Practice for Life

Practice for Life
Title Practice for Life PDF eBook
Author Lee Cuba
Publisher Harvard University Press
Pages 253
Release 2016-08-15
Genre Education
ISBN 0674970667

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Undergraduates do not experience college as having a clear beginning and end. Their engagement with higher education is at best episodic. But as Practice for Life shows, the disruptions provide opportunities for reflection and course-correction as students learn to navigate the future uncertainties of adulthood.

Choosing College

Choosing College
Title Choosing College PDF eBook
Author Michael B. Horn
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 304
Release 2019-09-11
Genre Education
ISBN 1119570115

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Cut through the noise and make better college and career choices This book is about addressing the college-choosing problem. The rankings, metrics, analytics, college visits, and advice that we use today to help us make these decisions are out of step with the progress individual students are trying to make. They don't give students and families the information and context they need to make such a high-stakes decision about whether and where to get an education. Choosing College strips away the noise to help you understand why you’re going to school. What's driving you? What are you trying to accomplish? Once you know why, the book will help you make better choices. The research in this book illustrates that choosing a school is complicated. By constructing more than 200 mini-documentaries of how students chose different postsecondary educational experiences, the authors explore the motivations for how and why people make the decisions that they do at a much deeper, causal level. By the end, you’ll know why you’re going and what you’re really chasing. The book: Identifies the five different Jobs for which students hire postsecondary education Allows you to see your true options for what’s next Offers guidance for how to successfully choose your pathway Illuminates how colleges and entrepreneurs can build better experiences for each Job The authors help readers understand not what job students want out of college, but what "Job" students are hiring college to do for them.

Faculty as Global Learners

Faculty as Global Learners
Title Faculty as Global Learners PDF eBook
Author Joan Gillespie
Publisher Lever Press
Pages 312
Release 2020-10-01
Genre Education
ISBN 1643150197

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This co-authored collection offers valuable insights about the impact of leading off-campus study on faculty leaders’ teaching, research, service, and overall well-being. Recognizing that faculty leaders are themselves global learners, the book addresses ways that liberal arts colleges can more effectively achieve their strategic goals for students' global learning by intentionally anticipating and supporting the needs of faculty leaders, as they grow and change. Faculty as Global Learners offers key findings and recommendations to stimulate conversations among administrators, faculty, and staff about concrete actions they can explore and steps they can take on their campuses to both support faculty leaders of off-campus programs and advance strategic institutional goals for global learning. This collection includes transferrable pedagogical insights and the perspectives of faculty members who have led off-campus study programs in a variety of disciplines and geographic regions.

Disability, the College's Challenge

Disability, the College's Challenge
Title Disability, the College's Challenge PDF eBook
Pages 204
Release 1980
Genre Children with disabilities

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Mason and McCall Smith's Law and Medical Ethics

Mason and McCall Smith's Law and Medical Ethics
Title Mason and McCall Smith's Law and Medical Ethics PDF eBook
Author Graeme T. Laurie
Publisher Oxford University Press
Pages 795
Release 2016
Genre Bioethics
ISBN 0198747519

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This is an analysis of medical ethical concepts based on legal principles and court decisions, describing what actually happens in practice rather than what should happen and, where there are no precedents available, what is most likely to happen.

Leadership, Education, and Training

Leadership, Education, and Training
Title Leadership, Education, and Training PDF eBook
Author United States. Army. Junior ROTC.
Pages 388
Release 2005
Genre Command of troops

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Choosing a College

Choosing a College
Title Choosing a College PDF eBook
Author Gordon Porter Miller
Publisher College Board
Pages 0
Release 1990
Genre College choice
ISBN 9780874473339

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Choosing a college is the first major decision in a teenager's life, and this book shows students that while the process is challenging, it needn't be intimidating. A series of exercises, quizzes and worksheets set guidelines for data to help choose and apply for college.