Passionate Minds
Title Passionate Minds PDF eBook
Author David Bodanis
Publisher Little Brown GBR
Pages 312
Release 2006
Genre Authors, French
ISBN 9780316730877

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David Bodanis presents this history of the turbulent love affair that fired the Enlightenment's intellectual revolution.

Passionate Minds
Title Passionate Minds PDF eBook
Author Lewis Wolpert
Publisher OUP Oxford
Pages 248
Release 1997-09-25
Genre Science
ISBN 0191647403

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The popular stereotype of the scientist as mad boffin or weedy nerd has been peddled widely in film and fiction, with the implication that the world of science is far removed from the intellectual and emotional messiness of other human activities. In Passionate Minds, distinguished scientist Lewis Wolpert investigates the style and motivation of some of the most eminent scientists in the world. In this stimulating collection of conversations, scientists in fields as diverse as particle physics and evolutionary biology explore how their backgrounds have shaped their careers and discoveries - how being an outsider or an "innocent" can play an invaluable role in overcoming conventional barriers to new understanding. Being a little crazy does seem to help. As Nobel laureate for physics Sheldon Glashow says, "If you would simply take all the kookiest ideas of the early 1970s and put them together you would have made for yourself the theory which is, in fact, the correct theory of nature, so it was like madness..." These personal explorations with individual scientists are not only accessible and truly fascinating in their insights into the minds of some of the greatest men and women of science, but they also provide a strong case that the life and works of our leading scientists are at least as illuminating and interesting as the personalities of the latest literary prizewinners. A sequel to A Passion for Science, this book will delight and intrigue scientists and non-scientists alike.

The Passionate Mind
Title The Passionate Mind PDF eBook
Author Wendy Lawson
Publisher Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Pages 226
Release 2011
Genre Psychology
ISBN 1849051216

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Lawson lays out her theory of Single Attention and Associated Cognition in Autism. Whereas neurotypical people easily shift their attention from one interest to another, those on the autism spectrum tend to focus on a single theme. When this learning style is understood individuals on the autism spectrum can achieve their full potential.

Knight's Quarterly Magazine
Title Knight's Quarterly Magazine PDF eBook
Pages 488
Release 1824
Genre English fiction

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Proceedings of IAC 2020 in Budapest
Title Proceedings of IAC 2020 in Budapest PDF eBook
Author Group of Authors
Publisher Czech Institute of Academic Education
Pages 249
Release 2020-03-13
Genre Political Science
ISBN 8088203155

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International Academic Conference on Teaching, Learning and E-learning International Academic Conference on Management, Economics and Marketing International Academic Conference on Transport, Logistics, Tourism and Sport Science

Title Thought PDF eBook
Pages 1074
Release 1955
Genre Arts

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Mountain Time
Title Mountain Time PDF eBook
Author Kenneth Stafford Norris
Pages 362
Release 2010
Genre Natural history
ISBN 0557621755

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Scientist, teacher, author, and champion of the natural world, Dr. Kenneth S. Norris reveals the insights gained over a lifetime devoted to learning and teaching about the natural world and human nature, and the global environmental crisis we've helped to bring upon ourselves.