The Software Project Manager's Handbook
Title The Software Project Manager's Handbook PDF eBook
Author Dwayne Phillips
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 504
Release 2004-07-01
Genre Computers
ISBN 9780471674207

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Software project managers and their team members work individually towards a common goal. This book guides both, emphasizing basic principles that work at work. Software at work should be pleasant and productive, not just one or the other. This book emphasizes software project management at work. The author's unique approach concentrates on the concept that success on software projects has more to do with how people think individually and in groups than with programming. He summarizes past successful projects and why others failed. Visibility and communication are more important than SQL and C. The book discusses the technical and people aspects of software and how they relate to one another. The first part of the text discusses four themes: (1) people, process, product, (2) visibility, (3) configuration management, and (4) IEEE Standards. These themes stress thinking, organization, using what others have built, and people. The second part describes the software management principles of process, planning, and risk management. Part three discusses software engineering principles, the technical aspects of software projects. The fourth part examines software practices giving practical meaning to the individual topics covered in the preceding chapters. The final part of this book continues these practical aspects by illustrating a sample project through seven distinctive documents.

Software Testing and Continuous Quality Improvement
Title Software Testing and Continuous Quality Improvement PDF eBook
Author William E. Lewis
Publisher CRC Press
Pages 642
Release 2000-04-21
Genre Computers
ISBN 1420048120

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This book helps accelerate the development of high quality software using continuous process improvement. The book starts with an overview of basic quality principles and how you can apply the continuous improvement cycle to software testing. It then reviews waterfall life cycle testing, followed by an extensive RAD testing methodology for client/s

Title PDCA/Test PDF eBook
Author William Lewis
Publisher CRC Press
Pages 448
Release 2020-03-05
Genre Computers
ISBN 9781420048131

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Most manuals assume software testing is being performed as part of a well-defined, structured development cycle based on clearly stated requirements and standards. Unfortunately, this is not often the case in the real world. Indeed, the one true constant in software development is change. PDCA/TEST presents a continuous quality framework bas

Rapid Development
Title Rapid Development PDF eBook
Author Steve McConnell
Publisher Microsoft Press
Pages 672
Release 1996-07-02
Genre Computers
ISBN 0735646368

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Corporate and commercial software-development teams all want solutions for one important problem—how to get their high-pressure development schedules under control. In RAPID DEVELOPMENT, author Steve McConnell addresses that concern head-on with overall strategies, specific best practices, and valuable tips that help shrink and control development schedules and keep projects moving. Inside, you’ll find: A rapid-development strategy that can be applied to any project and the best practices to make that strategy work Candid discussions of great and not-so-great rapid-development practices—estimation, prototyping, forced overtime, motivation, teamwork, rapid-development languages, risk management, and many others A list of classic mistakes to avoid for rapid-development projects, including creeping requirements, shortchanged quality, and silver-bullet syndrome Case studies that vividly illustrate what can go wrong, what can go right, and how to tell which direction your project is going RAPID DEVELOPMENT is the real-world guide to more efficient applications development.

Software Quality Assurance
Title Software Quality Assurance PDF eBook
Author Claude Y. Laporte
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 624
Release 2017-12-22
Genre Technology & Engineering
ISBN 1119312418

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This book introduces Software Quality Assurance (SQA) and provides an overview of standards used to implement SQA. It defines ways to assess the effectiveness of how one approaches software quality across key industry sectors such as telecommunications, transport, defense, and aerospace. Includes supplementary website with an instructor’s guide and solutions Applies IEEE software standards as well as the Capability Maturity Model Integration for Development (CMMI) Illustrates the application of software quality assurance practices through the use of practical examples, quotes from experts, and tips from the authors

Quality Software Management
Title Quality Software Management PDF eBook
Author Gerald M. Weinberg
Pages 368
Release 1991
Genre Computer software
ISBN 9780932633248

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Title Qualitäten PDF eBook
Author Jürgen Krahl
Publisher Cuvillier Verlag
Pages 164
Release 2015-11-06
Genre History
ISBN 3736981406

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Menschen suchen und brauchen Qualität. Sie ist gleichermaßen Garant und Innovationstreiber erster Güte. Prozesse, Produkte und Dienstleistungen werden nach Maßgabe der Qualität kontinuierlich verbessert und miteinander verglichen. Die Qualitätsfrage hat auch die Hochschulen erreicht: Forschung wird gerankt und Lehre evaluiert. Gegen Qualität kann sich niemand ernsthaft positionieren. Aber dafür zu sein, bedarf einer intensiven Erörterung, wenn Qualität nicht zur Worthülse oder Götze verkommen soll. Im Buch wird der Versuch unternommen, den Begriff Qualität sowohl aus der interdisziplinären Fachlichkeit als auch vor dem Hintergrund von Forschung und Lehre zu beleuchten. Elf Autorinnen und Autoren aus grundverschiedenen Disziplinen stellen ihre Sicht des Qualitätsbegriffs vor. Es wird deutlich, dass Qualität kein Selbstzweck ist und wesentlich mehr beinhaltet, als die schnell formulierte Forderung nach Zuwachs und Anstieg. Qualität benötigt Augenmaß, Sorgfalt und überfachliche Reflexion.