Reinventing Hannah
Title Reinventing Hannah PDF eBook
Author Jack A. Ori
Publisher Heroic Muse Books
Pages 480
Release 2020-04-11
Genre Young Adult Fiction
ISBN 1734521112

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She only went to that party to protect a friend. 16-year-old Hannah longs to be bold enough to break the rules, but her fear of rocking the boat gets in the way. That's why she turns down a date with Brad, the guy she secretly likes but her friends have labeled as a loser, to keep her promise to watch Sierra's back at a party. But that decision changes her life forever, as Hannah is the one whose drink is drugged and who wakes up the next morning with no memory of what happened the night before. She's been date raped, and she doesn't want anyone to know. Not her parents, not her goody-two-shoes best friend Molly, and definitely not Brad. But keeping quiet leaves Hannah stuck in depression, fear, and self-blame, creates an ever-widening rift between her and Molly, and reinforces the lie that she is a hypocrite who gets drunk and sleeps around. The only way out is an act of courage she isn't sure she is capable of. When Hannah decides to reinvent herself into someone unafraid to speak her truth -- or to date Brad no matter what anyone thinks-- friends and enemies alike pressure her to go back to being quiet, while her own fear and pain keep getting in her way. But if she doesn't silence the frightened voice in her head and stand up for herself and other survivors, there's no way she'll ever be able to reclaim her happiness. And she's not the only one who could get hurt if she lets her rapist win. NOTE: Since Reinventing Hannah (#ReinventingHannah) is about the journey of a 16-year-old rape survivor, it may be difficult or painful for you to read if you are a real-life survivor. However, many such readers find it empowering, even though they may also need to take lots of breaks. Read it the way that's best for you, and don't forget you can always call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-4673 if you need to talk after reading.

Reinventing Hannah
Title Reinventing Hannah PDF eBook
Author Jack Ori
Release 2021-07
ISBN 9781734521146

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Reinvent Your Sabbath School
Title Reinvent Your Sabbath School PDF eBook
Author Chris Blake
Publisher Review and Herald Pub Assoc
Pages 82
Release 2001
Genre Church group work
ISBN 0828016003

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Sunrise at Strawberry Farm
Title Sunrise at Strawberry Farm PDF eBook
Author Kellie Hailes
Publisher Hachette UK
Pages 212
Release 2020-05-25
Genre Fiction
ISBN 1398700029

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'Light hearted and a perfect read for a summer holiday - you can almost taste the strawberries' NetGalley reviewer First love can be as sweet as strawberries... Hannah Beety never thought she'd be back working at her family's strawberry farm, but when her mother falls ill, she knows it's time to go home. Returning to help in time for the summer harvest, Hannah's forced to face up to the broken hearts she left behind... After a decade, Grey Walker cannot believe that the woman he had planned to marry, start a family and live a cosy life with is back. Working side by side with Hannah as they prepare for the annual Strawberry Festival brings back all the memories of his first love he'd tried to bury. But as the summer days lengthen, could letting her in mean losing his heart, again? As delightfully delicious as strawberries and cream in the sunshine. This is the perfect summer romance to indulge in, perfect for fans of Katie Fforde, Jane Linfoot and Cressida McLaughlin. 'Just what I needed to read in these strange times, light hearted, great characters and good story line. An escapism read.' NetGalley Reviewer 'really lovely reading and a fabulous ending' NetGalley Reviewer Readers love Kellie Hailes's gorgeous summer romances: 'Great characters, easy read, uplifting, funny, romantic and charming...the perfect summer read.' Beanie, NetGalley reviewer 'Kellie Hailes knocked it out of the park.' Carrie, NetGalley reviewer 'Such a sweet love story, that your heart just melts!' Debbie, NetGalley reviewer 'A fun and charming read that I couldn't put down. ... I need to find more books by Kellie Hailes.' Vikkie, NetGalley reviewer

Reinventing America's Schools
Title Reinventing America's Schools PDF eBook
Author David Osborne
Publisher Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Pages 432
Release 2017-09-05
Genre Education
ISBN 1632869934

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From David Osborne, the author of Reinventing Government--a biting analysis of the failure of America's public schools and a comprehensive plan for revitalizing American education. In Reinventing America's Schools, David Osborne, one of the world's foremost experts on public sector reform, offers a comprehensive analysis of the charter school movements and presents a theory that will do for American schools what his New York Times bestseller Reinventing Government did for public governance in 1992. In 2005, when Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, the city got an unexpected opportunity to recreate their school system from scratch. The state's Recovery School District (RSD), created to turn around failing schools, gradually transformed all of its New Orleans schools into charter schools, and the results are shaking the very foundations of American education. Test scores, school performance scores, graduation and dropout rates, ACT scores, college-going rates, and independent studies all tell the same story: the city's RSD schools have tripled their effectiveness in eight years. Now other cities are following suit, with state governments reinventing failing schools in Newark, Camden, Memphis, Denver, Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Oakland. In this book, Osborne uses compelling stories from cities like New Orleans and lays out the history and possible future of public education. Ultimately, he uses his extensive research to argue that in today's world, we should treat every public school like a charter school and grant them autonomy, accountability, diversity of school designs, and parental choice.

Reinventing Political Culture
Title Reinventing Political Culture PDF eBook
Author Jeffrey C. Goldfarb
Publisher John Wiley & Sons
Pages 200
Release 2013-05-09
Genre Social Science
ISBN 0745637485

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The way people think and act politically is not set in stone. People can and do change the fundamental cultural contours of their political situation. Their political culture does not only restrict imagination and action - it is also a resource for political creativity and invention. In Reinventing Political Culture, this resource is uncovered and explored. Analyzed as a tension between the power of culture and the culture of power, the concept of political culture is reinvented and applied to understanding the practice of people transforming their own political culture in very different circumstances. Three instances of such reinvention are closely examined: one historic, during the twilight of the Soviet empire; one actively in process and actively opposed, ‘the Obama revolution'; and one an apparent distant dream, the power of culture and the culture of power that would avoid ‘the clash of civilizations' in the Middle East. In accessible and engaging prose, Goldfarb clearly and forcefully presents students and scholars of sociology, comparative politics, and cultural studies with an original position on political culture, showing how the political cultures of our times pose not only grave dangers, but also opportunities for creative alternatives.

Reinventing Cinema
Title Reinventing Cinema PDF eBook
Author Chuck Tryon
Pages 232
Release 2009
Genre Convergence (Telecommunication)

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For over a century, movies have played an important role in our lives, entertaining us, often provoking conversation and debate. Now, with the rise of digital cinema, audiences often encounter movies outside the theater and even outside the home. Traditional distribution models are challenged by new media entrepreneurs and independent film makers, usergenerated video, film blogs, mashups, downloads, and other expanding networks. Reinventing Cinema examines film culture at the turn of this century, at the precise moment when digital media are altering our historical relationship with the movies. Spanning multiple disciplines, Chuck Tryon addresses the interaction between production, distribution, and reception of films, television, and other new and emerging media.Through close readings of trade publications, DVD extras, public lectures by new media leaders, movie blogs, and YouTube videos, Tryon navigates the shift to digital cinema and examines how it is altering film and popular culture.