readers to transform classrooms into places where inquiry thrives as everyday practice. The second edition includes a new chapter highlighting three ways that the blueprint acts as an assessment and curriculum system, and includes updated and enhanced references throughout the book. Both pre-service and in-service teachers are sure to learn strategies for developing the reinforcing elements of IDM, from planning inquiries to communicating conclusions and taking informed action. The updated curricular and pedagogical examples included make this practical book essential reading for researchers, students of pre-service and in-service methods courses, and professional development programs.

Narrative Inquiry in Practice
Title Narrative Inquiry in Practice PDF eBook
Author Nona Lyons
Publisher Teachers College Press
Pages 225
Release 2002-09-06
Genre Education
ISBN 0807742473

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What role does narrative play in building teachers' knowledge? In this timely volume, foremost scholars in the field of education not only open, but they deepen the conversation about the uses of narrative in the construction of teachers' knowledge.

The Practice of self-inquiry.
Title The Practice of self-inquiry. PDF eBook
Publisher Lulu.com
Pages 456
ISBN 1105528146

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